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Zero to $2.1 Million On Amazon in 12 months – Kevin David’s Story

Nobody really knows this..

But I actually got started in Amazon FBA before I had my first big success with drop shipping.

The year was 2014, and I had just built out a successful ebay store reselling things that I found on the internet.

I then took some of that money and invested into buying the products that I was drop shipping well in bulk to sell on

And it became one of my first little wins selling 20-30 units of my product per day.

The funny thing was that back in 2014, I thought that Amazon “was saturated” and that it was just a fad.

And that is when I linked Amazon FBA with a shopify store and Facebook Ads, and the rest was history.


In that same time I went from zero to $1.5 million on shopify in 12 months, my brother Kevin David went from zero to $2.1 million in the same 12 months..

Find out exactly how he made his first million dollars with Amazon FBA in the video below.

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