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(Imagine the most bad ass, sinister laugh that you hear in the movies when you read it)
(.. Now pause for dramatic effect)
Ever since day one I had an evil plan..
And today..
I tell all..
I want to create the most crazy successful group of entrepreneurs to become my friends
So that we can travel the world, eat burritos, and make crazy YouTube videos
It sounds selfish I know..
I told this vision to my friends from high school and college
And they thought it was awesome... but NONE of them have taken any action
They tell me, "Mike your Instagram is so cool.. teach me how to travel" and Im like, "Sure bro you just do this and this and this and bam you should get it"
.. and guess what
After years and years of explaining
They still do nothing
All they do is complain about their job, complain about the traffic, and complain about wearing a stupid tie to work everyday
So I created
To find like minded individuals that would help me in this quest..
To live the most epic life possible
So please... do you and me a favor and become successful.. i'll even lay down the simple steps to make sure that your success will last..
Step 1: Create a business either using the eCom Blueprint 
Step 2: Create an LLC and pay yourself a salary from your business that you can live off of .. a 3 to 5K/month salary should be plenty 
Step 3: Put all the profits in an investment account (Betterment is my go to for index funds in the U.S.)
Step 4: Live your wildest dreams and help others
So there my evil plan
Peace out girl scout,
Mike Vestil