Paradigm Shift: How To Change Your Life In 30 Days

I understand I had a crappy paradigm because of poor programming after years of being raised in an immigrant family.

I’ve been ridiculed, made fun of, and grew up socially awkward.

How  can I change my paradigm to become confident, to become more successful, and to build a business based off of value.

That’s when you actually do one little exercise..

And if you do this one little exercise, I guarantee that in the next 30 days, something will happen and change in your life!

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Now let’s talk about what a PARADIGM is.

When you master this concept known as Paradigm Shift, not only will you allow yourself to become the person that you want but you will be able to attract success with crazy amount of speed!

Find out how you can shift your mindset and change your life in 30 days!

They don’t teach you this in school..

Your mom and dad will never ever teach what paradigms are unless they are more conscious and they’ve actually studied and did some self-improvement in the past.


It was back in 2012 when I first encountered and understood what paradigms were.

I remember the entire time before I was unconscious, I wasn’t really in control of my life. 

I didn’t really know what I was gonna do and it felt like I was just “reacting to be” from day to day, instead of being the person that creates the life that I wanted.


I can still remember how persistent my family was while telling me that when I’m gonna be older, I’d be a dentist. It’s them saying things like, ‘that’s the plan that we’ve set for you, that’s who you’re supposed to be few years from now.’

And of course, young Mike Vestil was like, ‘okay, that sounds like a good idea.. Dentists make good money. I can become a dentist my entire life.’

Well, because of that, I started working for a plan that didn’t really resonate with me. 

How many of you guys out there are doing things that you don’t even know why you’re doing it? Or maybe you’re following a path just because someone else has told you to do it, and you want something else. You want something more, you want to be more!

The entire time, I didn’t know why I was following that certain path.

And because they actually gave me that endpoint to where my GPS would end up five to ten years down the road, I just went through my life not really worrying about much.

I would go to the gym, I would go out and drink, hang out with friends, and I didn’t actually know what I was doing on a daily basis. 

Many of you guys who are reading this right now can resonate with me.

You probably started realizing the moment when you almost woke up and you’re like..

‘Why is it that I’m doing this? Why am I going to this job that I hate? Why am I building this business that I’m not resonating with? Why am I hanging out with these friends that actually don’t build me up.. who just tear me down?’

You keep on asking yourself similar questions and as you do so, you start wondering if you’re crazy.

That’s how I felt.

Until this moment back in 2012 when I literally learned what paradigms are.

Like I said, I had no idea what I was doing. Everyday was blurred because I had no vision and I no goals to begin with. I don’t know how to shift my mindset to attract the life that I wanted.


I remember the first year of college was a blur because I was getting drunk all the time. I was partying and having fun.

Deep inside, I still felt lost and confused. It went by so fast all because I wasn’t really using my brain.

I wasn’t using THE #1 FACULTY in our being that separates us from animals. That’s our capacity to think.

Let me put it this way..

Most people out there don’t really think. They don’t exercise this ability.

So what’s actually separating them from the lower-level animal?

This is the problem which is what I ended up finding out what a paradigm is: it’s learning the thought process that you create.

Remember this..


What you think about is what you BE about and what COMES about.


I remember it was the end of freshman year at college. I’m sure you can still remember my first mentor whose name’s Zach. I talk about him most of the time in some of my videos and blogs.

This guy worked for a direct sales company and he was making six figures a year at age 24.

He was driving an e-Class Mercedes at that time. Literally, his biceps were bigger than my head!

To top it all, he had the dream life that I wanted!

I remember back in the day when I met him for the first time. I was sitting there while he was doing a little motivational presentation. He was trying to sell us some stuff at the college dormitory.

 I started wondering why did he talk, speak and think in a different way than most of my friends.

One day, I literally sat next to him and I bought him lunch.

That’s the only thing that I know about success, (which was what my parents taught me) is that if someone is visiting you..

And they’re like a guest, then you have to treat him out for lunch or dinner! 

I remember swiping my card for the dormitory food place to actually allow him to eat with us while he was hanging out with all the freshmen students.

So while sitting next to him, I started asking why he thinks the way he thinks and why he does the way he does.

Then he responded saying, ‘Mike, that’s because I understand what a paradigm was. And I shifted it to attract the consciousness and the wealth that I wanted. This is why I think the way I am.’

Now this thing called paradigm stirred my curiosity.

So I asked what he meant by a paradigm and he answered..

‘A paradigm is your mental lens of how you view the world. That is all a paradigm is.’

The problem with most people’s paradigms is we adopt the paradigms of our family including their world views.

We adopt our family’s limiting beliefs and our friends’ limiting beliefs as lenses of how we should see the world as well. 

Some of them are..

“Money is the root of all evil.. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t start a business because the money is the root of all evil.. Rich people are evil.’

These are the paradigms that you would think in terms of what I adopted from my family and my friends.


If I think negative thoughts all the time, how can you expect to live a positive life? That’s almost impossible!

Here’s a more deeper way of looking at this concept..

When you understand what paradigms are and you’re able to shift the mental viewpoint that you see in the world..

Not only will you SEE THE OPPORTUNITIES that have always existed..

But you’re now able to POUNCE ON THEM and actually TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM! 

The only thing that separated me from some of my friends that were back in high school and college was because I just had a positive paradigm that was programmed for success because I worked on it.


That’s why if you guys have been following me on my YouTube channel, you will see that I’ve been starting to talk about topics like vibration and highlights on mental faculties.

Now, here’s like the biggest thing about paradigms..

You as a human, you have this amazing thing that separates you from most animals out there..

Your ability to think.

Thoughts are very powerful. When you could control it and you could control your worldview on what is possible and what is impossible, you can do anything. 

The only problem with some people is they will quit before they actually start.

But do you understand how much power we actually have between our brains and what we could actually do and what we could think of?

Something with pure intensity, with pure desire, with pure passion, and making sure that this is like our intention that’s what we want out of life and we’re never ever gonna give up!


The moment you put yourself in that vibrational state is like mixing water and oil.

If you put two drops of water and then you put a drop of oil, what happens is they don’t mix.

But if you put a drop of water and you put another drop of water, because they are of the same composition, they end up combining and turns into a bigger measure of water. 

That’s the exact same thing with your thoughts and your paradigms.

Success happens at a higher paradigm because you are essentially giving value to the world.

Like I said, money is you giving exceeding amounts of value in proportion to the wealth that comes in.

That’s what it is. But for some, they are in this negative paradigm where they see the world as evil.  They want to take before they can even give.

And because of that, it’s like the water and oil analogy. They will never mix.


Now, here’s how I changed my paradigm and this is what I asked from Zach..

I told him that I already understand I had a crappy paradigm because of poor programming after years of being raised in an immigrant family.

I’ve been ridiculed, made fun of, and grew up being socially awkward.

So I asked how I can change my paradigm to become CONFIDENT, to become more SUCCESSFUL, and to build a business based off of VALUE.

That’s when he actually had me to do one simple exercise.

If you do this, I guarantee that in the next 30 days, something will happen and change in your life.

It could be a mindset shift, a confidence shift, or it could even be the amount of money in your bank account that could double if you follow this.

Zach had me on a piece of paper write down the exact person that I needed to be to deserve the success that I wanted.

That’s the one simple exercise that he asked me to do in order for a paradigm shift to take place.

After that I can still recall writing down all the things that I wanted, places around the world that I want to visit, including my dream of becoming a public speaker.

 I wanted to have a bunch of amazing friends.

I wrote everything down on that piece of paper on present tense as if it’s already happening at the time.

 I remember writing stuff like..

I’m a leader amongst men. I’m a confident speaker. Wealth comes to me in exceeding massive quantity. I am filled with a bunch of love in my life. I have an amazing bunch of passionate relationships in my life. I meet a bunch of amazing women in my life.

Every single time I wrote it on a piece of paper, I would read it, I would then feel it, and then I would close my eyes and embody them for a few seconds.

I would then open my eyes and back to a crappy present reality. But for that moment in my mind, I almost thought I actually had it all. 

And it’s kind of like a lie when you tell yourself those words so many times but then you start to believe it.

What happens is, that note card becomes an anchor to that feeling.

So what I did is I fold it in half and I put it in my pocket.

And this is the same principle that I later learned from Bob Proctor.

It doesn’t exactly have to be on a piece of paper. You can either save it on your phone, take a picture of it or set it as your homescreen or screensaver.

Because every single time you see it, what happens is it becomes an anchor reminding you to those feelings that you felt when you were doing that little meditation.

That’s what I did..

I just wrote down the exact personality that I wanted, the exact traits that I wanted as if I already had it.

Then I would just sit there in meditation, and this happened literally when I was 18 years old.

So if you’re older, to some it could get pretty weird, but then you gotta understand that it’s normal.

 It’s just different..

Different is better.


So as weird as it looks, I would read it and then I’ll close my eyes and envision that I already have all of the personality traits that I wrote.

This reminds me of what Dr. Joe Dispenza said..

“Your personality will dictate your personal reality.”


To be honest, I actually made a bunch of copies of my note cards.

I placed it in front of the bunk bed in my dormitory room, in my bathroom, and almost everywhere visible.

So whenever I would see it, touch it, and feel it..

It reminds me of those feelings until over and over again after 30 days, here’s what happened..


Then guess what happened?

All those friends that had made fun of me. They thought I was crazy until I thought I was already crazy!

But then I started thinking..

“No, they were crazy!”

And that I’m the only sane person here.

The moment I started doing that, was what created the small little pebbles and the small little steps that eventually catapulted me into the future that I live right now.

It all stems from shifting your paradigm.

A paradigm is your mental viewpoint of how you see the world.

So if you don’t like your present external reality, that’s when you need to change your internal personality.. Your internal paradigm of how you see yourself.

Because here’s a fact..

Most people don’t have a success problem. THEY HAVE A SELF-IMAGE PROBLEM.

Most people don’t have a drinking problem. THEY HAVE A SELF-IMAGE PROBLEM.

Most people don’t have a smoking problem. THEY HAVE A SELF-IMAGE PROBLEM.

It’s their paradigm of not only how they see the world but how they view themselves.

If you could have someone quit smoking, if they can’t visually see themselves smoking without smoking, then they’ll just relapse and go back to their addiction.

 This is the exact same thing with wealth.

If you can’t see yourself HAVING abundance, OWNING the abundance, and MAINTAINING the abundance, it will leave your hands as fast as it came.

The only way to change it is by changing your paradigm. When you change your paradigm, you change the lens of how you view the world.

Instead of thinking negative, start thinking positive.

Instead of thinking about taking, focus on giving.

Instead of focusing on asking, focus on giving value.


I talk about this all the time..

Thoughts equals emotions. Emotions equals actions. Actions equals results. Those actions when repeated becomes your lifestyle.

So the first thing that you need to do if that’s all an equation. .

If you already defined the lifestyle that you want by writing down your new paradigm on a piece of paper, you can now reverse engineer it and ask yourself what thoughts you need to think to create the emotions that you need to feel to create the actions that you need to take to get the results that you need to have.

That’s how you do it.

Too many people are focusing on the results when it comes to success.

But the first thing you need to do if you want to become successful is to focus on the paradigm. 

Because that is what shifts your emotions which will ultimately fuel you in action that is in alignment with your purpose.

That will eventually allow you to attract the life that you want! 

So I hope that helps!

If you got value from this, try sharing this to one friend.

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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