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Bitcoin & Crypto Crash | How Much Worse Will It Get?

One of my close friend/crypto mentor lost over $500,000 yesterday.


Sounds like a crash.

Or is it?

Everyone thinks that this is the end to bitcoin and cryptocurrency as we know it. But what if I tell you that this “crash” happens at the EXACT SAME TIME.


And if you can prepare for these crashes, then you can get all your favorite cryptocurrencies on sale buy one get one free.


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This, by far is, the worst bloodbath that I’ve ever seen in the cryptocurrency space.

Even my friends that are more heavily invested into this have lost up to $500,000 yesterday in a single day!

So today, we’re gonna find out how you could actually survive the crash that’s going on right now and how you could benefit from it in the long run.

A lot of people are wondering if this is like the next great depression and why is everything dipping. And there are a lot of reasons that could be accounted for this crazy dip.

Some people are speculating that it might be China who was reportedly raising the bar on its cryptocurrency ban. Or some may say that  perhaps South Korea has a cryptocurrency ban, too which is still a possibility.

And there’s even others that are fearing that even governments could actually ban cryptocurrency.

But I’m telling you guys, DON’T LISTEN TO THE NEWS. Start focusing on seeing if this thing has actually happened before.

Like I said, what I’m about to show you will literally allow you to breathe and let you know that there are crazy amounts of opportunity at this moment.

Let’s pull this up…

As you can see on my youtube video for this topic. . If you look at early 2015, you can see the prices of bitcoin from January down to March.

So if you take a look at that screenshot, do not worry because the dip is fine. The dip that you can see from there is normal.

In early 2015, the prices of bitcoin are rising where the marketcap is about $3.5 million to $14 million.

Seeing that, the prices are really high and then it dips crazy low around January 12th to January 15th. Probably some people around this dip are crazy doubtful and fearful about how it turned out.

Some might have even sold off their positions thinking if bitcoin and cryptocurrency isn’t for them. And guess what? Some have ended up going back to boring stocks or to their boring jobs

But then February started hitting and it went into a bull market once again. And after the initial pullback and the consolidation, it started going back to where it originally was.

Now in early 2016, you see the exact same thing that happened in January 12th to 15th.

If you look at the graph on my video for early 2017, another dip took place “on that same time period.”

So from early 2015, early 2016 and 2017 of January, there was a friggin’ dip!

Now if you’re wondering what 2018 looks like, you’re right! There’s going to be another dip in around the January 15 mark.

But like I said, in all these times where the dip is in the exact same position, it always goes back to once again another bull-ish market.

You’re probably wondering what’s the reason behind this..

Is it because of the China ban?

Is it because of the fact that banks could ban it?

Or is it because South Korea?

Well, I found one really good explanation about this. I got it from Reddit but it’s weird because some of these aren’t reliable sources.

But there’s a lot of people that are passionate about the crypto space that are willing to do the research, and this one I found is pretty close and reliable.

Here it is…

“Asia still dominates in crypto-trading by volume, accounting for the vast majority of money flowing in and out. Guess what is coming up in 3 weeks?

Lunar New Year. Lots of money is flowing back to fiat to buy presents and plane/train tickets.”

So why not? Consider Christmas where a lot of people cashed out during the season. And that’s why you see the prices plummet.

A lot of people are taking money out of the exchanges and putting into fiat to buy their presents.

“People spend a TON of money on travel and presents during Lunar New Year. This is their Christmas. This is also the largest mass migration of people on the planet, occurring over two weeks. Projections are for $100 billion USD in spending.

Remember that the crypto market is antithetical to the stock market. Stocks boom when business is booming during the holidays. Crypto investors are retail investors, not Wall Street investors. Retail investors sell during holidays, thus the crypto market falls.

This selloff has happened exactly 3 weeks before Lunar New Year each of the last 4 years.

So, everybody chill out for a week, the bulls will be back by February. You can’t fault these Chinese and Korean bros for taking major gains to buy some cool shit for their families. Hell, if you want to, buy up their cheap coins in the meantime.”

And that’s what I’m doing. .

If you have a lot of fiat cash, the best thing to do is to put it in because all these sales are like buy one get one free of your favorite coins.

If you can look the next graph results I included in my video above, just through technical analysis of January 2014 twenty-four days before the Asian new year. .

There was a friggin HUGE drop in the market.

Another thing for January 16, 2015, twenty-four days before the Asian new year, also another big drop. The same thing happened on January 15, 2016 (also 24 days before Asian new year).

So guys, there are TRENDS and CORRELATIONS.

If you get that, then you can personally buy all of your favorite coins on sale. Don’t be like a lot of people who are worried and fearful.

With the situation that we are all in right now, you need to BUY WHEN OTHERS ARE PESSIMISTIC. .


So when you buy from the pessimist and when we’re back in the bull market once again, as you can see as the trends in 2015, 2016, and 2017, then you sell to the optimist and then you secure games with the money that you lost.

So guys, if you’re in this crypto space and if you’re new to the market, understand that THIS IS ALL NORMAL!

And it is because of the volatility that a lot of rich people are being born because they understand the strategy to buy low and sell high.

All these dips and bubbles, the busts and booms all happen as all part of the process. So if you look at the long term trend, the ups and downs will always have an upward trend.

In the midst of all these, a lot of people are still experiencing crazy amounts of growth in their portfolios.

And for the newbies?

If you’re still worried about this and if you don’t have any fiat to put it in the markets to get these buy-one-get-one-free offers. .

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And be very speculative to have amounts spent into cryptocurrency. Remember to only put in the amount that you’re willing to lose.

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If you like this post, comment below about what you liked best and what you’re actually doing right now when everyone’s feeling fear, anxiety and doubt.

What are the coins that you are buying right now?

Are you increasing your positions and securing it at this lowest of lows? So that when we’re back in the bull market, you’re going to reap gains out of everyone else that were too afraid to see the long term path of what’s actually going on in the marketplace.

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