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Crypto Portfolio Update: How I Make Money When The Market Is Down

The market is down. I get it. Boo hoo.

Now there are two things you can do about it:

  1. Blame the market
  2. Take advantage of the market

The difference between smart investors and dumb investors is that smart investors take advantage of a down market by buying from the pessimists and sell to the optimists.

This is how real wealth is made.

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Today, we’re gonna go over my exact crypto portfolio setup from the percentage breakdown.

I’m also going to discuss how am I making money even when the market is down.

So before I begin, I just want to say the following:

  1. I’m not a financial advisor.
  2. This is not a financial advice.
  3. Investing in cryptocurrency is RISKY.
  4. Only invest what you are willing to lose!

Now that we have that set, let’s go over my exact portfolio set up. .

So like I said in my earlier blog posts, when you’re in the crypto space you never really want to share your numbers. The moment people start knowing them, it’s gonna get very scary because of privacy issues.

Just take for example those huge youtubers who got their bitcoins stolen.

So when I share about this, it’s not gonna be like my Shopify blog contents where I share the numbers. But here, I’m gonna come to you guys at a more relatable level like showing you the percentages.

What you need to understand first is that you shouldn’t compare what you’re investing on what I’m investing. . Or even what other people are investing.

Because at the end of the day, your goal is to start making gains while we are in a very bull-ish market.

So now, if you have a hundred or a hundred thousand, it doesn’t matter because the way I’m investing from the money that I’ve made from my businesses that I’m willing to lose. . Is I diversify it in a way that anyone with $100 or with a $500K can do.

My long-term strategy with cryptocurrency is not swing trading.

So understand that if you’re in swing trading and you’re day trading, I would RECOMMEND you to stop. It’s for the fact that all you’re gonna see now is just red and green arrows. Potentially gonna make you go crazy guys!

The goal with crypto is to create a possibility of wealth that has never been seen in our entire lifetime by investing in the RIGHT TIME, in the RIGHT PLACE, with the RIGHT COMPANIES, and with the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Currently this is exactly how I have it set up..

As you can see in the video, most of the top 15 coins that I found has the MOST AMOUNT of GROWTH POTENTIAL.

Just take note though, that I’m not chilling these coins. This is literally what I’m putting in however, I wouldn’t recommend putting your money in the same coins as I do.

The reasons why I’m putting in these coins as shown in the video are:

  1. I believe in the PROJECT.
  2. The FOUNDERS are credible.
  3. I can see short-term gains where I can flip those gains to more companies that I find reliable.

As you can see, I always keep around 20% in bitcoin.

Bitcoin is like the face of cryptocurrency. It’s what breaks the virginity of every person that gets in crypto right before they hear about all of these coins.

The reason why I always keep that is because this is also a STORAGE OF WEALTH. Some youtubers would call it a “super savings account.”

Now you’re probably wondering why 44% of my portfolio is in Etherium.

Well, if you’ve been watching some of my videos and you’ve seen some of the mentors that I got acquainted with. .

It’s really cool because of the fact that I’ve personally met and even talk to them. And now they’re introducing me to things like ICXs, pre-sales, private pools and opportunities that I never knew were possible.

Which is why I would recommend that you MAKE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. When you make your own channel, you can network with other people in the crypto space. .

And even get an access to their deals that no one else talks about.

The Etherium you see on the sheet that I showed on  my video, some of it are liquid.

That means I could trade it on Binance and get other altcoins that you can see there.

Like I said, I’m not here to show these coins or to promote them just so it pumps its own value.

I’m gonna be straight-up honest and I’m not gonna share those until later on or maybe even never. I do say these so you guys will see that I’m just transparent about my own journey.


So as you can see on the pie chart on my video, a good portion is just in Etherium itself. Because looking at the trends, it’s just going up consistently and still very bull-ish even though it’s still consolidating around the $1,300 mark.

I was scared because when I put it in, it’s going up. I can’t put it in when it’s at an all-time high.

But I took a risk and I took a gamble which like I said, you never want to do that. You never want to buy at all-time highs.

But I did a full mode because of the fear of missing out. Luckily, I still got it when it was at the lowest of lows.

Here’s the thing guys. .

My goal with this is to have a LONG-TERM HOLD.

I don’t want to move things around too much even though I have Etherium and bitcoin to invest in.

I’m not necessarily gonna always move bitcoin or change my positions from NEO, from KNC, or from ICX to other places. I believe in these projects.


What I actually did was to put a decent portion into my portfolio and diversify in all of these.

I took portions of my ETH and I also put it in two projects, to the private pool and pre-sale. . Hopefully I’m gonna get a big return on that investment.

Usually, you’re supposed to dollar-cost average. But then the market was very bullish, so I wanted to capture all of that value that was just coming in.

Luckily, I bought when everything was on a dip a couple days back. So that’s what I did, I put everything in there and I diversified.

So when the market is down, my long-term strategy is not to take more money from my BTC & ICX and put it in coins because like I said. . I want to hold on to my positions.

We are not in this day trade.

We’re not in this swing trade.

We’re in this to secure position at a low value and then sell to the optimist when we’re more in a bullish market.

So that’s the biggest goal guys.

You never want to sell, you never want to switch the positions and move around because you’re just gonna go crazy.

On Dollar-Cost Average. .

For those who don’t know, dollar-cost averaging is one of the best ways. It’s basically you putting a certain amount of money every single month or every single specific time period into the market.

So even if it’s high, say you accidentally buy on the highest, maybe the next time you will hit a low.

And as you buy on that specific time frequency, overall when you buy from the highs or when you buy from the lows… It averages out and you actually beat the people that are swing trading and literally trading based off of emotion.

When I first started, I had this big lump sum of cash that I just had sitting around. I decided to go and test it in the crypto space. .

I put it into the current portfolio, but then of course I also want to dollar-cost average.

So this was my weird strategy of how I did it.

Earlier on when I first started, all I really knew was bitcoin mining. All I did was to put in $3K as my initial investment. . .

And every single day after that, it pays me around $30 worth of bitcoin. This is pegged to bitcoin, so as bitcoin goes up, this should go up. As bitcoin goes down, it should go down.

But like I said, I’m very bullish on bitcoin. So it should always increase even if like the difficulty of mining the bitcoin increases as well.

But what I usually do in the given scenario when everything is green and I don’t want to put more money. . I would take the bitcoin that I have from the ones that I’m mining and also from the referrals that I do. .

Most of the time, I would usually go to SHA-256 and I would actually just reinvest it. Remember, I only put in $3,000 initially.

I reinvest the balance back into hashflare, let’s say to a total equivalent of $1,500.


The thing that you gotta understand is you need to start asking yourself if this bitcoin will make you more money when it’s sitting there or will it make you more money if you actually capture some value. . .

Given the fact that the market right now are down and a lot of people are more pessimistic from the news about the ban. .

You gotta ask yourself where is the opportunity cost. Realize if this bitcoin will make you more money if you reinvest there or in the markets.

Normally, when the markets are green and everything is up, that’s when I WOULDN’T PUT THIS BITCOIN IN THERE.

Because in all honesty, you don’t know if it’s gonna come back down once again.

Me personally, I only buy when it’s low. I don’t buy at the highest of high. So at that time, I would think that the opportunity cost for me is to reinvest it back in the hashflare.

I really think that we’re gonna come up in a run especially with the people that are falling from a cliff-high.

These are one of the top people in crypto where some of them would say bitcoin’s gonna be at 40,000 by the summer. (Which makes me feel like I need to capture those games).

So what I’m going to do right there is take this money out and withdraw even though I usually reinvest it back in hashflare.

Then I’m going to put it back in the market.

For example with hashflare, I may 3x my money minus the initial principal. (because I’m paying for their space in the computers that literally mine the bitcoin for me. .)

So I’ll probably get maybe 2X of my initial investment.

But on the other hand, I’m really bullish in the fact that I could capture 3, 4, or 10X my gains rather than put it in hashflare.

So what I would do and take this opportunity with, is I would actually look at the cryptocurrencies that I’m currently investing in. . WIth that in position, I would work in this 1,500 make the most amount of money for me since I’m not gonna put it back in hashflare for that specific period.

Normally, I would reinvest it back into hashflare and just go through it and just proceed & then buy.

(Like I said, I’m not a financial advisor. This is just my opinion guys, so hopefully this startegy helps!)

This is just an update on my portfolio and how I’m never gonna lose money because I’ve only invested $3000 into hashflare.

On top of that, I either reinvest the dividends that I make from the revenue forecast… Or I’ll take that out and I’ll put it into the another space.

And then you all know guys, I’m always in the market!

That’s because when I just keep my cash that’s sitting around in cash, IT’S DEPRECIATING IN VALUE.

But here in this platform that we are discussing, if the market’s too high, I’m winning because I’m mining bitcoin.

But if the market cap drops, then I could take the money from hashflare. From there, I could dollar-cost average into the markets and make more money even when the market is down.

So if you like this, make sure you check out my other recent blogs and videos where I interviewed the top crypto people in this space so that you can get to learn from the people who are actually killing it.

Take note, they are 200xing their income and are making 4.1 million in less than 12 months.

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