How To Get Shredded All Year Round

One of the biggest questions that a lot of you guys have been asking me on my Instagram and on my YouTube channel is how to get better in fitness.

And it makes sense because a lot of you are very smart entrepreneurs

You guys understand that life isn’t just about making money.

Money is just this thing that gives you the vehicle and the free time to actually do the things that you want to do

And most of all, to help you get in the best physique and the best version of yourself.

So in today’s video, we’re gonna go over on how I maintain a 6 to 8% body fat all year round!

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Let’s talk about it.

How was I able to maintain 6 to 8% body fat?

Find out how Mike Vestil maintains 6 to 8% body fat all year round!

To answer that, we’re gonna break down today the four steps that if you follow even if you’re lazy as hell

As long as you implement these four steps into your life, this will help give you the right trajectory to get those results that you want.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or if you just want to get a better body and more confidence.

That’s what you clicked on in this super-sick thumbnail!

So now let’s go over them one by one!

STEP #1 Intermittent Fasting

The first step which is not a surprise to a lot of guys is the reason why I’m able to maintain this physique.

It’s not because I’m freakin just eating twigs or grass and counting my calories.

With all honesty…

I don’t even count my calories.

People asked me about macros . .

I don’t know much about macros. All I know is I follow this number one step.

The first thing that I do… (and I’ve made a bunch of videos about this in the past you can check them on the link right here)

Is eat my first meal at 2 p.m.

So first thing in the morning, I wake up and do my morning rituals. I get my work out of the way and then I go to the gym.

Then after the gym, I go back home and that’s when I have my first meal.

Mind you guys, it’s not just a small meal.

I literally order enough for 2 people. If you’re any one of my close friends and you’ve been eating out with me . .

You’ll see that I literally eat enough each meal for two people.

And it’s because I skip breakfast, my first meal is at 2 p.m. and then my next meal is at 8 p.m.

Most of you don’t know this but I’m also eating ice cream every single freaking night!

Think about this guys, if you want to learn how to get 6 to 8% body fat without killing yourself, without actually counting the calories and actually worrying about going to the gym seven times a week, then do intermittent fasting.

It’s the number one thing that has actually helped me maintain this physique even when I’m not even lifting.

I’d go weeks of traveling and I’m still able to maintain this because even when I’m traveling and eating like crap and even drinking at the bars, I still do intermittent fasting.

STEP #2 Jump Rope

The second thing that I’m also doing every single morning, and that’s the bare minimum that I do, is I travel around with a jump rope.

Mine is a Muay Thai jump rope so it has a little weight on it.

You can watch my 30 Day Jump Rope Transformation Story here.

Here’s how I do it…

I do 3 sets of 3 minutes every single morning. That’s literally three sets of three-minute jump ropes so it’s gonna take about 9 to 10 minutes.

And what that does is, that kick starts my metabolism so the rest of the day. .

I’m constantly burning fat even though I’m not actively working. It’s because I woke my body up in the morning with those 10 minutes of jump rope.

But here’s the thing guys. .

It’s just like a habit. Do it every single day.

And here’s what you need to do..

Go on a 21-day jump rope challenge of just 9 to 10 minutes every single morning. Do 3 sets for 3 minutes, then you’ll literally see the fat melt off your body.

If you’re gonna commit to that, comment below and say ‘I commit to getting 6 to 8% body fat!’ and and then say ‘I’m gonna jump rope for the next 21 days!’

Do that right now so I’d know all of you guys that are serious and not just making money but serious in becoming the best versions of yourselves.

Because one of the biggest things about getting a better physique is so you get more confidence in yourselves.

You become unstoppable and you can go out there and not be afraid of other people judging you because you’re confident in your own body and in your own skin.

STEP #3 Fight

Now the third thing that I do is I fight.

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you’ll see that we’re always traveling and learning languages.

Find out how Mike Vestil maintains 6-8% body fat all year round

But apart from that, I’m also doing Muay Thai and learning martial arts as I’m traveling.

Perhaps, if I go to Brazil in the next year or two, I might be getting into jiu jitsu as well.

But one of the biggest things that has actively kept me stable is the fact that I fight.

I literally get into the ring and do those exercises. And not only does it increase your inner alpha male (or alpha female inside of you), but it also gets you in a point where your body becomes more efficient.

Because if you’re fighting and if you’re constantly in the fight-or-flight response. .

Where your flinch mechanism is actually to the fighting mechanism, what happens is your body starts cutting away the excess fat.

Those fats are actually now getting used for energy.

The problem with most people is they have so much stored energy and they eat so much but they do so little.

So what happens next?

Your body stores them in the form of fat.

Now think about this guys, I’m spending a lot of my times just actively living the lifestyle that I wanted.

I fight three times a week.

I’m jump-roping every single day of my life!

And here’s the thing, even if it takes days and weeks or even months when I don’t workout, I just do those three things.

The funny thing is people think I got bigger, but it’s not that I got bigger. It’s just relative to what I used to be, I just have less body fat.

And that’s what you’ll see in Brad Pitt or Zac Efron in some of their movies.

It’s not that they got bigger, they just have less body fat.

A lot of them have super low body fat because they cut off the excess fat by intermittent fasting.

Add the consistent habits that they are doing every single day that builds up the physique that you now see.

STEP #4 Quit Your Job

Now a lot of guys are probably thinking you don’t have time for 10 minutes every single morning to do jump rope.

Or you’re working a nine-to-five job and you don’t have time and money to go to the gym three times a week.

Some of you might say you don’t have the time and money to actually invest in fighting classes, Muay Thai or Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes because of the fact that it’s expensive.

But for those of you who want to lose weight and if you want to see how I maintain a 6-8% body fat year-round, quit your job.

This decision will catapult you into all other successes in your life!

One of the books that I’ve read did a study and it shows that if you sit down for more than a couple hours, it’s worse than smoking cigarettes.

And here’s the thing guys, even going to the gym one to two hours cannot combat the effects of just sitting and living a sedentary lifestyle.

If you’re working eight hours a day and sleeping for eight hours a day, or maybe you’re sitting down and watching TV, that lifestyle is not conducive to maintaining a physique.

Yet for this summer, you could freakin get really shredded.

But what happens when you go back to either school or maybe work picks up and you can’t spend as much time in the gym . .

And you’re spending more time sitting down on the computer in a really crappy frickin position and you’re not using your body.

What happens is you start losing the muscle.

You’ll start losing the efficiency of your body in metabolizing the fats and the unwanted excess calories.

As for me when I quit my job, I literally committed to becoming the best version of myself, to fixing my finances, fixing my social calibration and fixing my network and my relationships.

The best thing about it was I had huge screen time to actually live an active lifestyle!


When I first moved to Bali, I wasn’t going to the gym but I did yoga, a lot of surfing and Muay Thai.

I even travel around and walk with a heavy backpack.

And it’s because of that lifestyle that just shredded off excess fat out of me.

So if people want to maintain a 6 to 8% body fat, understand that if you’re going to do the first three, that’s going to be really good especially for the conditioning of your mind and body.

But here’s the biggest thing guys. .

Those are just band-aid solutions.

Because what’s gonna happen is, once you’re in that environment where you’re shredding or you’re intermittent fasting, when you’re doing the jump rope and when you’re fighting..

Then you go back to your job where you’re sitting for eight hours, it’s going against all of the good things that you did while you were helping your body to get into a better shape.

Those eight hours of sitting down, staring at the computer or watching TV is really bad for your health guys.

That is why you don’t have to worry about the band-aid solutions on how you can maintain a 6 to 8% body fat.

Instead, create a lifestyle where that 6-8% body fat becomes normal.

For example, you see some of my friends that are also traveling.

A lot of entrepreneurs that are hanging out with me here in Bali like Gavin, Aurio or Aaron. .

They’re actually getting more shredded the more money they make.

It’s crazy.

It’s like direct proportion to when you’re on your purpose as a man or a woman and you’re building your business and having more time and freedom for yourself that your physique also gets better in the process.

And that’s because they all quit their jobs to pursue their passion… to pursue the life that they wanted that they created in their mindset, and not because their parents or their teachers in college told them so.


I’m telling you guys, there’s a lifestyle of abundance and living life where you can have anything and everything that you want as long as you can think about it inside your head. And that’s only for those that are committed in actually taking it. .

In actually understanding what they want and going out there to get it.

Because life isn’t what’s given to you, life is given to you by the person you become.

And if you focus on becoming that person that deserves everything, then you get everything that you want.

It all starts with quitting your job!

The moral of the story?


If you have a family and you have kids, perhaps keep your job. But remember, start taking that money on the side and start building side businesses or side hustles!


But with that being said, if you want more fitness blogs or videos, let me know in the comments below.

I’ll see you guys on the next blog!

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