3 Little Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever

how to change your life

I see myself as a gambler. A risk taker. And a trouble maker.

I am willing to risk it for the biscuit and go all in.

For those that have been following my entrepreneurship journey, you know just how crazy I can get when it comes to changing my life and the lives of my loved ones for the better.

But here is the thing.

You don’t have to be as crazy as me.

All you need is to master these 3 little habits in order to change your life forever.

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Find out the 3 habits that will change your life forever.

Back when my dad and I visited the Philippines, I would usually hear stories of him that when he was younger. .

His friends would tell me how he used to sell rabbits on the streets when he was 12 years old. And he did that just to help the family earn an extra income.

Then when he was 18, he already owned his own photography business, his own construction business, and even imported/exported sponges!

They said that when he was in his early 20’s (before the Internet even existed), he found a way to contact somebody in Florida to be their manufacturer of puka shell necklaces.

Though stories like that amazes me, growing up doesn’t always match with that amazing and  inspirational character in my life when I was growing up.

And that’s because when he went from the Philippines to America, he was sold on to that idea that the only way to become “successful” in life is to go to school, get good grades, go to college and get a high-paying job.

So when you do that, and one day when you’re 65, then you could retire.

When he made the transition to America and flew there with my mom, he lost sight of this entrepreneurial dreams. He began focusing on this “American dream.”

I’m telling you this my fellow freedom fighters, it was at that moment when he made the switch from entrepreneurship to the American dream that he started committing spiritual suicide.

Slowly but surely, his dreams and his goals started dying inside of him to the point where when I was growing up. .

I didn’t really know my dad anymore because of the fact that this dream was so strong that he worked so hard to wake up at midnight. He would go to work in Chicago at around 3 AM until 3 PM. Then he would come home and then he would go to sleep.

The same thing happened with my mom who works at night shift.

They never saw each other..

I never saw them.

It wasn’t until THEY STARTED DOING THESE THREE THINGS to change their life forever.

And alternately changed the lives of the love ones around them as well.

They made the decision that enough was enough. We are no longer committing this spiritual suicide…

And we’re going to take action TODAY to start living life, and to start being playful and grateful.

So hopefully you guys can start implementing these three things in your life.


The first habit that my dad started implementing is he started changing his focus.

Now let me tell you this one thing, if you want to change your focus, you need to start asking yourself  the right questions.

Remember this:

Lousy questions that you ask yourself will give you lousy answers.

If you wake up every single day and ask why your life suck, your brain is going to tell you exactly why your life sucks. .

If you wake up and wonder why you don’t have what you want, your brain will tell you you’re not confident enough to have the results, that you don’t have the money or you don’t have the experience.

The thing about most people is we keep on asking ourselves lousy questions.

For the entire time that I was growing up, my dad would usually ask himself the wrong questions.

But every single time he would do that, subconsciously, he would get himself an answer that triggers an emotional state of negativity.

That negativity was so concrete to the point where I remember, he would just blame and yell at me or my little sister. .

And it’s not because of him being angry at us, but it was me being his only outlet where he could get this internal strife and conflict out.


Earlier on, especially when he got to the point where he is right now, he started asking himself the right questions and how he did that is by changing the way he was focusing on.

I remember when he first asked me to download a jazz music on his MP3 player so he could listen to it during bed time.

I took that opportunity right away so that I could gradually brainwash my dad. And by this I mean I downloaded his choice of music along with tracks of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy.

I was hoping and expecting that somewhere along the way, while listening to his jazz music, he would switch and start listening to those personal development audio tracks.

And it eventually worked!

Slowly and surely, his focus started switching from “Why can’t I do this or Why can’t I have this?” to “Nothing can stop me.”

You gotta understand that there are certain questions in your life that you are asking yourself that are keeping you from becoming who you want to be.

And the only thing that’s stopping you is finding those questions, being aware of them and telling yourself that you are not these questions.


My dad started developing different habits that would spark momentum.

Think about this, the only reason for you to feel this motivation to change your life is to progress.

But how do you actually get progress?

You need to do those little actions.

If you read the “Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, it’s not the big decisions in your life that will give you the big results.

It’s THE LITTLE THINGS YOU DO ON A DAILY BASIS that add up to end up to the BIG RESULTS.

For example, is the penny that doubles every single day.

After the first week, it’s not even a dollar yet, but after 30 days if you compound that penny over and over again. .

It will turn into $5.36 million and that’s just with the power of a penny.

That just goes to show that there are a lot of power in the small actions that we do today.

Right now, find out what are the small habits that could help you grow your mind, your body and grow your spirituality.

Not just that but as I’ve mentioned earlier, this is the perfect way to start leveling up your motivation. . And the feeling of abundance in giving back to the world.

Start doing those today!


So here my dad started becoming more present in the moment.

First and foremost, you guys got to understand that depression is caused by two things:

  1. Being too busy living in the past;
  2. Being too busy living in the future

The only way to feel true happiness and to change your life is to be present in the moment.

You don’t know this, but right now you’re currently surrounded by so many blessings!

And the best way to tell this is a story that I heard once upon a time.

“Two Drops Of Oil..”

So there was this great king where every single day, people from all around the world would go to him. They would ask him questions on how to experience life.

One day, one peasant came in and he asked for advice on how can he become happier in life.

And the king was very wise, he told the peasant to take a spoon and pour two drops of oil on it. He then instructed him to walk around the castle for the next hour and make sure that the oil on the spoon won’t spill the entire time.

So the peasant did as told, he came back in after an hour after successfully completing the task.

However, this peasant complained to the king and asked him why isn’t he happy and successful yet.

And the king frankly told the peasant that it was because he was too busy focusing on the oil preventing it from dropping that he failed to see the happenings inside his castle. .

A house filled with the world’s greatest treasures and great lessons to be learned.

Now guys, this is what you got to do with life…

You need to focus on the oil that’s on the spoon as opposed to everything else around you.

What does the oil on the spoon represents?

Those are your goals, dreams and ambitions.

And while you are on your path to accomplishing that, you also need to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Those are the things that you know you should be grateful for.

The problem with most people is they’re too busy focusing on the oil on their metaphorical spoon to be too busy to see that they’re already in a world filled with amazing blessings around them.

That’s exactly what my dad did. .

He was so much on this path to just focus on retirement and live off of his pension and what not.

But because of that, he wasted 10 to 40 years of his life on this rat wheel that was not really giving him any emotional benefits.

I’m telling you guys, it’s the same thing with everyone else no matter what you’re focusing on.

It can be your job or your business.

Understand that it’s the oil on the spoon. And if you focus too much on that, you will fail to see the treasures that already exists around you.

So hopefully that helps guys! Make sure to leave a comment below.

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