3 Sales Funnels That Has Made Me More Than $1 Million

As you can see, I barely made any YouTube videos in the past couple of weeks.

Because of that, I’m going to celebrate by giving you guys my top sales funnels that has generated me over a million dollars!

After this video, you’re gonna get access to THREE SALES FUNNELS that has generated me over a million dollars!

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You were probably wondering where the hell I’ve been.

I haven’t been making YouTube videos at all, even Instagram stories!

You probably even thought I vanished from the face of the world. Well, there’s actually a good explanation for that.

Find out how Mike Vestil discloses the three sales funnels that made him more than $1 Million.

One of the things that we’ve been doing in our business is we’ve been just SYSTEMATIZING.

Because one of the biggest pain points that I had in the beginning was that, the business would only operate if I am working on it.

What happens is, every single time I leave, my business would go down. .

And that’s not how you want to build a business!

If you ever build the one, you need to understand that you have to begin with the end in mind.

You have to really create the systems, the processes, and the teams around it so you can either decide if you would want to sell it or if you want to take a break from it for like a month or so.

Imagine coming back to your business and the revenue is up instead of down!


We use it to create FREEDOM.

And that’s why I haven’t been making any videos.

Now, to celebrate this come-back, I’m surely gonna do a bunch of blogs and videos now!

This entire channel is gonna be the no-bullsh*t channel for sales and marketing advice from a seven-figure entrepreneur.

In today’s topic, I’m gonna break down the three funnels that have made me over a million dollars and I’m gonna give it to you for FREE!

Here are the THREE FUNNELS that I’m gonna talk about:

  1. E-commerce Funnel
  2. Tripwire Funnel
  3. Webinar Funnel (perfect for coaches, consultants and service providers)

Funnel #1 E-com Funnel

Back in 2013, I started on eBay and Amazon.

And then on 2015, I got into e-commerce and Facebook Ads.

This funnel right here is super amazing because it’s what initially blew up my business and actually placed me on the map.

It’s a simple funnel that sells any physical products.

Back in the day, I was selling grill mats and I literally had this thing right here where people could like opt-in so I could get their email address:

And with whatever physical product that you may have, you could just plug and play with this literally.

If you go in and just download it, you get it all for free!

You would just open that up in your clickfunnels account and then just literally change the pictures. You could literally just plug and play.

What I like about this is, once they actually buy, there are two things that actually happen and there are two upsells that I take them through.

  • The first one is just selling them more of what they already purchased. I remember when one person bought a grill mat, on the upsell they ended up buying more grill mats!
  • The second thing is a second upsell. Literally with one click, if you set it up in your account, it will automatically charge your customers the moment they just press a button.

Or if they press no, you can send them to a down sell but then after that, I would sell them to a higher level ticket thing.

And this is the thing about PAID ADVERTISING..

If you’re doing e-commerce, a service provider, in consulting, if you’re a coach, or if you’re just using anything with paid advertising. .

The person that spends the most to acquire the customer, wins.

The problem with most people is, they complain saying they cannot afford advertising.

Well for a lot of businesses, if you can’t afford to spend on advertising, you’ll literally go out of business because you don’t have the attention.

Take note of this..

Any time that you could literally increase the average order value for your customers, remember that they’re coming in at (for example) $20 and then they buy another one for $15, (that’s $35)..

And then they buy this, which is an extra $90.

Now with that being said, I am able to properly spend more on advertising to acquire more customer because you now have something further along in the funnel.

The thing about most people is they only sell one thing.

That’s why they are really having a hard time, especially when ad costs are going up, to really just stay alive in this business!

That’s the first model and that’s kind of exactly how you use it.

What I would do is switch these out with your products and connect that to your payment processor. (We use stride, it’s pretty amazing!)

Funnel #2 Tripwire Funnel

This is perfect for getting people who have no idea who you are, into your business for a very low ticket offer.

It’s very similar to the e-commerce funnel that you just saw, except it is for digital products.

So now, below is the sales page, the checkout page, the upsell and downsell page.

It’s literally the exact same funnel as the physical products, except here you direct them to your membership sites.

So if you teach people how to get six-packs, it’s literally through a funnel.

Take a look at this:

You can put a sales video right there and you could either charge a very cheap offer or you could do $7-$97 a month free trials.

You can literally just imitate this entire freaking thing and then of course!

There’s an upsell and then there’s a downsell and then there’s an upsell.

Now the thing about these upsells and downsells are, it puts people through YES ladders.

Think about this..

When people first go through  this funnel, (which you’ve just acquired for free because I haven’t been making videos and I feel guilty, so I’m like.. Okay, here’s a gift for all you guys!)

What happens in the brain is, the customer goes through YES ladders where now, since you’ve got the initial yes, they are more likely and there’s a higher probability for them to continually say yes.

Notice if you ever go into a market and you buy something.

They sell you such a little thing and the moment you get and buy that, there’s like this adrenaline sign that you just want to buy more.

You go into this “buying frenzy.”

Now we want to take advantage of that and capitalize on that human psychology to just sell more stuff to them!

So there are multiple different upsells, where from there, what I would recommend is you literally just have two offers for your upsells.

Your first offer is more advanced from the current thing that you’re originally selling and the downsell would be giving it to them for like 50% off if they didn’t actually buy the first time.

That way you can still acquire more of the sale while you’re running paid advertising.

And know that it’s fine because now you’re able to recoup the cost for the advertising.

The goal with any business if you’re starting online, if you’re selling physical products, if you’re a coach, a consultant, service provider, it doesn’t matter.

What I said earlier is the person that spends the most to acquire the customer, wins.

That is why when we have the value ladder scale, people who have no idea who you are, they’re gonna come in.

And let’s be honest, most people especially entrepreneurs, they don’t want to spend money..

They want to find creative ways to do their business.

So when they find an irresistible offer, they’re gonna come in at something that has a high perceived value at a low price. Mostly like zero dollars, a free web class, VSL (video sales letters), or something that they could get some value from.

The moment you capture their attention, that’s when you can start transcending them up to your higher ticket price.

And that’s kind of like how we have it setup here:

Literally, they start off for a free trial or $7 per month. Then I sell them on a $97 offer.

Now if they don’t buy, then I downsell them on a $47 offer.

And then I give them another one like an Instagram mastery for the upsell tool.

Then in the order confirmation, you’re able to put in your membership portal details in there.

Funnel #3 Webinar Funnel

This third funnel is one of my most favorite funnels.

It’s perfect for coaches, consultants, service providers, thought leaders, bloggers, or affiliate marketers. Well, it doesn’t really matter.

If you have an idea that you want to sell, it can be sold through a webinar.

Ideally, what it is is, it’s something that you have to plug into something like GoToWebinar or if you applied and went to the automated webinar.

Basically, what you have is a free training where it’s about how to insert niche pleasure without niche pain.

Tony Robbins talks about this all the time..

“The only thing that motivates human beings is to go away from pain and towards pleasure.”

So why don’t you just turn that into one of your hooks or your baits to get people in there!

What happens afterwards is you literally just plug-in the Thank You Page and then you have to connect this with your various different webinar platforms.

(we have more in-depth training below)

Basically we just say “Congratulations, Your seat is saved” and this is the Thank You Page for when we did like a launch with one of my close brothers.

We did a launch together last year that generated a lot of revenue literally from this simple two-step funnel and then we put a bonus subscription for the youtube channel.

That’s really it guys! Hopefully this helps!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for just supporting me through the entire journey. This is gonna be the new set up on giving you guys a no-bullshit sales and marketing entrepreneurship advice.

I really want to just serve you guys!

So other than the fact that you could go down there and download the FREE 3 funnels that have made me over a million dollars below, what other pain points do you guys have?

Can you comment below?

Guys, don’t do one of those simple two-worded answers!

The more in-depth you teach me or you help me with your pain point, the more I can better serve you when I make these blogs and videos.

So comment below in the most descriptive detail:

What is your current pain point?

Note this, you could tell the quality of a man or woman’s life by the quality of questions that he or she is willing to ask.

Tony Robbins said..

“If you want to change the call of your life, you have to change the quality questions that you ask, not just to yourself but to the people that you want to learn from.”

That being said, get this THREE FREE FUNNELS that made me over a million dollars!

I’ll see you guys on the next blog!

I love you guys.

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