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I've written books, interviewed millionaires on my YouTube channel, became a self-made millionaire in 12 months and have taught thousands of people how to live extraordinary lives by creating streams of passive income online.


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For those that are new to this masterpiece of a blog let me humbly introduce myself.

My name is Mike Vestil and I am kind of like a mad scientist when it comes to making passive income online. Every single day I am always testing, researching, and concocting more and more ways on how to generate multiple passive income streams so that I can survive the next recession, zombie apocalypse, or illuminati take over..

All while living my life like a crazy action-adventure-romantic-comedy movie (shameless plug to my Instagram)...

Content creator

I teach budding entrepreneurs how to start businesses on my YouTube channel.  You can find my free content below.


I would rather swim with whale sharks or jump off of waterfalls than buy a lambo (I know I’m weird)


I have helped thousands of ordinary people live extraordinary lives by teaching them how to create passive income online


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The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life by Mike Vestil

Written by YouTuber Mike Vestil (me lol), catch a glimpse of his origin story and how he became the person he is today and how you too can get the body you want, the income you want, the relationships you want, and ultimately, the happiness that eludes us all.

The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life by Mike Vestil
The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life by Mike Vestil