Why I Am Starting Progress Reports | June 2017

Whats up my fellow freedom fighters. Today’s post is going to be a little different. This is going to be the inner workings of my mind and my thought process on business, on entrepreneurship, and on life.

I am going to walk you guys through my entire 3-5 year master plan to superior passive income on a month to month basis. These series of month to month progress reports will be my way of holding myself accountable. Plus it allows me to record important lessons learned throughout my entrepreneur journey.

If building something for 3-5 years to create a lifetime of freedom is of no interest to you. And if you want to just find a way to make a quick buck fast. Then check out the resources below and skip this blog post:

But for those that are at least a little curious, then enjoy today’s post.

Before I begin, lets go over what happened this month that led me to this decision.

Here is what we will be going over in today’s blog post:

  • What happened in June 2017
  • The lessons learned
  • My new goal
  • The results
  • Sneak peak on what I am working on now

What Happened In June 2017?

June was an insane month. Straight out the gates, I packed my bags and traveled from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to meet up with one of my internet marketing friends.

Now I don’t want to reveal who this person is just yet as he will be having a huge role in the next upcoming YouTube Vlogs so make sure that you subscribe and hit the bell to be notified for when new videos drop. All I got to say is the videos are about to be HILARIOUSLY entertaining and educational. Stay tuned.

From there we took a night train to the south of Thailand. The night train was insane because the seats magically transformed into bunk beds. I literally felt like I was Harry Potter on the way to Hogwarts.

The moment we arrived at the southern tip, we all hopped on a 3 hour long ferry that brought us to this little island called Koh Tao.

Now here is a fun fact, Koh Tao is one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving. I have never been and since I was all about new experiences I was like what the hell why not. Little did I know that I had the slight possibility of imploding or exploding under water. No biggie.

Long story short, I brought my Vlogging Camera into the boat where a bunch of people were learning how to not die underwater. I started to obnoxiously vlog just so that I can bring you guys in on the journey. At first people were weirded out, but then at the end of the day we all enjoyed each others company as they accepted my weirdness.

Mike Vestil Diving In Koh tao
Successfully doing the “dab” under water lol

After a couple of days relaxing on the beach and eating Penang Curry for every meal, we took a ferry to a different island called Koh Phangan.

Now this island was the opposite of relaxing. Wherever you would turn there were people dancing on the beach, taking boat rides, and racing jet skis. Everyone was preparing for the full moon party that was going to happen. Apparently every single month, thousands of people come to this island to celebrate the full moon. For those that like partying, this was one of the most insane experiences I have ever encountered.

Mike Vestil Full Moon Party koh phangan
Exhausted After The Full Moon Party.. Featuring Random Foot

From there I took another plane ride to Chicago where I surprised my mom for her 50th birthday with cruise ship tickets for our entire family to the Bahamas.

I was so excited for this as I haven’t seen my family in almost half a year.

In Photo: Dad, Sis, Mom, Me

So naturally.. me and my sister jump in our parents bed just like we used to as kids. However this time, it was a lot more difficult. Either way for those that haven’t met my family in the vlogs yet here they are.

Don’t judge..

You are never too old to show mom and dad your love and affection.

Lessons Learned

So why does the above story matter? Well every single day in the month of June, I only had 20 minutes to work. The entire day was filled with so many activities that it was hard to find time to actually work on my business. From the islands of Thailand to the crappy wifi on the cruise ship.. it was hard to find time to work.

At first I was stressed..

I couldn’t check my Facebook Ads stats, I had no contact with my virtual assistants that help me with the various projects that I had going on. And I wanted to upload some videos but the wifi was absolute crap.

The good news is that it forced me to be productive with my time and to only focus on the things that would bring me an immediate positive return.

I relied on these 3 principles to 3x my income in half the time.

But after every single day, when I actually did have wifi, I realized that there was nothing to stress about and everything was good and stable. And I was able to enjoy being present in the moment spending time with my family and awesome friends.

This experience of forcing myself to only work 20 minutes a day was also inspiring. For the next business venture I would put my focus in would need to have the same capability.

I want to put myself in a position where I don’t need to work any more than 20 minutes a day to produce the income I need to live the lifestyle that I wanted. And because of that I started putting a huge focus on this blog. For background information make sure you read these blog posts:

I was even inspired by some other bloggers that was living even crazier lifestyles than me. There was this one dude, Nat Eliason, who in 3 months only worked 20 hours. That gave me the new goal of building something where I would work only 20 hours as well. Not in 3 months.. but in a whole year.

Can you imagine how cool that would be?

To have the ability to work only 20 hours for the entire year. What would you do with all that extra free time? I know exactly what I would do..

I would focus on becoming the most ultimate human being I could possibly be. Every day I would focus on bettering my health, working on gaining positive relationships, and putting myself in a peak state of happiness and abundance every single day.

And so I set out on my goal.

My New Goal

The secret to these bloggers that are able to work 20 hours total for an entire 3 months is in two components

  1. A blog in a specific niche
  2. An email list

I learned from my mentor Russel Brunson that for every one person he had on his email list, he would make $1 for that month. Once I heard that it clicked to me.. I need to focus on my email list. This is the same if you are selling t shirts, drop shipping, blogging, or any type of entrepreneur that makes a living online. Your email list is the most important thing as it will give you the most consistent results.

I know if I could focus on creating YouTube videos, driving traffic to my blog, providing massive value with blog posts, and setting up systems in place for automatic sales and work hard at it for the next 3-5 years..

Once all the content and systems are in place..

Within 3-5 years I would be positioning myself in a situation where working 20 hours a year is possible!

Think about it. That wouldn’t even be that hard. Most people spend 4 years in college and still don’t have stable income afterwards. If I could just devote myself for the next 3-5 years and being consistent with creating YouTube videos and actionable blog posts.. I am going to have a good amount of freedom waiting for me to enjoy.

Now before I go over the stats, just remember the reason why these numbers are the way they are is because I CONSISTENTLY ADD VALUE.

If you want to make this 20 hour work year possible then you can’t be focusing just on the money.

Because behind every youtube and email subscriber I have is a person who has wants, dreams, goals, and desires that I am helping achieve through my free content.

You make money by the amount of value you bring to the marketplace. The reason why someone that works the cash register at McDonalds gets paid crap money compared to a doctor is because the cashier is not giving any real value to the world. The doctor however is saving hundreds of lives. That is why he/she gets paid more.

When people focus too much on the money they end up quitting when they don’t get results right away. But if you focus on just constantly providing value like Ive done in all this month’s blog posts. Money will become attracted to you by default.

That is what I did in the past 30 days and this is the growth I experienced:

YouTube 6,709 (+3,982 from the previous month)

I ended up more than doubling the amount of YouTube subscribers I had. How? Because whenever someone is on YouTube they are either looking to be entertained or to learn. I focused a bunch of my videos this month on both.

Some of peoples favorites were the following videos:

Email list 38,977  (-5714 from previous month)

It is actually less than normal as I deleted 5714 people from the email list. If people don’t open my emails in the past 30-60 days they show me that they are not interested in my content.. so I do them a favor and just remove them myself. So make sure you open the emails every now and then 😊

I love my email list so much. They are like my family. The emails I get from my weekly newsletters and free trainings are amazing and it really inspires me to keep on spending time creating high value packed YouTube videos and blog posts. So don’t be scared and send me some love in the emails so that I can return the favor!

What blows my mind is this email list started from zero not too long ago. Now its filled with thousands of passionate entrepreneurs that I get to teach and bond with on a weekly basis!

If you want to join the family then simply download the eBook on how to 3x your income in half the time.

What were the results?

Well it allowed me to compress a lot of value to a huge audience in a short amount of time. What does that mean you ask? It means that you can make more money by working less.

Like I said before, this doesn’t necessarily have to be for your personal brand. This can also work for your dropshipping store or any other project that requires you making money in the internet.

More Value X More People = More Money For You

Make sure you check out the case study below on the specifics:

In the case study I go over step by step ways on how I did it. And for the results from the lifestyle business, I put the affiliate link in my blog a couple months ago and haven’t even thought about it. Yet twice a month I still get compensated for work that I did months ago.

What I am excited for is as this blog grows.. this will naturally increase with minimal amount of effort. But I am not special literally anyone can do this if you just record your journey in a blog and recommend the products that you are already using to people that are curious.

So how did it grow?

Like I said before. The only way for you to grow is if you stop taking from the world and start giving it value. Whatever audience you are marketing too, find a way to give that audience more value and you will make more money.

For example, why do websites like and sell so much t shirts and make millions and millions of dollars in sales?

Its because while the entire world is trying to sell to the cat and dog niche using Facebook ads, these websites changed their approach and focused on creating blogposts that give value to their audience.

So what is the over all lesson learned from this month?


If you don’t like where your income is right now.. ask your self how can you give your audience more value that your competitors are failing to provide.

And if you can separate yourself and become unique in the marketplace, that is how you can start creating purely passive income as well.

Now you don’t have to be the next “Mike Vestil” and make youtube videos like I do. But you can start creating more traffic sources to your offers and begin attracting your customers with pure value instead of forcing a sale down there throat.

Mike Vestil

P.S. If you guys want to binge watch all of the YouTube Vlogs.. you can start from episode 1 here. Let me know if you enjoy the travel vlogs/inspiration in the comments below as it takes a lot of time and effort in creating.

The reason why I create these is to show you that I am a normal average weird human being and if I was able to find some decent success then whats stopping you?

What am I working on now?

So many people have been sending me emails and comments about feeling lost and confused and don’t even know were to begin. I get that. The hardest part is always getting started. But there are so many information out there that is just crap its difficult to make something happen and actually make some profit online.

So I wanted to create an online academy.. that ends all the confusion.

I am going to show you my entire business model. Plain and simple.

  • You are going to learn how to profit fast from the latest ways to make money online
  • You are also going to learn how to set up passive income streams just like I have discussed in this blog post

I want this to be the last product for beginners that I ever create with lifetime free updates whenever I figure out a new way to make money. That means instead of just me selling another product. I will just put it in this academy and give the students everything that I have to offer.

This academy will literally have everything I know in one place.. Plus it will help set the stage for if I decide to do live events in the future since I want to focus on being a public speaker and leaving an impact like my idol Tony Robbins.

My ultimate goal is to help you create something that you can profit fast from plus to fully teach you how to create more forms of passive income like you have seen in my blog posts and YouTube videos.

But here is the one condition..

When I first launch this academy it will be to a small test group of 500 people for probably $497.

But before I open the academy I want to know what it is you guys want to learn and what challenges you feel like you are having a hard time in overcoming.

So if you want to be a part of the test group..

>> Then Join the Waiting List Here <<

And make sure you fill out the survey after so that I can better know what it is you guys actually want in the academy.

From drop shipping, to passive income, to anything related to making money online.. make sure you describe all your wants, desires, and challenges so that you never have another question about learning how to build scale and grow your wealth ever again.

But like all my courses I launched in the past, I am going to increase that to $997 or $1997 in the future to decrease the competition for the students already in the academy and so it only attracts serious students in the future.


Well just like how colleges make you pay $20,000 to $40,000 a year for four years for the slight hope of “maybe” getting a job when you graduate. I want people to value the academy for what it is worth.

Why am I charging that much? Well one.. if you have read my blog. You know that all I do is provide pure value. AND THAT IS FOR FREE content. Can you imagine what a course would be like if I actually charged something.

Also I have created courses in the past that were only $20 or even less since I wanted everyone to have the experience of starting their own online business.

Now I got a bunch of emails that said things like “holy shit you should charge more man. There is literally hours and hours of video tutorials in here” when they were merely expecting an ebook like what most people in the internet marketing industry charge.

What can I say, I like under promising and over delivering.

But then I started to attract people with the “get rich quick” mentality and the “half-ass-lazy mentality”

I started to get a couple emails like this, “hey man nice course some of the best out there. But can I get a refund.. I am behind on bills”

What blows my mind is that it was “sent from my iphone”

Are you serious? Dude not only was it “sent from my iphone” but if you are scared of losing $20 in business and want a safe way out.. then you will never be a successful entrepreneur in your life.

I’ve dealt with these types of people in the past and THEY ARE THE WORST PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH. So I need to scare those people away since they would rather spend $20 at a bar than they would in their personal growth. And would sure as hell not spend a couple of hundred of dollars to further their education and life long learning.

This will not be opened until 500 students have joined the waiting list and have taken the survey to help me craft the best training there is out there.

Please don’t sign up for the waiting list if you are “just curious” and DO NOT sign up for the waiting list if you have a get rich quick mentality. Only sign up for the waiting list if you seriously want to be the first to get in once it is launched.

>> Join the waiting list here <<

I want to see how big of a launch we can do as well and it will motivate me to put as much actionable content to help you guys profit the fastest while setting you up to create passive income from multiple streams.

Also if I get 1000 people on the waiting list.. that are serious.. i’ll think about creating a Facebook group so that you can have private access to me as well.

This academy will not go live until all the spots in the waiting list are filled because it would waste my time to create a facebook group if there isn’t a huge private community in it that can benefit from the interactions between all you amazing freedom fighters that read this blog and follow the YouTube channel.

>> Join the waiting list now <<

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