On Track To Becoming A Millionaire But Lost Motivation

In the video below, I just got on the phone with a guy that’s about to scale to seven figures.

But then for some reason, he doesn’t feel motivated.

Maybe you’re scaling your business and one day you woke up and you just feel as hungry as you did before!

So if you’re feeling that motivation issue and you’re scaling to the next level but you don’t have the ability to just get through and pull yourself out of bed, this is a video to watch!

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So let’s talk about how our conversation went on.

Maybe you're scaling your business and one day you wake up and you just feel as hungry as you did before! So if you're feeling that motivation issue and you're scaling to the next level but you don't have the ability to just get through and pull yourself out of bed, this is for YOU!

Perhaps you’re reading this right now and you just started your first online business.

It’s going well but sometimes you’re feeling so lazy and you begin to procrastinate.

When I got over the phone with this guy named Georgie, he came to ask how I stayed so driven all the time.

So I begin asking him what initially motivated him to start his business.

He said he wanted to just make money and have the lifestyle of freedom where he can still support his friends and family.

You’re probably like him who no longer wants to work for anyone for the rest of your life!

To my surprise, he actually started his business four months ago and it is going pretty well since he already has seven employees.

He’s been making good amount of money up to this day.


What really bothered him at some point is the fact that once he started to compare his present self with the best version that he could be, he knows that it isn’t enough.

He had struggles with making enough progress because most of his working hours are done at home and all the temptation to procrastinate are just in front of him! Coffee, bed, gadgets, fridge, name it all!

The problem with that is as that ATMOSPHERE becomes your comfort zone, you’ll eventually lose the fire that you need to keep pushing through.

Now here’s the most compelling question that literally got our conversation to the root of his demotivation..

“How do you position yourself within your friends or your network in terms of success?”

And I’m talking about if he’s the most successful, the poorest, or the average guy.

According to him, he does think that he’s probably the more successful one compared to all his close set of friends.


Now that we covered the highlight of our conversation, let’s go over the solution to you losing your motivation!

I definitely saw where the lack of motivation came from.

One of the biggest things that’s actually gonna get you to the next level is you need to make sure that you don’t just surround yourself with people that validates you all the time because that will make you complacent.

Indirectly, that atmosphere will render you lazy because you think you’re already doing good as you receive those praises from your family and friends saying you’re already “successful.”

If you can resonate with that scenario, understand that when they use the term “successful” what they actually mean is that you are successful in their sight.

When that exact same thing happened to me, guess what happened?

I literally coasted for a while.

And it wasn’t until I started hanging out with people that were like 10 to 50X my success did I start feeling like a little bit challenged. 

It’s when I told myself maybe I needed to really work harder.

The best thing for you to actually get motivated isn’t from the people that surround you.

It has to first come internally.


For the five people you surround yourself with most of the time, you literally need to make sure that you’re the biggest or the tiniest little fish amongst all of your friends!

If you’re the top of the food chain in all of your friend group, then you need to find new friends, at least temporarily!


Let’s say your success is externally moving faster.

Think about this..

Success is kind of like a thermostat.

Your external world will start succeeding but until your internal world matches up to who you want to be, then the success that you have will only be short-term.

Going back to Georgie, I’m very positive that he’s doing really good.

So I told him how his lack of motivation isn’t necessarily his fault.

It’s because his reality was identified to the old version of himself before he actually started a business.


The problem with most entrepreneurs is, they actually wait to get either at the bottom of the bottom or when they’re at scarcity for them to actually get motivated.

When they have $1000 left in the bank account or when they’re behind payroll and rent, that’s the only time they get really motivated, until it becomes an endless cycle!

If that happens to all of you guys, you’re literally so close to almost failing.

Don’t wait for the worst thing to happen before you get moving.

Understand that when you’re succeeding, that shouldn’t be the time for you to relax. That should be the time for you to utilize the time, money and resources that you have.


For those that have just started their own business and wants to be very successful, here are the three tips for you:

  • You need to find someone that’s five or ten years ahead of you.

Find a way to have them as you mentor.

The problem with most business owners is sometimes, you can’t see the entire picture when you’re stuck in the frame.

If you’re at a point where you’re already starting to earn like Georgie..

I would take some of my money and invest in someone that is a little bit ahead of you that could see where you are.

Start recruiting a board of advisers or mentors that could help you in your sales and marketing.

  • Focus on leveling up your network.

The more you succeed, the more there’s gonna be a disconnect between where you are right now and where your friends and your family are.

It’s gonna get to the point where they’re gonna see your success and it’s almost going to intimidate them.

If you have a higher level of friends to bring you up, it’s kind of like on the same road as having mentors, having trustees, and having other entrepreneurship friends that are CEOs of maybe six, seven, eight or nine-figure companies. 

  • Focus on constantly and never-endingly finding new ways to serve the clients that you’re serving right now.


The more you understand what money actually is, “money” is just made up.

Money is a man-made idea.

What it really represents is none other than value

If you could FIND WAYS TO CONTINUALLY GIVE YOUR CLIENTS VALUE in the startup that you’re having in, then you never have to worry about beating your competitors.

Because while your competitors are copying everyone else..

The only thing that actually matters is you’re providing amazing value to your clients and in return, you’ll get long-term compensation for that for the rest of your life!

At the end of the day, it’s not about my success, it’s about how we can bring up the NEWEST PERSON and the NEWEST FREEDOM FIGHTER to start achieving their financial independence and to start achieving the ability to retire early and to pursue the thing that they just love in life!

I hope that helps!

This is Mike Vestil, and I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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