About Me

Hi my name is Mike Vestil, and this is my story.

My family is originally from the Philippines, where they flew to a small suburbs in the Midwest to try and live “The American Dream”

This is my family – dad, mom, sister, and me (i’m the one in the bottom right corner lol)

Growing up, I wasn’t the smartest person in the world, and had no confidence in myself what so ever.

And because my parents were super Asian, they told me that I had to follow the “American Dream” too and that I had to be a nurse, doctor, dentist, or a family disappointment.. So I pursued the path of Dentistry

And I absolutely hated it. So I did everything in my power to reach out to mentors who were a lot smarter than me, and who can teach me ways to gain freedom for my self that did not require a 9-5 job. This was one of those interviews.

He explained to me how he used the concept of “leverage” to build online businesses without actually having to create a product or doing any of the order fulfillment. So I ended up trying it, and it worked. Here’s one of my first successful months.

But here’s the thing. This would have never happened if I did not find my why, if I did not find the right mentor, nor did I have the right system. Once I had all 3 was when I really started experiencing some crazy results and my life forever changed. Here’s what I did with the new found time freedom, money freedom, and location freedom.

I’ve traveled and lived in over 25+ different countries.

I spend a lot of my time now pursuing my passions

and I even ended up writing a book

And began teaching people exactly what my mentor taught me.

Want to know what that system is?

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