Quantum Jumping: How I Built A 7-Figure Business With My Thoughts

In this video, what I want to talk about are the three quantum leaps that I made in my life.

This reminds me what it was like when I was super broke..

I was busted, alone, depressed, and filled with anxiety..

Of what it was like to be afraid to talk to people to then finally quantum jump to a confident human being that is healthy, happy, and has built a seven-figure business!

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You’re probably wondering what a quantum leap is.

It’s your mind’s ability to actually take a future reality, something 10 or 30 years down the road, and pull those results and those lifestyles into the present.Find out how Mike Vestil built a 7-figure business with his thoughts by quantum leaping.

I’ve made three quantum jumps in my life.

If you’re asking, ‘Well, Mike, how have you, a 25 year old, built a seven figure business, travel around the world, and live your dream life?’

It’s because of the fact that I didn’t get luck.

It’s because I literally created it with my own thoughts.

I talked a lot about the first one when I learned the law of correct perception and the second one is a more interesting story.


I first made my first quantum leap when I was in college.

As you guys can remember, I was supposed to be a dentist.

So when I did my initial quantum leap and I fast-forwarded my life to where I was going to be five to ten years down the road as a dentist, I didn’t feel happy.

Most people when they want something or when they follow society or their parents or everything that they got going on..

Sometimes, the goals that they set for themselves weren’t even their own goals.

And when you accomplish them later on, you realize that you’re not actually happy.

So when it shifted me out from being a dentist to being an entrepreneur was a crazy shift in my life because I STARTED TO ASK MYSELF THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

My first quantum leap was learning the law of correct perception which basically means, the law of attraction.


The second shift is a pretty interesting story.

When I made the first shift when I was eighteen years old, I got into a direct sales company. I literally built a sales organization all around the world.

I can still remember back then when I wrote down on a piece of paper what I wanted to do.

I wanted to travel around the world, speak on stages, make an impact, and start a movement of people and raise their consciousness.

I want these people to get out of the slavery that the 9 to 5 society imposes to them.

I wanted to really infect the mind of everyone else out there to start thinking like an entrepreneur.

So there I was, I ended up building a pretty big organization in my direct sales company.

That was actually right before I started ecommerce and coaching certain business models.

This is where I initially learned my sales and marketing skills.

Not from dentistry, but from a direct sales company that I was working for.

It was amazing because one of my core competencies, which I found out because of this, was  I’m really good at storytelling.

I discovered that I’m good at evoking emotions, inspiring, and getting people to start getting out of their own heads and into their hearts.

That’s kind of what that particular company saw in me when I was building it. I built a team of 1,000 sales people all around the world. .

Majority of them are in Portugal.

When I was at that same age, there was an opportunity for me to actually go from the small suburbs of Chicago, my small town, and left the Midwest to Portugal.

That experience literally changed how I viewed the world and how amazing it actually is. .

There are so many cultures that you could learn from.

There are so many ideas that you could create and so many amazing human beings that you could really influence and get influenced by, when you start sharing your stories.

So there I was..

18 years old in a country that I’ve never been before.

Alone with people that I was trying to sell to on stage and it was the craziest growth experience!

Because there were times when I had thoughts like, ‘Man I’m not reaching my goals, I’m not doing the things that I want..’

But then I realize that I’ve just literally made a quantum leap!

And I wrote those thoughts and realization on a piece of paper six months ago, and here I am traveling around the world, speaking on stages when I used to be broke, when I used to be sad, when I used to be depressed, when I used to be alone, or when I used to have nobody when everyone around me thinks I was freaking crazy.


There was this entire shift that literally changed everything in me.

It was insane because I look at it and I see just how far I came.

Most people, even though they don’t realize how far they’ve been, they don’t realize how far they’ve already gotten with their goals.

So when I made the second quantum leap, it was almost an accident because there I was, alone.

And while I was in Portugal, the company that I was working for literally just died.

My business that I was building at the time and my direct sales company started going down and everything that I worked so hard for, everything that I sacrificed for, everything that I was going through ridicule, getting made fun of my friends, getting made fun of my family members, just started going down.

Man, that’s one of the hardest things in entrepreneurship!

When you have this idea where you have the vision, the dream, and you want something so bad and you tell everybody, and then you burn the bridges.

And you’re like, ‘This is what I’m willing to stand for. This is what I’m not willing to stand for..’ and then it just crumbles and dies.

It was so tied to my identity and my ego that when the business started going down, I had no idea what to do.

I had no one to relate to..

I couldn’t turn to anybody.

I couldn’t call my friend or my parents because they weren’t going through what I was going through.

Imagine that I was 18 years old..

I was still a little freaking kid man!

A kid in a country where I didn’t speak the language, where no one can speak English, when I was surrounded by people that I didn’t know.

Literally, everything that I gave up my entire life for, was gone.


I did not know what to do and that was the craziest emotional roller coaster entrepreneurship.

Then when everyone’s looking up to you, you’re just one big failure.

I’ve never felt like such a big fraud in my life before. .

Because of the fact that my identity and my ego were anchored to this need to prove others wrong and that I could actually become an entrepreneur.


So there I was alone, depressed in Portugal, not knowing what to do. And I was stumbling upon a bunch of YouTube videos because apparently, I couldn’t find the answer out there.

So I started thinking, maybe it isn’t out there.

Maybe, it’s in my head..

Or it’s in my heart.

And I stumbled upon this thing called quantum jumping or quantum leaping or also known as becoming a reality architect.

It gives you the power to create any type of realities that you want from the power of your own thoughts.

Like for me, I wanted to travel the world, create an influence, build a seven-figure empire. And here I am now, literally because of quantum jumping.

When I found this concept, it literally blew my mind.

It made me realize just what is actually possible and it kind of reminds me of the story of elephants when they were babies.

People would take these huge chains and they would wrap it on the baby elephant’s ankle and every single time the baby elephants would leave, because the five foot long chain staked to the ground..

Every single time they tried to go towards its mother, it would get pulled and get this resistance that would pull it back.

And as the elephant got older, every single time it tried going to its mother, It would get pulled back by the big chain.

Now, here’s the craziest thing..

When the elephants started getting older, they need to give the chain stall of the other baby elephants.

They started replacing the big chains with smaller chains to the point where nothing was left but a little piece of string that was holding these giant powerful elephants back.

And it got to a point where the moment they started pulling even though they’re full-grown elephants, at this point, the moment they felt any resistance, they would give up and stop.

It got so bad that when they would have crazy forest fires or jungle fires in Asia, they would find these elephants dead five feet next to where the stake on the ground is connected by nothing but a little piece of string.

That’s what Reality Architecture is, and that’s what quantum leaping does for you!

It removes that resistance from us!

That chain that was created for us by society, by our parents, by our upbringing, by schools, or by the education system.

It gets us to a place of reality that is only possible when you escape the matrix of the world, and get into your own brain and realizing that the world is infinite.


The world is abundant and you could create whatever it is that you want.

Now let me share to you the exercise that changed me.

It was weird because I was 18 years old when I started doing it.

I started meditating.

I was there, and I literally put this blindfold on so I couldn’t see any light.

The friends and the teams that I was speaking to were looking at me like ‘why is Mike meditating?’

This was when meditation wasn’t mainstream..

When no one really meditated, when no one really talked about it, because that’s kind of like what the hippie dippie do.

No one really knew about meditation.

There I was. I would just breathe .

And the way the meditation was set up was, you have to relax your brain.

Because remember, your brain is interesting.

It’s not like a muscle where it works and gets stronger under tension.

It actually gets smarter under surrender, when it’s relaxed, when it’s silent, when you’re not using your brain and it’s no longer filled with the mundane and your daily to-do list.

You’re literally pulling from a different source or energy. And this meditation was what changed it.

I literally had to envision me in a room.

(So I want you to imagine this now.. Envision yourself in a room, the room that is dark and it’s blank.)

I want to get really crystal detail of what the room looks like.

I had to be able to see the details because I’m about to transport myself into this different reality in my brain to the point where I could see the details.

Now, the moment I was able to see the details of my hand crystal clear, not in reality but in my mind, it was when I begin this exercise.

I had to visualize what the door looked like and I was deep in trance at this point.

And my friends and the Portuguese people around were like ‘what is Mike doing? He’s just like sitting there doing nothing for 20 minutes’

When little did they know, I was doing everything in my mind in those 20 minutes.

I had to visualize this door and what the door looked like. What type of door, what the size of the door was, was it made out of metal, was it made out of brick, what that door handle looked like..

Now the moment I got really crystal clear on what the door looked like, I then looked at my hand which I already visualized.

And in that moment, I reached for the door and opened it, there I was, the man that I was going to be 10 years down the road.

There I was face to face with it and I asked myself what did he accomplish, what’s it like owning a seven-figure business, what’s it like traveling around the world and making an impact..

What’s it like making a difference, what’s it like being in alignment with what you knew you were put on this earth to do instead of doing what everyone else tells you to do.

I looked at it and it was crazy because I was 18 years old but then I saw this guy and I was like ‘This is who I’m gonna be when I’m older ten years down the road’.

A cool haircut, amazingly happy, always filled with gratitude, always relaxed, not really stressed.

I saw the person that I was supposed to be 10 years down the road, the seven figure business, traveling around the world, creating an influence before I even knew I was gonna create a YouTube channel.

And I just saw the look in his face, what he looked like, how happy he was, the amazing stories that he’s been through, the amazing struggles that he’s overcome, amazing relationships and passionate lovers that he’s had in his past.

And I’m just like this 18-year old like, ‘Holy crap this is me!’

Now, what the exercise did with quantum leaping and jumping is after you’ve seen who you are 10 years down the road..

You reach out to him or you give them a hug!

Slowly you start seeing your present self and your future reality self literally merge into one, where the front of your face is in the back of their head and the front of their face is in the back of your head.

And you’re kind of just like embodying what it feels like to already have everything that you know you’ve already accomplished.

I asked myself what it was like to already own a seven-figure business, to travel around the world, to make amazing friendships with people that I didn’t even know yet.

This was crazy, because it was at the time when I only had like two friends and the rest were like business entrepreneur colleagues.

And it was that feeling when I was alone in that dark room, in the room that I created with my mind, that I felt this new sense of purpose, this fire in my belly, the goosebumps on my hands. .

It just reminds me what it was like when I was super broke, busted and disgusted, alone, depressed, filled with anxiety, afraid to talk to people, to then finally manifesting in Quantum Jumping to a confident human being that is healthy, happy, has built a seven-figure business and what it was like to actually be happy.


I did this exercise every single day!

And it didn’t matter what business opportunities come my way.

It didn’t matter if I was failing or without succeeding, or people called me stupid or people called me dumb.

It didn’t matter because this reality that I was living wasn’t the reality that I chose.

It was what was given to me and all I knew was as long as I kept on quantum jumping every single day. .

And I visualized that future self and I literally gave him a big hug and him assuring me that everything was gonna be okay and all of the failure, all of the ridicule, all the time that I got made fun of, was all part of the process!

This is what led me when I was uncertain, when I felt lost and scared.

And for everyone out there that is in a similar situation, maybe you’re building a business, maybe you’re serving a client, maybe you don’t know how to scale to the next level, this is the thing that’s going to help change and transform your life.

And it all begins with your mind.

Not out there, not seeking something in the physical but going more in the mental in this own reality.

I know this is a little bit weird, this is different than any other of the YouTube videos and blogs  that I’ve made, but it’s the truth.

It’s what happened to me when I was 18 years old when I made my second quantum leap.

Maybe soon, I’ll teach you guys how I made my third quantum leap.

But let me know what do you guys think about this content.

I still have this new vision of where I’m gonna be 10 years down the road.

The craziest thing when I made that second quantum leap, that 10-year goal happened within three years.

But then, when I made my third quantum leap, my 10-year goal happened within as little as six months!

So make sure to check out the free training below if you want to learn exactly how I was able to scale and if you want some of the free trainings, comment below!

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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