How To Live An Extraordinary Life

Ever since I was 18 years old, I’ve been obsessed to understand what it actually means to live an extraordinary life.

I believe that all of us have a higher purpose, that God, being the Creator of the universe has given every single one of us a dream, a vision and a goal for the sole purpose of actually achieving it.

And that every single year, in order to get to that goal

To get to that vision and to live an extraordinary life..

We have to always whittle off this excess pieces of the mask that society puts on our faces to become the best versions of ourselves.

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The questions that you need to ask yourself right now are..

‘Am I becoming the best version of myself every single day?’

‘What am I doing today that will get me to that extraordinary life?’

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They say that when you die, the real heaven is when you look at that person that you could’ve become and the potential that was given inside of you, and you realize, ‘Holy crap’! We’re the same!’

But the hell is when the person you could’ve become meets the version of yourself where you’re afraid to make that decision to say hi to that girl or that guy, to start a business, or to fall in love and to travel around the world.


To see that person, that potential, and to finally meet my Creator and have Him look at me and be like ‘Mike, I gave you so much opportunity and yet you did so little’.

Man, that would literally kill me!

So ever since I started thinking this way and adapting this paradigm, I started asking myself, ‘What does it actually mean to live an extraordinary life?’

When you’re done focusing on sales, significant amount of followers, the audience and the influence that you have. .


These two things are known as the two spiritual needs.


Understand that every single day, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. If you’re not growing you’re reverting back to your older lower paradigm self.

Begin asking yourself:

  • Am I constantly growing every single day?
  • Am I learning?
  • Am I investing in myself?
  • Am I reading books?
  • Am I having those conversations with people that bring me up instead of pushing me down?

These are literally the needs that inspired me.

I was supposed to be a dentist and had I not been with the right conversations and the right people at the right time

I would’ve never leveled up to the point where my brain almost feels like way too old for my body.

It seems like I’m trying to have conversations with other people and it’s just really hard because of the fact that I just focus on my own self growth.

Now ask yourself if you’re surrounding yourself with people that are bringing you up. .

If you’re being in a position of learning new principles that shape your mindset.

Take for example the science of persuasion, the science of influence, the science of networking, and the science of leadership.

Understanding that if you master these high value skills and you become a valuable person, it doesn’t matter how little you had, where you came from or the environment that you are in.

You are gonna be able to create value in the marketplace and of course live a life of abundance!


That’s one of the first ways to become the best version of yourself.

You have to start growing as a person.


They say that success without fulfillment would be the biggest failure.

You don’t want to be at the end of your life with all the money in the world realizing that you’re unhealthy, that you don’t have the positive relationships, and that you’re alone.

It’s one thing to be rich in money; it’s another thing to be broke in relationships, love and connection.

Now the problem when you’re constantly growing, you’re reading all those books, you’re listening to those audio books and you become like a higher level person.

It’s almost hard to communicate with people around you.

The fact is, you’re almost feeling alone and probably asking yourself, ‘holy crap, does anyone understand me? Does anyone understand that we’re about to die, that we have to live like the best lives right now?’

It makes  me wonder why I have this entrepreneurship thing.

It just seem so damn lonely and what helped me was when I casted my five-year vision of where I wanted to be and not just for career and finances.

I asked myself three levels of questions.


What’s the personality traits that I needed, how will my health be like, what’s my love life look like, and how is that impacting the world?

I got really specific on the key details on what it is that I wanted to ask myself.


You have to clearly define the WHY.

Find out how to live an extraordinary life!

The problem with most people, is they don’t even realize the reason why they want to make a lot of money.

Is it for their family?

Do they want to travel around the world?

Or so that they could reinvest in that business that they wanted or that idea that they had?

If you don’t know why, you will never make it through the how.

The last thing that I would ask myself when it comes to this ideal vision and fulfillment of the thing that I want is this..


The problem with most people is they major in minor things.

They’re focusing on certain things that doesn’t really give them the fulfillment that they need at the end of the day.

The only reason why we grow in the first level is just so we can go back to everyone else and help everyone bring themselves up.

And for me, I would always strive for either the most followers, the most money or the biggest audience, but I realized that even when my income goals were growing, even though my followers were growing, even though my audience and my influence and people around me were growing..


The ability to relate to human beings and creating that community and tribe where people trust and respect you and resonate with your message where you no longer feel like you’re the crazy one out of your group. .

Because everyone else around you are doing crazy things to help impact the world.

That’s what I truly believe all this is about.

Everything that we do in our life as humans, to live an extraordinary life, isn’t just so we can be the guru on the mountain, have the most amount of money, the most amount of followers and be the most broke relationship-wise. .

It is to surround ourselves with love and connection and people who bring you up instead of pulling you down.

For me, how to live an extraordinary life is to understand that you need to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND, and you have to reverse-engineer from there!

Who is the person you need to become?

What is it that you need to do?

And most importantly, how are you going to feel fulfillment and give back to the people around you?

That’s basically it.

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And if you really enjoy this, all I would ask is you share this to one friend who may need help to live an extraordinary life!

Maybe their health isn’t good, their business isn’t to the point where it is or maybe it feels like when you talk to them, there’s something inside of them that they are not fully tapping into an untapped potential, a dream or a vision.

Share this to them and I’ll see you guys on the next blog!

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