How to Reinvent Yourself

Ever since I was 18 years old, I had always wanted to learn exactly how to reinvent myself.

I was skinny, broke, shy, lonely, and unhappy.

But I knew that even though that was who I was at the time, it was not who I was meant to be.

And guess what happened?

I changed.

And that is because at any given moment, I was willing to sacrifice what I was for what I would become.

And if I was able to change for the better. Then why can’t you?

This is exactly how to reinvent yourself.

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#Step #1 ASK YOURSELF THESE 3 QUESTIONS: Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

What you need to do every single morning is to ask yourself these three questions. I’ve learned this from Brendon Burchard.

Find out how to instantly reinvent yourself in 3 steps.

I literally do this every morning guys!

Whenever I get a single ‘no’ for any of those questions, immediately, that person “dies!”


Because right then and there, I knew I needed to transcend and become someone else to become better.

If you don’t live, if you don’t love, and you don’t do something that matters, then you’re not actually living your life, man!

So if you notice what you are seeing in my entire journey. . I just started off talking about making money with dropshipping, and that’s even before my Youtube channel. (If you haven’t checked it out… you can go visit my Instagram or my YouTube and see the journey on what has been going down for the past couple of years) 

It was really great guys!

For some of you, you’ve probably seen the 0 to 1.5 million in 12 months.

But what’s pretty crazier back in the day was when my mom and dad were struggling with debt. They couldn’t pay the tuition for my sister who’s going to a private university.

And that’s when I myself was able to pay for that. It was really amazing being able to bring relief to my parents by providing solution to their problems.

Now another thing that I wanted to stress out back when we were struggling was that part where I was going to be a dentist. .

Where I asked myself those three questions did I love, did I live and did I matter.

I knew from the very back of my mind the answer… With all honestly, I WASN’T REALLY DOING SOMETHING THAT MATTERED.

I know I could fix and save the world from cavities, but I wasn’t really doing what I was meant to do in this earth.

So then guess what happened?

I started leveraging dropshipping.

It was great for that time being but then I was making so much money that I didn’t really feel like I was making a difference.

I’m still just hanging around and I felt like I wasn’t leaving a legacy that I was meant to leave on this earth.


So then I thought to myself it was cool if I create a YouTube channel.

It sounds fun having a channel where you can network or even meet a bunch of cool people.

But then after creating my own channel, I got stuck into this one little niche in my first couple months to a point that I lost passion for it.

I felt like I wasn’t living life anymore because everyone wanted the same content and even wanting more videos about it.

What happened was even though I’m doing my best in helping people out, I almost felt like a slave for all these guys who were just coming up to me and just asking for advice on Shopify or dropshipping.

I personally didn’t feel inspired to create more content so that’s when I made another shift.

I told myself I should start traveling, see the world, and bringing people.

And that’s how this entire YouTube channel has grown.

Step #2 Understand that REINVENTION IS CONSTANT

This is definitely what I learned from James Altucher, you definitely should check him out! He’s an amazing smart human being with a crazier hair than me and some cool glasses.

One of the biggest things he said is this:

“Every day you reinvent yourself. You’re always in motion. But you decide every day: forward or backward.”

So when you’re in this opportunity to reinvent yourself, understand that reinvention is constant.

You’re not just gonna wake up one day and bam! You’re the final form of who you are.

It’s every single day that you are reinventing yourself

What actually happens is you are crafting and chiseling the excess pieces until the real you comes out.. until the current “you” becomes the person you were meant to be.

And like what James Altucher said, you could either be going uphill or downhill.

But here’s what you need to remember and beware of, the moment you stay “consistent,” THEN YOU’RE MOVING BEHIND IN LIFE.


Because you always gotta be moving forward!

The second step that James Altucher said was that, you need to understand that you’re not gonna know anything when you first get started.

Guys, you gotta understand that it’s fine. It’s normal.

You need to embrace the fact that you are a novice to new things because it gives you the ability and the creativity to learn and to grow.

Because that’s all life is about, man!

It’s about learning new skills and just creating a life of whatever it is that makes you creative, grateful, and makes you feel like you’re alive.

Now once you understood that reinvention is constant and you’re not going to know anything..

That’s when you actually drop your ego and leave it at the door.

That makes you ready to do the third thing…


I did this for dropshipping, Facebook ads, crypto and for so many different things.

And it was because I was able to drop my ego.

So when I came to a point of honesty and told myself I don’t know everything in the world . .

That’s when I was able and eager to go to these smart people and learn from them.

Guys, if you need to learn more about this, you can actually find the video that I made on How to Find a Mentor When Making Money Online & How to Connect with High Level Mentors in those links.

You can also join the super secret mastermind for the freedom fighters that want more out of life in this link https://www.mikevestil.com/mastermind.

So hopefully this helps.

This is just a really quick tip on what you need to do to reinvent yourself and how I was able to reinvent mine.

Let me know more about your questions and make sure to comment down below or comment them on the secret mastermind group that I have for only the freedom fighter official members.

I love y’all guys! Thank you so much for being a part of this freedom fighter family!

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