Why The Richest People In the World Meditate

Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Ray Dalio, Russell Simmons and Joe Rogan..

What do all of these successful entrepreneurs have in common?

That is. .

They meditate.

In this video, if you’re a business owner, a consultant, or a coach..

You’re gonna find out what you should be meditating and how you could use that to create the creativity, the mindset and abundance to take your business and your life to the next level!

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One of the biggest things that I want to share today is the concept of meditation and how it literally transformed my life.

If you look at all of the top entrepreneurs out there and you’re wondering and asking yourself..

‘So, how do I become successful?’

‘Do I need to learn some sales tactic?’

‘Do I need to learn some marketing skills?’

What you’ll see when you compare all of these successful entrepreneurs, it’s not really because they exceeded in sales..

It’s not even because they exceeded in marketing.

What actually separated the 7 or 8-figure entrepreneurs from the people who are struggling to get to six figures. .

It is because they had imagination and creativity that did not yet exist in their industries.

Now, you gotta ask yourself:

How do I actually cultivate my imagination?

What I found, for me, in my entire entrepreneurial career was by meditation.

It’s no surprise that Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard meditate EVERY SINGLE DAY!

If these successful people who are millionaires and billionaires are meditating, then why aren’t you?

And the moment we start adopting the habits and the traits of the ultra-successful with the people who are actually creating an impact into our own lives. .

Is the moment that we could begin to start quantum leaping to the next level!

I remember when I first started meditating..

It was like freaking weird!


Think about this..

I was in college and I was reading all these books about success and personal development just wanting to know the next tactic, or what’s the next step that I need to do to get to the next level.

But every single time I got into reading and going deeper into my own personal development, instead of me moving faster like what I thought I would need to do..

These entrepreneurs talked about the need to let go, relax and surrender to the imagination process.

If you think about it, it makes sense, right?

Because every single day we pile ourselves with to-do lists of things that wasn’t even our own agenda..

We wake up and we read emails..

We look at text messages, we look at messenger and by the time we wake up, before we can get our in mind to start moving, we already have this agenda that was created for us. .

Schedules and demands that were not meant to actually get us to the next level.

It wasn’t actually the agenda that we created for ourselves.

It’s the agenda that was given to us by everyone else who are telling us what to do!

As you can see,the rest of us are just in reaction.


That’s why in the morning, I don’t look at my phone or check any emails. I don’t look at anything because I know in the morning, my creative mind is when it’s gonna be at its peak.

It’s also the best way to get started with the day.

If you think about it..

Because there’s all these nonsense noise in your brain, your genius ideas that have already been there (because you lived a long life like 10-40 years), you have every single idea that you possibly need to make six, seven or eight figures out there, in your mind.


The problem with it, is it’s too busy being stuck with all ‘I need to go get milk today’ or ‘oh I need to go clean the pool today’ or ‘I need to answer this email today’.

Since you’re drowning your genius mind and your genius brain with all of these nonsense to-do lists, it’s preventing you from actually tapping into the great entrepreneur that is already inside you.

So that is what it is.

This is entirely how I’m able to capitalize on those genius thoughts especially in the morning.

If you see what I’ve done in my life, it’s literally not because of me going out there grinding and hustling but it’s almost like as if I step back and actually saw the entire picture around me so I could get a higher level viewpoint on what to do next.

This is exactly how I meditate..

How I do this is derived from a lot of the top meditation experts and the top entrepreneurs out there.

I literally just pick the ones that I liked because it made sense to me.

I’m telling you guys, you don’t have to necessarily follow this.

But whatever you learn and willing to apply, I would definitely recommend to install them in your mind and in your morning ritual.

So every single morning, I literally sit down with feet crossed like the typical meditation pose.

I just close my eyes and silence my mind.

When people try to have creative ideas, they actually force their mind.

But mind you guys, the mind doesn’t work like that.

It works when it’s relaxed.

And if you think about the moments when you were most inspired, it wasn’t because you were actually thinking..

It’s because you were so relaxed and maybe so much in the present moment that it literally just hit you out of nowhere.

You’ll literally get this crazy sense of inspiration to actually take action!

So every single morning, try to facilitate that to happen more and more.


Now, the first thing that I do the moment my mind is silenced or whenever thoughts start coming in my head that has nothing to do with this practice, I just have to come in.

I understand that it’s there and then I just release it.

Brendon Burchard talks about it all the time, it’s called Transcendental Meditation.

It’s when every single time a thought comes in, you appreciate it and then you just say the word ‘release,’ and then you just forget about it.

Because what happens is, the moment your mind is silent..

All these thoughts are generated that makes you say and think, ‘oh I have to do this and that,’ on the same note you realize just how much of a slave you are to your mind.


What I do to prevent that, is I needed to think of three little things that I’m grateful for.

Understand that you cannot create a positive life with a negative mindset.

And most people are trying to create the most positive lives out there but every single day, they wake up and tell themselves, ‘I hate myself’ or ‘I’m frustrated’ or ‘this would never work out for me’ or ‘it’s because that person is rich’ or ‘because that person is good-looking and in good shape’ and  ‘that could never happen to me’.

It’s all these excuses!

So when you start trying to build businesses with that lower level set point, how can you succeed?

How can you do sales?

How can you do marketing when you’re not even confident in yourself?

So I think of three little things that I’m grateful for.

Just three things.

I’d have inner dialogues like, ‘oh man I’m grateful for my heart and how it beats when I’m not thinking about it’.

‘I’m thankful for my eyes so I could actually see people. I’m thankful for my ears because I’m amazingly grateful that I could hear people’s laughters and I could just also make people laugh.’

When you’re filled with gratitude, that’s when you’re at a higher level state.

You’re more confident and it puts you in a state where it’s already priming you to win!

The moment I think of those three little things that I’m grateful for..

I then think of three people that I’m grateful for.

I’ll think of a person that I met the other day and I’d say to myself, ‘wow, that conversation was amazing, I’m so grateful for that person’

Or then I’ll think about my mom or my dad on how they sacrificed so much and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.

I’ll think about my little sister and how supportive she is and how such an amazing person she is and I’m just so glad to be here in her life.

And then once I think of those three people as crystal clear in my mind, I then imagine frickin’ laser beams shooting towards them, laser beams of gratitude and love!

Now what that does in the morning especially when you wake up, is it gets you out of the ‘me’ mentality and puts you in the ‘we’ mentality.

Because for you to survive in business, understand that it’s not about you.

It’s not about how much money you make.

It’s not how much sales you make.

It’s about this ‘we’.

It’s about, ‘how can I provide solutions to the people around me, to humanity around me, collectively?’

All business is, is about finding a problem that exists in humanity and creating the solution to solve it. That’s really it.

When you get yourself out of your head and into your heart..

And you start serving from that place of ‘we,’ because you’re grateful about the people around you, you realize that every action you do isn’t actually for your own selfish means.

It’s for your family.

It’s for your friends.

It’s for you, growing as a person.

It’s gonna start putting you in that right mindset to actually work on that skill set to then make you the money that you want to actually pay the asset.

The last thing I think about when it comes to the active meditation is this thing called, quantum leaping.

Essentially, what it is, is you view yourself 5-10 years down the road.

The person you are, the qualities that you have (except you pull that into the existence now), and you embody it as if it already happened.

Let me break that down in terms of health, wealth, love and happiness.


  • What is the health that I want?
  • What is the body that I want?
  • How do I feel every single night?
  • What is the energy that is existing in my like body when I’ve accomplished all my goals, when I’ve done everything right?


  • What is the business that I’ve created?
  • What is the impact I left behind?
  • What is the venue I’m making? How is that making me feel?


  • What are the relationships in my life?
  • How much passion is filled with every single person that I meet that I see that I make love with?


  • It’s just the cultivation or the collection of all these health, wealth and love aspects of your life.

Like I said above, I literally envision the person that I need to be when that person has all the health, wealth, love and happiness that I want except I embody it as if it has already happened.

They talked about this in the book by dr. Joe Dispenza, ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’, saying that the neurons that fire together get wired together.

The problem with most people is, they are trying to create a new future, but they’re doing it with their past mind, with their past tools, with their past hardwired, with their past software.

And that’s impossible, right?

That’s like trying to go to a different location like Bali, you booked a plane when the plane is already headed to Canada.

It just doesn’t make sense!

And with that being said, our brains are already programmed to the opposite direction that we want.

What you guys gotta understand is that, our brain works as a GPS.

Our brain works as an antenna..

The moment we consciously put the thought that we want in our brain and where we actually want to end up. .

We already embody it and our neurons start firing.

The same way that Tony Robbins tells us, and that Brendon Burchard does, that Mike Messiah does, that Joe Rogan does, that Richard Branson does..

Where instead of you trying to push yourself into this future reality that you desire, you get the sense of pulling as if it’s gonna happen.

It’s just a matter of time and it’s almost like I like to say, you build your business and the millions of dollars that you want is already there.

It just takes a while to process and to transact how it takes three or five days for the money to go from your savings and checking.

It’s the exact same thing with your goals.

But only until you have that intention through meditation like what the rich and successful do, that is the only way that you can actually start succeeding guys.

That is why one of the the most successful people in the world meditate.

That is why you should meditate, and hopefully you can just take a little bit of this meditational practice into you!


Lastly, what I like doing (and this is where the genius comes from), the moment you prime yourself with the three things that you’re grateful for, the three people that you are grateful for and quantum leaping (pulling in your future into the now)..

What I want you to do for the rest of the 20 minutes is to just be silent and to stay still.

The beauty of transcendental meditation is, once you get to that point and you primed yourself and you’ve filled your body with gratitude and excitement and passion. .

You literally let the mind be silent.

And it’s almost like as if it were little bubbles just popping up as you release all those nonsense thoughts that tries to creep in.

And then out of nowhere, one of those little thought bubbles that pops up is that genius idea that you know you have to do for today, for this week, for this month, for this year.

This could be the new business idea.

It could be something that you haven’t seen in your business because you were so stuck in the business and reaction instead of going in terms of fulfillment and passion.

And that’s gonna be the one idea you need to take your business, your life, and your relationships to the next level!

So with that being said, this is one of the guides on how to meditate.

Let me know if you want more of these!

This is just what I’ve learned after traveling so much in so many places especially in Asia.

I’ll see you guys in my next blog!

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