How to Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs Forever

The thought of how I used to operate as an 18 year old punk ass kid makes me want to cry in the shower..


Because I let my limiting beliefs control my life.

And if I hadn’t figured out the secret to decoding why I was such a little b*tch when it came to building a business, getting a healthier body, or socializing with human beings..

Then I would have died one lonely ass person.

The reason because of this is because YOUR PERSONALITY will dictate your PERSONAL REALITY. The moment I realized this was the moment I was able to kill the little biz nitch that was inside of me to grow into the unstoppable entrepreneur you see today.

Find out how I did it in today’s video.

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Eric Thomas once said,

“The most important thing is this: to be able,  at any moment, to sacrifice what you are for what you will become!”

Whenever I hear that quote, a lot of things come to mind. .

Find out how you can destroy your limiting beliefs forever!

Most of them are limiting beliefs and the things that you need to destroy right away!

They are literally limiting and preventing you from becoming the person that you were meant to be.

Now let’s actually talk about how that happened to me.

If you knew me as a kid, you wouldn’t see this person or hear me talking this way today.

Growing up, I never really had a lot of friends. I was that shy and skinny kid in sports.

Fast forward to when I became a newbie in business, I’m not as confident as I am today.

I was trained with a broke mentality. And because my parents were immigrants, they would always tell me that the only way to make a bunch of money was to get a really good job.

I was raised in this culture where I didn’t truly believe in myself and in my own capabilities.

And ever since I was a little kid, there’s always this little inner voice inside my head saying,

“Mike you’re not good enough! You don’t have what it takes.. You’re never going to achieve the lifestyle that you want..”

The moment I realized that that wasn’t my voice, I had to punch that voice in the face because that’s who I “used to be”.

And by the time I did that, crazy amounts of freedom and abundance came flooding.

But the biggest thing is, I had to figure out what those limiting beliefs were.

Because like I said, the more you allow these limiting beliefs to control your brain, the more that you’re just living in your own hell.

And this is what me and my friends were talking about over here in Bali…

In any given situation, anything can happen..

The fact is, 10% of everything in life is what happens to us and 90%  is how we react to them.

That means that it really depends on how you filter your world to create the results you want.

And if you have those limiting beliefs that prevents you from opening up and experiencing all the gifts that this world has to offer . .

Then it’s never going to happen because of how you filter your world.

You can either filter it as a bad place or as an amazing place filled with amazing opportunities and amazing people . .

Loving people who are literally there for you to help you get to where you want to go.

Now let’s actually break down the steps on how to destroy your limiting beliefs forever!


The first thing that you gotta understand about your limiting beliefs is most of the time, your thoughts aren’t even yours.

To better explain that, let me share a glimpse of my past.

Growing up earlier in my studies, I was never really the most pumped…

I was never the most confident student. In fact, I was always the shy type.

I can’t deny the fact that when I was a kid at home, I’m also a little energetic and somehow creative.

But the moment I got into school, it changed the whole matter. Why?

Because the educational system molds us to become passive in general.

You’re just there at school to sit back, shut up and just pay attention.

Society seems to always have a ready-made plan for you. So whenever I’d try to go out there and speak up for reality, I’m being told to shut up and quiet my level of confidence.

If you really think about it, those negative resistance from the past piled up to become one of your core limiting beliefs.

Well, guess what?


But the moment you adopt it as your own truth, then little by little, without you knowing it . .

You’re already imposing those limiting beliefs on yourself.

Get this…

Remember the time when you were born on this planet?

You have no self-judgment and you don’t worry about almost anything.

Like when you fall on the floor as a kid, you just get up and walk back up without any dramas.

Why is that so?

It’s because you don’t know about the pain that’s associated with failure.

Now as you get older and get influenced by society, including your parents or the people at school . .

You start getting these limiting beliefs that hurts your soul or worse, kills your dreams.

That’s why so many people go through spiritual suicide. They adopted the thoughts that aren’t even theirs.


Find out the ways you can do to destroy your limiting beliefs forever!After identifying and understanding that these aren’t your thoughts, the second thing that you want to do is to start surrounding yourself with role models that are ideally living the lifestyle that you want.

How I do that is by reverse engineering the thoughts and behaviors or habits of these role models.

I start asking myself what thoughts do these people process in their minds that I’m not processing on mine.

Because the only difference between you and me . .

The only difference between you and whoever has the results that you want, is the daily or hourly thoughts that they ask themselves.

So start asking yourself the right questions guys.

Your brain is like the weirdest thing.

The moment you ask it a question, it gives you an answer.

And understand that this is influenced by those limiting beliefs that piled up through time that formed your perception in life and in everything.

So before all the success took place, what actually happened was . .

I saw a mentor when I was 18 years old, and his name was Zack.

He was 21 years old at the time when he started his own business, actually making around seven grand a month.

This guy never went to college.

This made me think that this guy is definitely asking himself different questions that I myself wasn’t asking myself.

One of questions that I kept on asking myself is how am I able to provide for my family or what’s the safest job?

While this guy probably asks himself how can he create a business that would create the most value.

That’s when I started changing the way I think about things and the questions that I choose to ask myself.

That was the weirdest mentality which I adopted from my mentor that I wouldn’t have acquired if I hadn’t known him.

I can still remember the first questions that I had in mind.

And they were, how can I make six figures and how can I trade my value in exchange for money.

The biggest thing that you need to remind yourself of is START ADOPTING THE MINDSET OF YOUR ROLE MODELS.

The reason why you don’t have the business, the lifestyle or the social circle that you want is because you’re not asking yourself the right questions.

Instead of just trying to take from the environment and beating yourself up on a daily basis over alcohol . .

Probably because some people feel that they’re stuck somewhere, they think that they’re not enough, and they’re behind in the years of their life. .

Understand that these are your limiting beliefs.

Like I said, they’re not even yours.

They were given to you by someone else who wasn’t even worth modeling.

The school wasn’t worth modeling for me.

Because of the obvious fact that the teachers didn’t even have the results that I wanted.


The second thing that you need to do is to start changing who you’re modeling and ask yourself whose lifestyle should you look up to.

Because most of the time, the people that are modeling, they don’t have the results you want.

So why are you modeling them in the first place?

Now if you think what they think, you’re surely gonna get what they get.

So understand that choosing who you model is a critical part of your foundation.

Start finding the right role model who is already creating the lifestyle that you want may it be in health, wealth, love or happiness.


The next thing that you want to do is to wear their personality like a hat for a second.

Test it out for a bit.

As for me, the moment I realized how this guy worked it out to become pretty big, I thought I should probably test out going to the gym as hard as he did.

Well, I actually started asking him to go train with me.

We went to the gym, and every single time I wanted to give up, he always told me to do five more reps. Crazy!

And initially, I don’t know if I have that in me…

But every single time he was next to me, or eventually even though he wasn’t spotting me that much. .

I always did those five extra reps every time I want to stop.

And that’s like an interesting thing about your brain.

Your brain is a beautiful organ that was created to conserve energy.

And to conserve energy, you don’t want to always go through exhaustion. .

But what it also does is, it’s preventing you from pushing yourself to your limits and getting stronger.

Based on what I’ve learned from one of my mentors, each moment you feel like giving up, there’s actually a reserved energy left at 60%!

So every time I wanted to give up, truth is…

This is basically just my halfway point.

Now understand  that if we translate that into business or in life, imagine how many times you have to flinch.

How many times are you about to let go and say hi to that pretty girl at the bar?
And sometimes you’re about to give up because you think that if she says no, you’ll get hurt.

Or probably your brain is too concerned that your friends might think you’re a complete loser because you got rejected.

Now you gotta remind yourself that this is just your body and your brain trying to protect itself.

However, you need to realize and remind yourself that you already have the resources to get out there and to grow as a person .

Learning from that and adopting all of these mentors’ mindset and ideas and the questions that they were asking themselves . .

This was how I’ve actually put my brain through.

Looking back from my crappy scarcity mindset before, I always thought about how I can take from someone.

Or what can this person do for me. .

But recently after that, I started adopting thoughts from my mentors.

I shifted my questions to how will I be able to provide more value to the next person.

How can I live a life of freedom and be more present?

How can I be more playful even in my social interactions with random people?

As you can see, instead of asking myself how I can impress the other person, I changed the question to how can I make myself laugh.

Because in the law of attraction, how the other person feels literally depends on what you feel.

And if you want the other person to feel good and happy and have a good time . .

You need to put yourself in that state.

As literal as it can be, I got coaches for everything!

I got a freaking salsa dancing coach, a business coach, dating coach, a masculinity coach, and even a handstand coach, JUST NAME IT GUYS!

I have a freaking coach for almost everything.

And the biggest thing that I want you guys to remember about this is that . .

20% of the equation goes to learning the skills and mechanics, but 80% goes to how your thoughts and beliefs form the mindset that you’ll need to achieve whatever it is that you want out of life!


The moment you start adopting those thoughts, the next thing you want to do is to write a journal.

That’s exactly what I did.

I literally journaled every single day on what I did the day before.

I wrote down the lessons that I’ve learned, the failures that I went through and what I could do differently.

Because I don’t know if you know this, but I was actually really good at chess in college.

Now when you played enough chess games, you’ll start seeing patterns on what your opponents are doing.

And you’re gonna start knowing what counter-attack you can do.

Part of doing journals is kind of the same.

It’s about taking all of your past experiences, your failures and your traumas and turn them into a form of a feedback.

I, myself, I write down all the things including all the questions that need answers.

Now the second thing I asked myself is, what can I do next time?

Because when you live every single experience a thousand times, it’s the same as playing a video game.

You’re going back to your last checkpoint and you know exactly what you already dealt with because you’ve dealt with it and overcame it.

I remember some time back when I talked about journaling in my past videos and blogs, people started asking me about my journey . .

I recalled someone told me that I should write a book about it.

So here it is guys, make sure you check out my book: The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life, by yours truly!

And if you guys love it or what not, leave your comments below especially if this book helped a lot.

So hopefully, this content helps!

The least you can do TODAY is to start changing your mindset.

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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