4 Reasons Why I Became a Minimalist

Minimalism is not about having less..

Minimalism is about experiencing MORE..

You see the problem when you start making some extra money is the innate human need to wanting to spend that money.

But here is the problem..

Spending more money DOES NOT necessarily equal having more happiness.

All more money does is give you more freedom.

Its what you do with that new found freedom that will dictate if you’re happy or not.

For me, I tried living the lavish lifestyle. From expensive hotels to fine dining, guess what was the ROI?

A couple of cool pictures on Instagram and that’s it.

What I care more about now is collecting experiences instead of things.

This is what minimalism is all about.

Who else here is with me? Comment below.

Here is a cool video I made on the 4 reasons why I became a minimalist.

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