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5 Powerful Morning Rituals That Will Instantly Change Your Life

Are you owning your day?

Or is your day owning YOU.

Here’s the problem with most “basic” people.

Instead of living a life of abundance, creativity, passion and purpose.

They live a life that is simply a waste of a human beings potential.

They hate their lives.

And they wake up already regretting the day.

This was my biggest issue. Before I got the results that I wanted, I was dreading the day before it had already started. And I did not have the energy and motivation to accomplish my goals.

Until I started implementing these powerful morning rituals.

And ever since then..


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Before I got into entrepreneurship, every single day was the exact same thing.

Find out these 5 morning rituals that will instantly change your life forever.

I would wake up to the sound of an annoying alarm clock and I’d just kill the snooze button multiple times. I’d struggle getting out of bed and then going to work. I didn’t have the motivation to get on with my day.

And before I know it, the entire day passes me and I’m just filled with sadness, anxiety and fear of life.

Days started turning into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months into years. And these are years of me just wasting my time. . wasting my life not getting the results that I wanted!

And it was not until I started implementing these five morning rituals that my life started turning around for the better.

You have to completely understand that the reason why you do not have the health, wealth, love, and the happiness that you want. .

Is not because you don’t have the time, you literally have to throw that excuse out the door!

The reason why you don’t have the results is because YOU DO NOT HAVE THE ENERGY. So it’s not a time problem, it’s an energy and motivational problem.

Now implementing these five morning rituals will make sure that you get to where you need to be faster.


Have you ever noticed that everyone else around you maybe at work or in class just looks dead and depressed?

Let me tell you this my fellow freedom fighters. .

You increase the quality of your life by first INCREASING THE QUALITY OF YOUR EMOTIONS on a daily basis!

And for you to feel the best emotions possible like gratitude, happiness, or excitement, you need to get your body moving.

That’s because EMOTION is created with MOTION.

So the more you get in to your body and out of your brain, the more you can actually experience life, man!

A lot of people are overthinking and over analyzing things which is why they end up letting their entire life pass by while they struggle in fear.

The best way for you to experience your life is in your body. . in the emotions that you feel on a day-to-day basis. And how you prime that and how you set yourself up with that is to get moving!

Too many people, they wake up and they’re just as rigid as hell like they have a stick up in their ass. They go to work, they sit in the same place for eight hours a day and they go home, sit on the couch and watch TV for another four hours. .

And then they go to back to bed at night not really experiencing our God-given gifts… even for the fact that we are alive and that we have this amazing body that we get to go around and have fun with.

So make sure you implement exercise in the beginning of your day.

It’s the best way to create that motion in your body to actually start prepping thoe emotions that you want to feel other than depression, sadness, and fear.

You have to be geared up for excitement, gratitude, and just amazement! It doesn’t have to be that complicated, right?

Exercise is literally the bare minimum you need to do to get your body prepped to start feeling positive emotions.

Now, the first thing I do when the alarm rings every morning is, I LITERALLY JUMP OUT OF BED. And it’s all about training the brain.

If you wake up and you just feel relaxed and you hit the snooze button. . What happens is your brain starts to pick up that signal and says “OK, I’m not excited for the day.”

But when you create the action of you jumping out of bed, it kind of tricks your mind saying “OK, my body just jumped out of bed…” That primes your brain to prepare your body to be excited for whatever you have to do for the day.

The next thing that I do is taking deep diaphragm breathing which I Iearned from Tony Robbins. So how you do it is by getting yourself three sets of 30.

Just raise your arms up and down while breathing through your nose really fast! Trust me. Do that in the morning and you will feel more alive.

And it’s the same thing that happens in your body when you take cold showers. Because when you take a cold shower, what’s the first thing that you’re doing?

Right when the water hits you in the face, that’s the first thing you do, you immediately take a deep breath of fresh air.

So many people are not practicing proper breathing and that’s why they don’t feel the emotions because their brains are not getting enough oxygen, man!

So guys, I’d recommend you do that every morning!

Another thing I do is doing a little bit of morning squats and push ups to also get my emotions warmed up.

That’s literally it. If that was the bare minimum and you did that on a daily basis as part of your morning ritual. .

Even if you don’t go to the gym, you’re going to start getting healthier.

On top of that, you’re going to now have the energy to tackle whatever hardships you have for the day. . Whatever challenges and whatever tasks you need to implement and work on to get the results that you want.


Now what if I told you 10 years from now, your life would be absolutely the same?

And it’s really no surprise because the fact is, your thoughts attract things. It attracts the lifestyle that you have and it attracts the results that you have.

The problem with most people why they’re still the same after 10 years, the reason why nothing’s changed. . Let’s say they are still in the same position, the same crappy job, the same crappy relationship, is because THEY NEVER ADOPTED NEW THOUGHTS.

So what I do every single morning, especially while I’m exercising, is I go on YouTube. I’ll just type in someone motivational or someone who has the results that I want.

For example right now, I am listening to Brendon Burchard.

It’s really cool because when I wake up and doing my exercises, it’s him just screaming at me to live my life. To implement what I need to do on a day-to-day basis.

And like I said, if you do not have the results that you want in the past 10 years, 10 years from now. .

Your life will look exactly the same unless you start adopting these peoples’ thoughts.

So the only way to change your life is to start finding the people that have what you want. You have to start listening to them on a daily basis even just 10 minutes in the morning. And it kind of shifts your mindset to what you need to focus on.

For example, there are a lot of people when asked what is the first thing they think of when they wake up…

Most of them would think they don’t wanna go to their crappy job. It looks like they have to drag themselves out of bed not having the interest to do what they need to do.

And that’s all they think about every time they wake up!

Think about it like a map. If you’re trying to go to New York or to California without a GPS. .

Then how the hell are you going to get there?!

On top of that, if you go on an airplane and right when you sit down, the pilot goes. . “OK, this is my first day, I have no idea where we are going.”

How confident would you be going on that airplane?

The thing about life and goals is it sets the destination to where you want to be in the future.

That’s the biggest way to stay sane for the rest of your life!

So 10 minutes every single day, listen to some type of personal development.


Trust me when I say, you can increase the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE by increasing the QUALITY OF THE QUESTIONS you ask yourself!

You have to understand that the emotions that we feel are like muscles.

The more we train this muscle. . the more we feel this emotion, the more that it becomes our set point of how we will naturally feel.

Now for most people, WHAT IS THEIR SET POINT? They wake up and like “Oh man, I just hate my life.”

Looking at it, it’s so filled with anxiety, fear, and depression. And that’s how they live.

If you take time to get this, our brains are very efficient. They’re like “OK. So this is the feeling that I have been feeling for the past 30 days so this is what I’m going to continually feel for the next 30 days.”

That’s how your brain thinks and adapts. But what you gotta do is start changing it by asking yourself better questions.

So many people wake up and they’re like “Oh man, why do I have to go to work today? Why don’t I have the confidence? Why don’t I have a car I want? Or the house that I want? or the girl that I want?”

And when you ask your brain those questions, your brain will give you the answers: “Oh it’s because you’re not confident, you suck, you just have no friends and no one likes you…”

That’s because what you literally ask, you shall receive.

So how will your life change if you wake up and you ask,

“OK. What am I excited about today? Am I committed to accomplishing something today? How can I flirt with the world today? Or how can I be bold today? Or how can I be playful with everyone around me today?“

The moment you start asking yourself all these questions, the moment you start getting these answers. . Then you start thinking of things that you never thought before because you were reprogramming your mind in a different way.


I know it sounds weird, but think about it like a feedback loop.

Well, the first thing that happens when you wake up, you have all these thoughts from the day before. .

Maybe you thought some stuff over the night time and know your brain is just filled with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

That means it’s very hard to be productive and to focus on the day’s task when you have all these thoughts in your brain.

So the first thing that I do for this feedback loop is to get everything out on a piece of paper. Any worries or fears that I have the night before.

Put it on a piece of paper so that instead of your brain being a storage for these fears and worries, you literally put it on a piece of paper.

Tim Ferris calls it “caging the crazy monkey.” Your brain is like this monkey that has been stung by bees and it’s crazy thinking and running around.

So as to your mind, it’s like starting to pop in a bunch of thoughts and it’s ruining your day, man! It’s causing you to live in reaction instead of you living your life on your own terms.

So the first thing you do generally right when you wake up. .

Perhaps you can use Google docs and just put in whatever thoughts that you have in mind. That’s what I often use. I just let it save there so I can focus on the task that I need to do for the day.

Now the second thing that I do is I write down the lessons that I’ve learned beforehand.

I’m telling you guys, I’ve just started doing this for the past couple of months and it’s honestly changed my life. It has made me pivot in new directions that I did not think it was possible.

And guess what? It’s all because of a feedback loop.

Now the reason you can progress in life is only when you learn from your past failures.

The problem with most people is every single day, they’re bashing their heads on the table because they are unknowingly making the same failure over and over again.

But when you go through the day and you think about the things you’ve learned and those that you need to improve on. .

Right then and there, you’re already setting up your brain to start thinking differently. This habit reprograms your brain to be effective.

I do this every single day I wake up. I apply the same principle when it comes to my businesses, to my health, wealth, love and my happiness pillars.

Because what’s gonna happen the next time you’re faced with a crucial moment where you need to make a decision…

It’s gonna be okay. Because you already have prior reference experiences to implement on that decision. And you could attain that by doing journals on a day-today basis.

So many successful people write down their thoughts and their goals.

Why? Because when you see your plan, the structure on sheet. . It EMPOWERS you, it MOTIVATES you, it REMINDS you, and it makes you ABLE TO DO and IMPLEMENT that plan.

Not just that, you’re able to get feedback from that plan. And you’re able to review or make another action plan to get to that result.

Trust me, you will literally make a bunch of pivots more than the next person.

The problem with most people is they’re not even reviewing their day.

And that’s why 10 years from now, they’re going to be at the same position they are today: Unhappy, broke, depressed, filled with unfulfilling relationships, unfulfilling dreams, unfulfilling career goals and stuff like that.


So this is the fifth and the last thing that I make sure I do before I even start my day.

Right before I pick up my phone or before I go and open the Internet, I meditate.

It’s not like the typical picture you have in mind when you hear the word “meditate”.

It’s an active form of meditation like prepping my mind to start tackling the day in the best way possible. I literally just sit down to relax my mind.

Because the thing about your mind is you think about thousands of thoughts per second. And it’s very hard to focus when you have all these crap literally distracting you.

Remember what I said before how your brain is like a caged monkey that was stung by bees. It’s just angry, running around and is popping all these negative thoughts in your brain.

Well after you put it on a piece of paper and you set and forget it. . Have your Google docs or your Evernote be the one that keeps all these like negative thoughts.

The next thing you wanna do is to just breathe in and still your mind. Make it still for a couple minutes and don’t let any thought pass in whatsoever.

Just be present in the moment, living your body, feeling the motions that you’re currently feeling. Feel if there’s any tension that you wanna work with.

Think of 3 Things That You Are Grateful For

Then right after you’re still for a moment, I want you to start thinking three things… Three little things that you can be grateful for.

For example, I think of things like “God, I’m grateful for the fact that there’s still life in my veins. I still have eye sight, I could still hear the laughter of my parents and the people that I value in life.

It’s the little things so many people do not allow themselves to feel happy until they reached a high goal. They will not let themselves feel happy or accomplished until they reach that.

But what if you could feel happy and accomplished by just the fact that you’re alive? Some people today may not have been so lucky. Others die while in their beds or just after they have taken a shower.

What would you do in your business if you have this feeling of gratitude?

Or for just the fact that you woke up today is a blessing and you have the ability to go out there and fight for your dreams?


  1. Who are the three people that I’m grateful for?
  2. What am I grateful for and appreciate about them?
  3. What are the goals that I want to accomplish?

Think of 3 People You Are Grateful For

When we’re on this journey in life, it’s very easy to get lost in the process.

It’s very hard to start appreciating the people that are in your life that we’ve somehow taken for granted.

Life is so short and you don’t know when it’s the last conversation you’re gonna have with your parents.

Even if you’re struggling and you’re in conflict with some of them, start thinking of at least three people whom you are grateful for.

Because the thing about people is, we don’t appreciate them until they’re gone.

So I want you to start taking that positivity of feeling grateful for with these people. Now I want you to envision yourself sending them an email or a postcard of that positive emotion.

Imagine sending it to those three people that you appreciate.

Trust me, it’s going to put you in a better state when it comes to making relationships, in making business decisions, and in just tackling your day.

Think of 3 Goals You Want to Accomplish.. But Frame It As If They Were ALREADY Accomplished

The brain is different. Watch how people say “act as if…”

But what I want to change in this is “act as are…”

What if you’re already the person that already have the results that you wanted?


Do you think someone that had the results that you wanted are still afraid to make the business decision that you’re afraid of making?

Would they be afraid to lose 100 bucks on Facebook Ads?


Because they know the fact that that’s what gets the results.

Maybe it’s at first what they dress, but then next it’s how they think, and then it’s how they act.

The moment you can start embodying the person that has the results, the more you can start implementing what it is they’ve done to get to where they are.

So those are the five morning rituals that will instantly transform your life.

Hopefully that helps, guys!

Question: What are your morning rituals? How do you guys implement them? Let me know in the comments below!

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