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March 22, 2018

4 Reasons Why I Moved to Bali Indonesia

Its already been a couple weeks living here in Bali, Indonesia, and all I can say is that I am never leaving this amazing island.

Many people on my YouTube channel have been asking me, “Mike why the hell did you move?”

Well my friend its because of 4 specific reasons:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Love
  4. Happiness

Find out more in detail as we go through a Mike Vestil “MTV Cribs” style video of my new home.

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When I was in Chiang Mai, I felt like I needed to go to the next level. .

Like I said before, I felt I needed to COMMIT to LEVELING UP every single year.

To surround myself with amazing things, amazing people and just create epic content.

I’m only 24 years old and I really believe that we are in an opportunity where anyone with a VOICE and anyone with the DRIVE can create a huge impact and differenceAnd these health, wealth, love, and happiness are the four biggest areas that I realized I needed to outgrow.

During those days I was too busy focusing on my wealth that I failed to keep in balance everything else in my life.

Now what you guys gotta understand is that your environment has an effect on your thoughts and in your life in general.

You may not be fully aware of this but you’re living in a world where little things are gradually poisoning your mind, your motivation and your skill set.

And these little things are the ones that prevent you from taking action.

Now let’s dig deep into the 4 reasons why I moved to Bali…


To be honest with you guys, I’ve been eating like shit for the past couple of months while traveling and going to all these crypto events.

Energywise, the food that you’re eating gets absorbed by your cells and it affects your energy levels and deep down your motivation.

Now when your drive in life is affected, take this: YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS MORE EFFECTIVELY.

That means your health plays a very important role in everything else in your life.

As for me, I’m over here and it’s really hard to NOT EAT HEALTHY.

Like I for the past three days, I’ve been eating vegan.

Don’t get me wrong with this. I love meat, chicken, and I certainly love steak!

But something happened when I stopped eating meat. Seriously, my health was on point! I could even do swimming laps every single day!

Another thing is I have a gym right down the corner.

Everything is five minutes away.

Healthy food is just three minutes away and I’ve been even messing around with yoga and meditation. .


Now I really define wealth as a simple concept, and that is:


Back in Chiang Mai, I was surrounded by so many entrepreneurs.

I’m talking about people that were killing it at sales funnels, in Amazon FBA and Facebook Ads.

These people were just killing it at life guys!

But I knew that for me to get to where I want to go. . I knew I needed to make sure I surround myself with people that thinks at a higher wavelength.

That is why I moved over here in Bali next to my homeboy Aurio Gusto (which I interviewed about dropshipping.)

Now he’s turning to a consultant for multi-million and even multi-billion dollar companies.

Not to mention Max who’s like a super smart lawyer that’s in this crypto related group project.

It’s cool because we can mastermind every single freaking day.

Which is why I’d recommend you to read this book titled, Think and Grow Rich. It talked about this thing called “the mastermind principle.”

What you got to know is that there’s almost like a second mind that gets activated the minute you put a bunch of smartass individuals together in a room.

Because number one, that helps you grow every single one of your businesses. . Two, it allows you to put together your ‘brain juices’ to create something that’s truly amazing.


Well, all I can say about LOVE is…


Everything is so self healing.

There are so many pretty girls over here and the people are so nice.

I’m telling you guys, you can have all the health and all the money in the world but if you’re not filling your life with those passionate relationships that excite you. .

Then what the hell was all that success of having the perfect body or having the most money-generating businesses if you don’t have someone to share it with?

Chiang Mai is cool but everything was so condensed. There wasn’t really much any cool inspirational getaways.

And now I’m over here in Bali and I could go to any given direction and everything is so damn beautiful!

I’m telling you guys, it’ll really inspire you and the person that you’re with to take whatever you have to go to the next level.

That leads me to the fourth thing . .


Now, here’s something that you need to think for yourself…

Make a decision today to put yourself in a position where happiness comes easy and you’re not really fighting for success.

Because of course! Everyone wants to be happy. .

But no one is actually putting themselves in a situation where there’s LESS RESISTANCE TO THAT HAPPINESS.

For example with health. .

They live three hours away from the gym so no wonder they’re unhealthy because they can’t make it there.

Wealth-wise, they surround themselves around really shitty people and they’re wondering why the hell they don’t have the results that they want.

And it’s because everyone else around them is poisoning their mindset rather than surrounding themselves with people that already have the results that they want.

Love-wise, two people could be in a room. I’m talking about a girl and a boy on a date but they’ll never talk because they’re on their phone.

Social media and everything is poisoning our brains and even though it gets us a lot closer together, it brings us a lot further apart.

And that’s really it in happiness guys.

You literally need to decrease or even get rid of the proximity between you and the things that cause you happiness. And that actually goes the same with health, wealth, and love.

Like I said earlier, this is all about commitment to leveling up to all these four areas.

“The Guy That Dropshipped..”

Now, part of all this is that I really wanted to bring you guys in on this journey.

I know most of you already followed my journey back when I started with dropshipping, but then most people just stay at dropshipping.

And for me, you cannot really liveyour life’s purpose as like “the guy that drop shipped..”

I never even wanted to be known as the “Mike Vestil, the Shopify guy.”

Then as you know from Shopify, I went into affiliate marketing and personal branding. That’s great, right? Because I was leveling up as an entrepreneur.

But now we’re talking about level two at entrepreneurship.

So for me to get the results that I want, I definitely need to get uncomfortable. And that’s what I’m putting out in this message.

Anything is possible guys, you just gotta be willing to get uncomfortable.

Remember this, I’m not here to just motivate you. I’m here to give you the tools so that you can be empowered to get the results at the end of the day.

Because one day, I’m not gonna be the reason why you’re successful.

YOU are gonna be the reason why you’re successful!

That’s it. I hope that really helps. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section.

Take it easy guys!

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