Find out how you can actually think like a CEO

How To Think Like A CEO

So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Well, all I gotta say is that an entrepreneur is basically like a coked-out drug addict where you are addicted to opportunity over opportunity.

In today’s video my fellow freedom fighters, we’re going to talk about the difference between an entrepreneur and a CEO.

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I really want to tell you guys a story of where I am in my life right now and why this topic, CEO and Entrepreneur . .

Aren’t they the same thing, or are they different? Yes and No.

Find out from Mike Vestil how to think like a CEO.

Here’s why. .

The Entrepreneur is someone that’s addicted to opportunity, someone that sees something. He likes building it up and he’s terrible at managing stuff!

That’s why for example, a lot of entrepreneurs will go from project to project and bounce back and forth from one idea to another.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this concept called, the Serial Entrepreneur.

They’re focusing on a lot of things and a lot of projects and businesses and it’s super exciting.

I’ve never done hard drugs before but it’s like why drug addicts really want to get that new highs. Because every single time I create a new project or have a new idea and go into a new venture . .

I get that FEELING OF BEING HIGH. (mind you guys, it’s literally addicting!)

That’s what entrepreneurs are and it’s needed for every single business.

Then you have the CEO.

This is what this blog is gonna be more prone to because where I am in my life now is very much entrepreneurial. Everything that I breathe is entrepreneurship and I will always be an entrepreneur.

But for the first time in my life, I’m realizing that I need to have some LEVEL OF MATURITY especially when it comes to EXECUTION OF A LARGER VISION that’s much bigger than the old Mike Vestil brand.


As you guys know, every single one of my entrepreneurial adventures ever since the end of 2016, you know it, I’m always bringing you guys in.

And it’s super exciting because where we are right now is the first step to the rest of my life!

Find out how to think like a CEO.

I was always curious and also bouncing back from different business ideas but I knew I needed to plant my flag into one.

I started asking myself what’s the one idea that I could literally do until my last breath.

I know that whatever that is, it’s going to be my mission on this earth to accomplish.

I’ve made so much money in every different entrepreneurial venture out there but then I realized that money aside, what could possibly give me the utmost fulfillment, purpose, and passion to go over every single day in my life with pure intensity and focus.

I want to do it with a community that I love to hang around with.

This stemmed the idea of the 100k tribe movement that I’m transitioning everything to.

If you look at my blog and if you look at my YouTube channel even in terms of branding, you can see that the Mike Vestil brand is slowly evolving into something bigger.


What ultimately fuels me when it comes to going through my entrepreneurial journey no matter how challenging it was is the WHY that I defined in the first place.

And the reason why we want to make money in the first place is to give ourselves the time, the freedom and the resources to actually INVEST in the IDEAS that we want.

This right here is something that’s gonna be the passion project that I’ll probably do until the day that I die.

I was talking to all my friends and all my business partners and all the leaders that we’re bringing in on this team, and I can’t think of one better thing to do other than what I’m telling you guys right now: the 100k Tribe.


The general idea of this thing called entrepreneurship is amazing, but a lot of people go out there on their own.

One of the biggest things that really gets us going is when we are surrounded by a community of people that get us to the next level.

I know for a fact when I first started entrepreneurship back in college, it was hard. Like if I have this vision that I wanted to do for the next compelling version of myself, I’m pretty sure that everyone else around me will make fun of me.

Most of you already know that my friends and my parents didn’t believe in me (though now they’re part of my 100K Tribe mastermind team).

Everything back then was pulling me down.

Which is why I wanted to create an environment where coaches, consultants, high-impact entrepreneurs and visionaries with a message and a solution to people’s problems, can basically congregate so that instead of people pulling us down (especially in the infancy stages of our goals), you have this community that just brings everyone up!

This is why it’s termed as the 100k tribe.

My vision is to bring together 100,000 tribe leaders, visionaries, coaches and consultants in this community where we teach you the skills to bring your message, your purpose and your brand to the world and to share it with others.

Not only are we gonna give you guys the marketing, the sales, the mindset and the business strategy, but we’re also going to create a community of tribe members globally where we could congregate multiple times a year in epic celebrations!

How sick is that?!

The coolest thing I realized is I needed to tackle this from an entrepreneurial standpoint, but then I needed to start thinking like a CEO.


Back in the day, it was just me and then a bunch of dedicated Filipino teammates who are amazing because I got to work with some awesome people.

But I knew that to get this vision to the next level, I needed to start telling this vision to as many people as possible that are willing to get in on this community, to this tribe of global changemakers.

So I started telling people about this and I started going back to all my old business partners.

I even told my sister and my dad about this.

The craziest thing is, everyone started buying this idea of bringing all of our skills and our passions together so that we could solve the world’s problems.

It’s exciting to see how their faces lit up the moment I told them we’re gonna put all these people in a room where we will do conventions and meetups in exotic locations.

I started seeing people from that industry where even my little sister who’s supposed to be a nurse turns out she’s also into marketing and is really good at sales.

Right now, she’s gonna be a part of the sales team as well. We’re bringing her in to this and I told my dad about this as well.

Well, you guessed it right. My dad voted in and is getting ready for 2019 to release his position to go all in on this idea to handle the operations.

The entrepreneurship side is awesome. It’s fun because you’re going to have a bunch of entrepreneur friends.

But in this kind of platform that we’re building, we’re all on our different missions. Even though the overall mission of everyone else is the exact same thing, the problem is there’s no unifying force that brings everyone together.

We will be conducting a quarterly to annual conventions where people would come together to share their gifts and their stories.

So with that in mind, I realized I needed to become something different from ‘Entrepreneur Mike’ to ‘CEO Mike.’

After studying so many amazing CEOs out there from companies like Amazon and Google

It really stemmed from 3 THINGS that I found different than what I was taught when I first got into entrepreneurship.

The lessons I learned as an entrepreneur is much different than what I learned when it comes to actually being a CEO which now I’m basically a part of in this 100k tribe movement.

Currently, we’re still recruiting people into this vision. That includes video editors, photographers, life coaches, sales coaches, mindset coaches, spirituality coaches, masculinity coaches and a lot more. We’re putting them into the team where we can all work together.

Now, here are the 3 things you could do to literally think like a CEO:


One of my biggest goals now is how I allocate our financial resources and our human resources.

I need to consider the fact that what I have now is far different from the 4-hour workweek. This is now an actual company that needs the resources for finances and human capital.

For example in the sales team, I realized that there was no one in sales. It was just me, YouTube, and a group of awesome Filipinos.

I knew I needed to recruit people for that. So I basically need to think about recruiting people and LEADERS WHOM I RESPECT.

One of the lessons that I learned from Jeff Bezos is,

“You need to hire people that you can look up to so that the standards of your company and the culture goes to the next level when everyone is the alpha in their own roles.”

So I found this guy, Harrison, an amazing sales guy. He worked with some of the top closing-ins industry that also worked with Russell Brunson.

I came up to him and proposed the vision. I invited him to the team and now, he’s leading the sales team and he’s also handling all of the people including my sister.

The goal with this is that we’re gonna be the incubator for all future brands for entrepreneurship that are coming in through this program.

Then we realized that we needed a bunch more other human resources into this business. So I recruited more people from past events, from direct sales companies and the past business ventures that I’ve been.

In terms of finances, I realized that we need to start allocating it into certain budgets. Now we have a budget for YouTube ads, for Facebook ads, for hiring new people and even bringing some of them for travel incentives.

And as a CEO it makes more crystal-clear sense that I need to bring more organizational skills to this business.


Before, it was just Mike Vestil and a team from the Philippines.

What’s very hard about that is it’s hard to scale. It’s hard building a business when you don’t have a team of entrepreneurial minded people.

People need to be able to solve decisions by themselves without you guiding them.

Find out from Mike Vestil how to think like a CEO.

The problem with some businesses is, they’re the figure head and they’re also the bottleneck. Because they could only grow as fast as what the leader is willing to build.

For me, it was hard to build the business that I built in the past because I was the bottleneck.

I was the moving force but I was also the biggest inhibitor. And what I realized is I need to get out of my own butt and to start hiring people that are entrepreneurs.

I started hiring people that are even better than me in certain aspects.

For example, we just hired some guy to work on Facebook and YouTube ads. Literally with all of the ads he puts from all of his clients, he spends around $40,000 a day.


At most, I spent maybe 3 to 5 grands a day on Facebook ads. But now bringing someone in that spent like almost 10x, imagine what kind of value is this going to bring!

Now in terms of the decentralizing, it’s really awesome as an entrepreneur to work with other entrepreneurs and GIVE THEM AUTHORITY over the projects that they have.

This turns into an entrepreneurial amoeba where we’re just gonna start taking over industries because it’s not just me anymore.

It’s a group of people that are going on a mission to serve clients and actually give them the best training ever!

This 100,000 people that we’re trying to bring together will be experts in their own right. And we’re just gonna use this platform to bring them into you guys.

The decentralized way to building business is what will make this happen better. It’s why I’M ONLY PARTNERING WITH LEADERS.

You’ll be seeing Harrison, my sister Angela, Kenny, and even one of my close friends, Zack from back the day when I used to do direct sales when I was 18.


We’re gonna start building each one of their brands and start getting them out.

For example, my sister and Zack are really good at events so when we start doing events, I’m not gonna be the one that sets an event because I would do a horrible event!

But they’re amazing at events and they love what they do. That’s their zone of genius.

You want to focus on your zone of genius like them, and they’re gonna put some epic stuff where we’re gonna put a hundred of you guys at a time in an exotic location.

We’re gonna get like cirque du soleil dancers and some freakin fire dancers! Be crazy in Thailand, Bali, Greece, Italy or Costa Rica and it’s just freakin amazing and insane!


This is no longer the 4-hour work week Mike. This is Dragon Slayer Mike where I have this vision of bringing this community together.

Bali will be my home base but I’m gonna be going and bouncing back from different masterminds, different events, going to do conferences, finding and seeking, recruiting more talents to join us in 100k tribe.

Just to let everyone know, what I’ve done in the past are dead.

This literally is the only thing that I’m focusing on and that’s why I’m super excited. This is the difference between a CEO and an entrepreneur.

But it’s cool because you focus on what it is that you love doing.

And for me, Facebook ads was cool but I didn’t like facebook ads. Sales was cool, but I don’t really like sales.


I like creating epic ideas and then building and getting the best people to work together.

If you study Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos and the rest of the billionaires, that’s all they do.

Jack Ma doesn’t know computing. He doesn’t know how to create a website. He doesn’t even know any management skills.

But all he did was to create a team that needed to work together.

The beautiful thing when you get your own ego out of the way is YOU’RE LETTING EVERYONE ELSE’S GENIUSES COME TOGETHER.

This is how we’re able to get all these ideas.

This 100K tribe thing is not just my idea. My sister brought in a bunch of amazing ideas; Zack was running a bunch of amazing ideas in terms of the events; Harrison, in terms of sales made a bunch of different offers that blew my mind that I didn’t know we could even do; and Kenny brought in a bunch of new ideas in terms of how to get the community together.

It’s just really cool because it’s like this baby is not just my baby.

It’s all of our babies and it’s your guys’ baby.

At the end of the day, the reason why we do this is to get that bigger sense of community.

And this is a crazy thing, what happens when you put 100,000 people in close proximity where you have the world’s problems out there and entrepreneurship is the reason why we solve them?

Not only will you see a lot of new 6 to 8-figure entrepreneurs and they come from this.

We are going to be able to solve the crazy problems in the world in terms of life, in terms of health, wealth, love, and happiness, and business.

This is just the beginning . You guys are literally on ground level from seeing this exciting thing happening and I’m super excited!

I hope that helps, I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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