Amazon Bundles – Making More Sales With Less Work As A Seller

Amazon bundles are a great way to sell multiple items at once. They're also an easy way to save money on shipping by selling products in bulk.

In addition, customers don't have to worry about running out of their favorite items since they will be stocked up on all the essentials forming part of the bundle. The key is ensuring that customers can find exactly what they're looking for when they shop for bundles, whether it is beauty, electronics, or anything in between.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of selling Amazon bundles so that you can learn how to run your eCommerce business more efficiently.

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Reasons To Sell Products Using Amazon Bundles Instead Of Individual Products

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the two main reasons why it makes sense to consider Amazon bundles when selling online.

Amazon bundles are a great way to sell multiple items at once

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for some time, you might know that selling one product is not so tough. You can set up your listing and if the product is in demand, sales tend to come in sooner rather than later. However, selling multiple products (in the traditional way) has its challenges. Customers will have to go through add-on items or options to get everything they want from your store. With a bundle listing, the customers don't have to worry about this.

They can buy all of their favorite products at once for a discounted bundle price instead of spending more time on add-on items - time which might make them just abandon the whole process. 

When you allow customers to shop for bundles, you save them time and frustration by giving them exactly what they're looking for: several of their favorite items at a great value.

You can usually save money by buying in bulk

Amazon bundles are a great way to buy items in bulk from manufacturers and save money. Instead of buying each item separately, you get several items at once. In addition, this is the perfect opportunity to sell products that go hand in hand with one another or go best together so that you can also save up on shipping costs.


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Let's say you're selling beauty products on your Amazon store and your customer wants to buy shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. You can easily sell them an Amazon bundle that will include all three items for sale together so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying separate stock as well as shipping different products.

You’re doing customers a great service by ensuring you never go out of stock

Bundles are a great way to ensure that your customers don't have to worry about running out of their favorite items ever again. When you buy in bulk, you won't have any problem having enough of their favorite items since you won't have to order time after time. In turn, you can pass on this benefit to your customers.

Let's again say your store sells beauty products. You can help your customer save money by selling them an Amazon bundle that will include every type of product they could need in their bathroom. Now, if they run out of conditioner or body wash, they won't ever have to worry about ordering again - simply because they have already ordered multiple items of the same/similar product.

Rules To Keep In Mind When Setting Up A Bundle On Amazon

The following are the rules and regulations to keep in mind when setting up an Amazon bundle on your store. Some of these are needed to comply with Amazon’s policies whilst others are there to make life easier for your customers (and yourself).

Accept All-Inclusive Returns and Warranties

Let's say you're selling beauty products in an Amazon bundle and your customer buys one of your bundles which includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, face wash, and lipstick. 

Since everything is in the box already for them to use together, they can return all items at once if they decide they don't want it anymore. This means that you'll have to accept returns on every product included in the box even though they only might have had a problem with one of the items.

Don’t Include Generic Products in a Bundle

When selling on Amazon, you have the option of adding "generic" products to your bundles. Although this can be great since it will help you save money when buying items for resale - since you’ll be buying cheaper, less branded products - this is not good for your customers.

By combining generic products with brand products, customers might not feel as if they're buying from a reputable seller since it could lead them to question your brand's authenticity. When setting up Amazon bundles, make sure that you only include premium products in the box! If you’re interested in becoming a reseller, this same tip applies - always associate your brand name with top-quality products.

This way, your customers will love everything that's inside the box and they'll feel as if they're buying from a brand store.

Market Your Bundle Correctly

You can create a bundle with any type of product that you'd like; however, the items included must be similar enough that customers won't mind purchasing them together. You don't want to try selling oil diffusers and showerheads together because this would make customers question why those two completely different products are even being sold as a bundle. If there is no logical reason for the items being sold together, then it would be a good idea to separate them.

Speaking of marketing, the bundle title on Amazon is also very important when creating a new bundle. An entire bundle can see its success or failure based upon this alone.


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Keep Bundles Affordable

Since selling bundles can make our jobs as online sellers much easier and reduce time spent on figuring out which products should go with each other for sale, we might be tempted to create super expensive bundles. 

Although they might seem like a great way to avoid selling a single item and instead sell multiple ones at a time, if your bundle is too pricey then customers will hesitate to buy it and keep looking for something that's priced better.

At the end of the day, bundling multiple high-ticket products together could end up costing customers more than if they bought everything separately - this totally defeats the idea of buying bundles (to get a better price) from the buyer’s side.

Since we’re speaking about high-ticket products, feel free to check out our post on how to dropship high-ticket items if that is something that you’re interested in learning about.

The main takeaway with this point is that it always pays to keep your customer in mind when creating Amazon bundles - starting from the process of finding high-quality manufacturers to the after-sales service that you provide.

Give Bundles a Unique Identifier

To make sure your customers know which products are included in your bundles, you'll need to give them a unique identifier. The options for the unique identifier allow you to specify which information should be shown on the product page - items such as brand name, color, and other details that will help ensure that your bundle is easily identified.

Also, ensure that the primary items in your bundle make sense and can easily make up a primary product by themselves if they had to. The other complementary items in your bundle should then help to make the offer more attractive. 

A unique identifier will help your customer easily find the products included in the bundle and know which products they're receiving. For example, if you were to create a beauty box for customers to purchase then you could give it a name such as "Bobbi Brown's Beauty Box" and then include an identifier that includes your brand logo so that when a customer goes to purchase this item, they know it's a beauty box from your brand.

Use Great Bundle Images

Bundle details matter. An acceptable bundle picture should at the very least be of good quality, showing the separate items in the bundle to ensure that the customer experience is what the actual customers expect - a high-quality one.

The allure of product bundles can be made even higher by ensuring that no images of generic product bundles are used. Instead, take the time to snap pictures that can tell a story by themselves.

Make Sure You Have Enough Inventory

When you sell on Amazon, it's important to keep in mind that you'll need to have sufficient inventory of every item included in your bundles at all times. If any items are out of stock, your customers won't be able to complete the purchase so always make sure there is enough of each product available for sale before creating bundles.

For example, if your bundle is made up of individual components such as a yoga mat, a yoga book, and a yoga DVD,  your product listing would be incomplete if one of these items was out of stock.

Don’t Confuse Multipacks with Bundles

When selling bundles, it's important to remember that you are not selling multipacks. Although these products are sold together, the difference is that multipacks are intended for resale by being sold as individual items whereas bundles are intended for individuals to use them all at once.


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Put Your Bundle on Sale

One great way to figure out what products a successful bundle is made up of is to put it on sale. This will generate additional hype and the chance of the bundle selling increases. 

Also, using this tactic, old products can be put together with new ones which means that you’ll get to sell old stock and make space for new items to take their place.

If you would like to learn more about this, check out Amazon’s product bundle policies for more information.

Final Thoughts On Amazon Bundles

In conclusion,  selling bundles on Amazon is a great way for you to take advantage of the market by buying multiple products and offering them for sale at one time. Remember that every item included should have some type of connection, whether it's being from the same brand or coming from the same category. 

Selling on Amazon is fun and rewarding. It's great to be able to create your own income but it's even better when you're able to do it all from the comfort of your home. Having profitable bundles are a great way to sell multiple products at once and should be used at times when you have multiple items that would work well together. 

Finally, if you’re serious about your Amazon business and want to see long-term success in eCommerce, here’s an article on how to rank on the first page of Amazon - check it out now!

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