Why You Should Charge More Than Your Competition Right Now

Think about how many of the coaches and consultants and service providers out there are struggling to make a sale.

Probably you’re one of those who feel burned out while dealing with clients that don’t actually respect your time.

Perhaps, you’re looking at your competitors and wondering why they’re so good at marketing and sales even though you’re a much better coach than them!

If you resonate with that and you’re a coach, what I’m about to tell you is going to allow you to charge more.

But before that, I want to talk about WHY you should charge more!

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Probably you’re one of those consultants or service providers who are stuck in scarcity.

You don’t know how to actually build your business and it just seems like what you initially created for freedom is now taking more from you.

Find out the reason why you should charge more than your competition right now.

That begs the question on WHY YOU SHOULD BEGIN TO CHARGE MORE..

Just think about this..

Our time on this earth is very limited and yet there are certain things in our life that we can do.

One of the things that we’re doing for example is serving our clients.

Now the problem when you don’t charge the prices that command a premium price (that shows YOU as a premium coach consultant or service provider), is you’re actually dealing with shoppers and clients that actually don’t respect your time.


I actually started my coaching business in the internet marketing platform back in 2016.

I had this idea of giving my info product to everybody at the cost of $7. Well, I must say people were killing it!

That course on social media influencing literally blew up so fast!

The only problem was I’m charging so little. I attracted a lot of people that were not serious in their business.

Think about your past services and ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Who are the clients that actually respected my time?
  2. Were they the ones gave advice for free or were they  the ones I charged a little bit higher than usual?

That’s the exact same thing when it comes to charging more for your services.

When you charge more for your services, your prospects and your clients will value it more because there is an actual monetary value in their mind that they could associate the service with.


When I charged $7 for my info product, I did it with the right intent of giving out opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you think about it, more people could learn how to market their businesses. They can even take the marketing concepts and apply it in their own businesses.

I must say there were good amount of success stories!

But the people that I was attracting were not the ideal clients.

And since it was so low on barrier of entry, I was getting thousands of clients in a short amount of time.

The problem with that was not all of them were serious. In fact, a lot of them were procrastinators.

The same business that was initially designed to give you freedom and passion is the exact same business that ends up taking from you.

It goes around like struggling to work on your business and feeling burned out.

But you know you gotta work even harder because you’re seeing your competitors succeeding. What’s even worse is you don’t even know where all those negativities are coming from!

Here’s where it’s literally coming from..


For example, your competitors out there are killing it, but if your competitors are well-known than you are, how can you charge more than them?

That’s one of the biggest limiting beliefs that I’ve heard.

In fact, a lot of my clients are afraid to charge a higher price thinking that their competitors are more famous than them, while on the other hand, nobody even knows who they are.

Here’s the biggest thing that I want you guys to realize…

The moment you start charging more, people will start to take you more seriously!

It’s gonna allow you to hit your income goals faster.

For example, the $7 info product that I was selling before (let’s round it up to $20 to make a million dollars). .

I have to sell 50,000 copies. But then if we move it up and then the client started getting a little serious, I start to charge a thousand dollars.

And then, it would only take a thousand clients to make a million dollars.

Now if you increase it even more to $4000, you only need 250 clients! As you can see, it’s gonna be a lot easier.


I want to inspire you to start charging more because not only will you be able to hit your income goals faster, but you’ll also deal with less clients.

Find out the reasons why you should charge more than your competition.

Those LESS CLIENTS will actually be more motivated and more hungry to actually take action.

Think about everything that has happened in your life. How many times in your life were you actually motivated to do something?

Most of the times, it’s because you personally invested your time, your money and your resources.

That’s literally the ultimate reason why you should charge more in your consulting business. Because for your clients to actually trust and respect you, they have to first treat themselves seriously by investing with their pocket.

Now, if you’re having a hard time hitting your income goals, the reason is because you’re either dealing with way too many clients and they don’t respect your time.

Or, you’re charging too little that you’re attracting clients that are procrastinators who aren’t going to take action at all!


To actually change that, START CHARGING A PREMIUM PRICE.


Because when their skin is in the game, they’re motivated to take action.

Understand that the people who are willing to spend more than $1,000 for your product or service, are the ones who are going to be the ideal clients.

Not only that, but it’s also gonna be an easier case study and a testimonial for you!

Back in the day, the entire time I felt like I wasn’t ready to start charging more but that is because I didn’t work on myself, I didn’t work on my skills in marketing and sales.

I didn’t work on my messaging in actually serving the clients’ needs, pain points and in helping them take themselves from their nightmare to their fantasy.

If you need help and if you are struggling to actually get your messaging or your branding . .

If you don’t understand how to communicate your value and your single offer to your clients that will pay you more than a thousand dollars


Hopefully that helps!

I’ll see you guys on my next blog.
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