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(Part 2) How to Get Into ICO Pre-Sales for Bigger Discounts on Crypto

I have now participated in a total of 9 ICOs on the pre-sale level..

And all I can say is damn. These pre-sales come with HUGE discounts.

Which is great because now I can park some money that I made online into those projects that I believe in.

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How’s it going my fellow freedom fighters?

Today, we’re gonna go over how to get into the private sales and the pre-sales of ICOs.

This is part 2 of the Investing In ICOs strategy, so make sure you take a look at part 1 right here!

(which is pretty cool because I go over how to “never lose money” in ICOs.)

But remember, it’s very important to understand that when you’re investing in ICOs since this is extremely risky, take note that this isn’t a financial advice.

I’m not a financial adviser, so make sure you do your own research, too.

You have to be diligent when it comes to this because you could really lose everything if you’re not careful.

With that being said, let’s go over exactly how to get into their pre-sales. .

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ve seen that I’ve been all over the place like from Singapore, all the way back to Chiang Mai, or now I’m going to go back to Vietnam.

Then I’m gonna go to Bali..

A lot of people are thinking how am I really into just traveling. And they’re asking how the heck does that have anything to do with getting into the private sales and getting into the pre-sales.

What no one understands is, the only way to get into these deals is for you to know somebody that actually has that in.

Somebody that either has a lot of money or someone that has a lot of influence in the crypto space.

As for me, what I’ve found is,  the best way for me to actually meet those people or those connectors and people of influence. .

Is actually going to BIG things like events and conventions.

The last one that I went to was the Blockchain Economic Forum 2018 in Singapore.

Then I’m gonna go next to the Vietnam Blockchain Week and probably next in the TOKENOMX event which is going to be in Chiang Mai in April.


First is you need to find out where are the big events near you.

If there’s none, be willing to invest money, get on a plane and go to this event.

And that’s basically what I just did!

That’s because I have close friends who are also attending or even gonna speak on this huge events.

For those that have been wondering how the hell have I been able to get into nine private sales. .

It’s because I was willing to invest in putting my ass on a freaking plane going over wherever the hell the conference was…

And networking amongst the people!

The BIGGEST Chunk In Getting The Private Sale

Now this leads me to my next point which most of the time, you can actually get a lot of value when it comes to the influencers that are speaking at these events.

But what I had found is I actually build the networks’ best when it is out of the conference.

So what I do is, I’ll usually go to these events and network myself with every single person that I end up meeting in the venue.

Then I’ll find out who are the networkers or who are the connectors.

I’ll start looking for the leaders of syndicates whom I need to personally meet. Once that’s done, I’ll find a way to get their contact information.

Even before when I’m just building the relationship, what you guys gotta understand is this isn’t a “me mentality.”

It’s how I can add value to this connector so that he or she in return can give me access to some deal flow.

Now what I found is, since some are so freaking greedy, they are always trying to get into a syndicate or into a pool before adding any value.

And they’re just a bunch of leeches just trying to suck some deal flow out from people that are actually strategic partners.

So what actually helped with me was actually having a YouTube channel and an audience to share my entire journey to.

That is why I always recommend building an audience, or blogging (like my super sexy blog RIGHT HERE).

This is so that you can ADD VALUE TO PEOPLE’S LIVES.

If you’ve noticed for the past couple of posts that I’ve done or the YouTube videos that I’ve done, all I’ve been doing is interviewing top people in the influencer space.

Like the one from this link right here who made 5.3 million is for 16 months in affiliate marketing and then took some of that money to invest in crypto.

Now that’s how I met one of my co-hosts from the ICO reviews that I’ve done.

That’s it guys!

It was because I was willing to give value to him and he was able to help me out and get some deal flow as well.

So I definitely recommend checking that out the rest of the interviews that I’ve done in the past weeks!

As you can see, I’m really on the ground to try to leverage my audience so that I can help them out with content.

And that I can help these people out with companies or with businesses that need to reach the kind of audience I have built through my blogs and youtube channel. .

So for everyone else that’s wondering how can an ordinary person like me get into these private sales…

Guys, the easiest way is simply HAVING A YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

That’s why I would definitely recommend if you’re just starting off in this crypto space, RECORD YOUR JOURNEY.

Of course, keep everything private because this is a very intense thing where you need to have that high level of security.

Don’t share your black folio too much.

But start building some influence for yourself so that you could leverage that to get into these events, to the private sales, or to even get into private parties that happen around these conventions.


Because that’s actually where the real networking happens!

To sum up everything in two points, here they are:

  1. Find the big events that are going down in your local area. Or if they’re on the other side of the world, get your ass on the plane and go to that side of the world.
  2. Look for the connectors or the speakers, those people of influence that are going.

Once you’ve done the first part, find a way to add value.

How then can an ordinary person like you, add value to these people?

Most of the time, the way you add value is out of the convention be it your own networks. Maybe it’s you being the connector to their problems.

Literally go up to them and ask what is the #1 problem that they are trying to solve right now.

And hypothetically, maybe you know the person who can solve the problem.

Most of the time, a lot of these companies, ICOs, or these leaders of syndicates, need help with marketing.

And luckily for me, my background is in digital marketing so I understand marketing very well.

I have all the top internet marketing friends that I could connect the leaders of these syndicates and advisers with.

So fortunately, that was just my background. But that was because I was willing to focus on creating an audience for myself.

Now if you don’t want to create an audience for yourself..

Then the next best thing is to connect them to the person that has the audience.

So if I didn’t have my YouTube channel, what I could’ve done was go to these big events. I’d find the people of influence and make it a goal to meet these people. .

And the way I would add value is I would connect them to someone who is also an influencer.

The Secret To Business

So this is what you guys gotta understand. .

When it comes to crypto and business in general, IN ALL ASPECTS, IT’S ALL ABOUT BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.

And if you come into things to add the most value to the person that you’re trying to work with. .

Guys, that is the secret with business.

That is the reason why I was able to get some of the top mentors in any single industry that I want to get into.

That is the reason why I’ve been able to build the most amazing friend group of high-level individuals. And these guys are a lot smarter than me, and even a lot wealthier than me.

The ones that pushes me out of my comfort zone to grow.

These are literally the reasons why I’m just traveling around the freakin area, it’s for this networking thing!

If there’s something that I want to highlight in this discussion. .

Then it’s about FINDING A WAY TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with the person that is head of charge. The goal here is that you become either a friend or a strategic partner who can ultimately add value to them.

I heard a quote from one of my mentors that I just met out here in Chiang Mai. He said,

“Mike, the way you get rich in this crypto game is when you help rich people make more money.”

So now if you come up to these people and understand that everyone else’s biggest goal is to make money. . If you could provide them a solution or a service, connect them to the influencers.

Get cool with these CEOs and leverage them to get into more private sales, to maybe increase their network and connections in the crypto space.

You have to be willing to do these things and build these relationships.

Ultimately, that will eventually come down into getting these private sales.

I’m done ranting here for part two!

In part three, we’re gonna go over exactly HOW TO BECOME A PERSON OF INFLUENCE even if you do not have any background information..

Even if you don’t have a youtube channel..

Even if you don’t have a blog…

And that’s definitely going to be pretty exciting!

So if you want to see part three in investing in ICOs on how to leverage being the person of influence to get into the private sales, make sure you hit the subscribe button in my Youtube channel!

And for this blog, leave a comment below about what you liked best!

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