how to keep cryptocurrency safe

How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

Millions of dollars in cryptocurrency assets have already been lost or stolen.

With the rise of everyone now having the power to become their own bank, it is now more important than ever to make sure the crypto wealth that you are beginning to accumulate stays secure.

Find out exactly how my crypto millionaire friends are keeping all of their funds secure and protected from hackers and loss of memory.

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Majority of the people who lost their crypto assets are mostly caused by either of two reasons:

  1. They forgot their passwords;
  2. They are so open about the amount of their assets that they end up becoming too vulnerable to the eyes of the hackers

Getting into this amazing cryptocurrency space also means getting the FREEDOM OF BECOMING YOUR OWN BANK.

But with this new set of freedom also comes your own responsibility of making sure your crypto assets are safe and secure.

One of the biggest questions that I’ve been asked is how I was able to keep my crypto assets safe. . Especially when I’m very public with my entire cryptocurrency journey.

There are so many YouTubers that get hacked because of the fact that they failed to secure their assets.

What actually helped me was the tips I learned from my mastermind group who has strategically set up their assets to a point that there’s zero chance of them getting hacked.

I took their advice and I summed it up here in this blog. You can also check the details here: 10 Hacker-Proof Steps to Secure Your Crypto Assets.

Understand that YOU SHOULD NOT KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEYS ONLINE because a lot of people got all their stuff stolen. These people has probably kept their keys on platforms like Gmail where it’s very easy for a hacker to come in and steal it.

Let’s get into it!

Hacker-Proof 1: Get a LEDGER NANO

One of the most helpful thing is getting yourself a Ledger Nano S and using this as your cold wallet storage.

This is very helpful in storing cryptographic assets and securing digital payments. It connects to any computer (USB) and embeds a secure OLED display.

Hacker-Proof 2: Print Out Your Password

The second thing you wanna do is make sure that you print it out, cut it in half, keep one to yourself and keep the second half in other places like a secure encrypted file or maybe give it to your mom.

So if someone ever does steal your private keys, they do not have the entire thing and they need the second part to actually get into your funds.

Hacker-Proof 3: Install 1Password

Another thing is using a software like 1Password where basically you create a long password that does not really make sense to the mental brain.

For example, AW<VBHF%&(#@)19083t27{+?/[}BDWOKG5 or use a long password sentence like action-and-reaction-are-equal-and-opposite-except-on-Wednesdays.

This is a very powerful way to create your password.

Also note that you never use the same password for multiple accounts from multiple emails. And never use the same e-mail address more than twice.

Hacker-Proof 4: Use Google Two-Factor Authentication

Another thing that actually helps out is using Google 2FA. But instead of using the ones that is on your phone and getting the updates via text message. .

Understand that it’s very important that you DISABLE THE SMS FEATURE to confirm it because that could be socially re-engineered.

There are so many stories where people from countries like India that are able to reverse engineer and actually get your SIM. When that happens, they now have access to your own number.

By the time they’re trying to hack your funds or your crypto assets, they can now do it using this two-factor authentication feature with the codes sent to your phone number.

Hacker-Proof 5: Install Authy On Your Devices

Authy actually synchronizes the OTP and 2FA keys across multiple devices where you have installed it. Now if you ever lose your phone, you could still have access to your keys.

The number one reason why people lose their crypto assets is not because of hackers but because they forgot either their passwords or private keys, or for the fact that they do not have their 2FA as a backup.

The very important thing to remember is that so many people who are using the same email or the same password for all of their accounts has literally lost everything the moment one password gets compromised.

Now the more you diversify with your emails and passwords and the rest of what I’ve mentioned above. .

The more it prevents you from actually losing any of your memory from the actual passwords, to actually getting hacked by hackers that are trying to find out how much money you have.

Like I always say, the moment you become your own bank, you’re also in charge of your own security.

Most certainly, you cannot be too lax when it comes to securing your assets. Which is why you make sure that when you’re on this journey, you’re taking this very seriously.

So guys, hopefully that helps. Let me know what other questions you have about remaining secure in your accounts especially in your crypto assets!

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