Bali Luxury Villa House Tour in Canggu

People ask me all the time,

“Yo Mike V. where the hell do you live?”

Well well my friend the answer is pretty damn complicated.

Since I enjoy my freedom and do not want to get tied down to one location. I live every where. I rent as I go and if I get sick of a place.. I end up leaving.


Because life is too damn short to live it in one place.

Especially if you mastered the ability to make money online. Why on earth would you waste that freedom on living the same day over and over again?

You can’t live the same year over again 80 years in a row and call that a life.

So I choose to bounce around everywhere. The set up that I have right now is I like spending most of my time in Ubud, Bali and going to Canggu to surf on the weekends.

Not a bad life if you ask me. Check out the place I stayed at while I was in Canggu.

(View On YouTube)

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