How To Transmute Sexual Energy Into Creativity

There’s this innate creator inside you that has the ability to do infinite things.

The problem is, we tried fixing it with band-aid solutions when little do we know that the thing that we need to change isn’t really anything else around us. It’s everything inside of us!

Until you understand that everything in you is all the same, will be the only moment you can start raising your frequency in higher positive emotions.

Let’s talk about this in today’s video!

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I have an interesting story for you guys today.

I actually took this three long hours of Tantra workshop the other day.

Find out how to transmute your sexual energy into creativity that contributes to the success of your business or wherever you are in your life right now.

When I heard of Tantra for the first time, I usually would think it was like a “giant orgy.”

Everyone’s just touching each other and I thought of it as a super sexual thing to be part of.

But little did I know that it was just way more than that. Man, the experience was insane!

It was totally mind-blowing and earth-shattering so to say!

The reason why I find Asia really amazing is because everyone around you is constantly growing and levelling up themselves. And it’s not just about business or health.


And because of that, it influences you to upgrade every area of your life as well.

It forces you to have those conversations with yourself that you know you might not be comfortable with.


So it happened when we were Salsa dancing, where one of my friends was like ‘Hey man, there’s this Tantra workshop coming up. We should go!’

Well, we were all down for it, though I didn’t know much about it.

I only heard a few things but I completely had no idea how it’s being used for manifestation, for abundance, for creation, especially on how it can actually benefit your business.

In my mind, I was like, ‘okay whatever. I’ll say yes’.

The faster I say yes, the faster my feet moved than my brain has to think, then it should be good!

So yesterday was the time when we drove all the way to Ubud to actually have this three hour tantric workshop. 

And it was insane, man!

The entire process was interesting because of the fact that it just furthered my belief in how I could actually use this as a tool to not just grow my business..

But more importantly grow myself to not just experience the change that I wanted to see in the business but more importantly to see the change that I needed in myself.

And this is exactly what I learned with Tantra..

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned is this..



What are humans designed to do?

Well two things: survive and replicate.

The problem with society in the way we’re taught and influenced when it comes to sexual energy, is that it was attached to self-guilt and trauma.

Now here’s the huge fact..

SEXUAL ENERGY  is one of the most powerful and creative forces in the world!

And what’s a sexual energy?

What is it meant for?

What is the essence of sexual energy in terms of creation?

It’s not just about creating a baby. That’s cool and that’s the reason why humanity survives.

But it’s in all forms of creation.

If you could harness that sexual energy, you could have the creativity to actually work on your business, to work on your relationships, to have that amazing sense of humor, to have that confidence, and to have that personality that actually attracts the people and the opportunities into your life..

Instead of you forcing your way into opportunities that seem like they just fly over your head.

Or maybe you’re looking around and you’re like, ‘how come everyone else has opportunities but me?’

It’s because until I started harnessing the sexual energy when I was younger, and I did it on accident, everything started falling into place.

Now this is one of the reasons why I think Tantra is just amazing.

It’s because everything in our world, in our universe, is a mirror.


Understand that there’s a universe out there..

But if you really look into it, there’s also a universe inside our head.

The exact same matter that created all of this was the exact same thing that created us.

And if you understand that there’s a divine intervention out there and there’s one inside us, then you should realize that you have such creative powers to create anything in your life!

To create any type of ABUNDANCE, of WEALTH, of HAPPINESS in your life as long as you understand and get in tuned with your higher vibrational self.

Now the problem with most people is that they have all this sexual trauma, they have layers of  blockers.

Everyone’s stuck in their logical brain to a point that they’re almost stiff.

It prevents them from allowing themselves to be in that creative flow which allows them to create. 

And it’s only until we unblock that flow can we not only become more successful but increase our intimacy with either our lovers or fellow human beings or just within ourselves.

It’s only until we realize how much we could truly love ourselves and other people can we start bringing everyone to the next level, bringing your business to the next level, and truly live a life of abundance!


This is exactly what I’m talking about when I said everything is a mirror. 

What I mean by that is, everything is composed of vibration. It is more than just about the law of attraction.

If you really think about it in terms of quantum physics, everything even in our fingertips or who we are as human beings, breaking it down to the molecular structure..

Everything that’s happening in our body is just a bunch of vibrations that just so happened to resonate with each other.

And like I said, because of trauma, guilt, ridicule, past judgments, or because of how were you brought up, that point is at a low.

You cannot create a positive life filled with positive vibration when you’re vibrating at this lower frequency.

So that’s what Tantra does.

It raises your frequency.

It gets you out of your head and into the power of your subconscious mind.

I read a fact the other day, it says that the logical mind can process 40 bits of information every single second, but the subconscious mind can process 40 million bits of information per second.

The subconscious mind is extremely powerful like 1 million times more powerful than the logical mind.

It makes sense because when you’re thinking logical, you could only think and focus on a few certain things. And when you’re using the logical mind, your subconscious mind takes control of the rest.

But here’s the problem..

When people are so stuck in a logical mind, what actually happens is, that logical mind is too busy living either in the past and in the future. 

If you live too much in the past, it causes depression. And when you live too much in the future, it causes so much anxiety.

What happens next is, your subconscious mind takes care of the present.

Now because of the fact that we have habituated our subconscious mind to do the exact same routines over and over every single day, that is why you see people living life unconsciously.

Or whenever you’re driving traffic, little did you know but you’re like, ’holy crap, that no longer feels like an hour anymore. It almost feels like when I wake up and off to work, it only takes a blink and then I’m at the office.’

The truth is, there was an actual hour that wasn’t accounted for. 

And the problem with that with most people is, an hour can then move over for the next 10  to 20 years..

Then before they know it, 20 years had actually passed because they weren’t in alignment.

They actually didn’t get out of their subconscious mind, living and actually just throwing themselves in the present because the subconscious mind was so habituated.

So this was the thing that I learned about Tantra..


What it was used for is to get yourself out of your head into your heart, into your body, and increasing your frequency so that you could attract all the things that you want into your life.


I know this sounds maybe a little bit weird or maybe you’re like, ‘Man.. vibration.. Tantra.. What’s going on?’

It’s none of that. Yet it’s ALL OF THAT.

It’s everything, but yet it’s nothing. 

It was cool because we all held the space for each other to grow.. We separated so we didn’t really have each other’s self judgment on each other, even though we were friends and we’re more conscious.

We understand that if we would spend too much time together, it wouldn’t allow us to actually break free from any of the trauma, guilt, and all of the blockages in our past. 

So we all separated.

We all got in this crazy big circle.

There was a facilitator that was talking about everything that was going on and all the concepts involved in the practice.

Like I said, everything is vibration, everything is energy.

For you to attract a higher-level energy, you need to become a higher level being to remind yourself what you already know.

And what we did is, we first got into a circle and we did some exercises.

Most of it was breathing exercises. Because if you think about it, we are unconsciously breathing. So the first way to increase your creativity with Tantra in terms of increasing intimacy and sexual energy for creation, here are the sequence of practices..

It starts with the simplest of them all..


So we did a bunch of breathing exercises.

It was crazy because you start feeling those tingling sensations in your fingers, toes, and all over your body.

That was what first started elevating everybody’s vibration to a higher level.

Then after that, we did some exercises to loosen the spine because of the fact that since we’re sitting all the time..

That spine is just so rigid.

If you understand that everything is kind of like symbolic to what it is used for, for example, men in masculinity have problems with intimacy..

It’s because they’ve never actually released the blockage in the lower spine or in their hearts.

And that allows them to just worry and leave too much in the logical brain without actually fully getting into the now. .

Without actually being fully present and fully expressing his gifts to his lover.

That was the first exercise into getting yourself out of your head.

Remember, breath is powerful.

It oxygenates your blood while at the same time allowing you to be present.


The second thing was spinal movement.

This is a little weird and different.

This is where the self judgment, the identity fatigue, and the limiting beliefs could come in. It’s where you usually say things like, ‘oh, what if that person thinks I’m weird’ or ‘what if that person thinks I look funny’. 

It sounds weird to say and do but it’s something like this..

You have to breathe in up your spine and into your brain and then out. And while doing that, you have to make a moaning sounds.

Imagine how the entire room sounded when everyone of us did the same thing all together!

So the first two involves mainly on working on your breathing and unleashing the spine.


The most powerful thing was allowing ourselves to be intimate with strangers which was really just a reflection on how much we actually love ourselves when no one is around.

Ever notice that how much you judge someone else, you actually judge yourself 10 times more? And that your perception of other people is just a reflection of you.

Your reaction to other people is just an awareness of you. 

And it was crazy because one of the exercises was the person would actually have to sit down on the ground in front of me and then I would have to stand up.

Next is I have to dance my ugliest self to the woman in front of me. So imagine, she was just looking up at me and had to hold space for me.

It was crazy because in the beginning, I remembered doing that only when I was drunk but then now, I’m doing it while I’m sober.

It went from self judgment and worrying about what other people thought of me to realizing that no one in the room actually worried about what I looked.

It was just that, I was making it a bigger monster than it really was. 

So all of this was learned from just understanding that there is so much more out there than just sales photos.

There’s so much more out there than just like landing pages..

Seriously guys, there’s so much out there than just creating websites or conversions or copywriting.

There’s this innate creator inside you that has the ability to do infinite things.

But the problem with most people as we try fixing with band-aid solutions..

Little do they know that the thing that we need to change isn’t really anything else around us, it’s just everything inside of us.

Until you understand that life is a mirror, that the universe is a mirror, and that everything in you as well as everything around you is all the same..

You can start raising your frequency, raising your vibration, and allowing everything that has already been coming to you to come to you in faster speed, in higher quantities and in higher positive emotions.

This is all for you guys!

I’m just trying to channel everything that I’m learning through my post. 

This is no longer like “Make $200 a Day as a Broke Teenager.” 

This is me showing you how to grow as a human being.

And just as the law of the universe: When you grow as a human being, so would your bank account.

It’s just logic. It’s just math. Its science.

You cannot grow in one area of the equation without first growing the other.

That’s the problem with most people..

They try growing one area without growing the other. If you could grow either sides, of course, the other side has to compensate for it!

So hopefully that helps and make sense.

Hopefully I can lead by example to show you that everything that is happening is because of an internal change.

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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