Parkinson’s Law | Why Dying Is Your Best Friend As An Entrepreneur

parkinsons law

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Imagine walking on a long and narrow train track in the middle of nowhere. Now you can walk forward and you can walk backward but the only thing you cannot do is jump off to the sides. Yep you are stuck on the train tracks.
Parkinson's law example

All of a sudden, a giant train pops out from the horizon and is making its way straight to you. Within 1 minute it is going to hit you. What do you do? You definitely would be pretty motivated to do at least something. Now you can stay there and wait for your inevitable death. Or you can try running the opposite direction. But no matter what you do, you are going to end up getting hit by the train and die.

having a deadline makes you take action

But what would happen if you were in the same situation (stuck on the train tracks). However, this time the train is so far away, it would take 60 years to actually hit you. How would you feel? Probably far less worried right? You would definitely feel less urgency.

I mean yes the first thing I would do is freak out and think “holy shit I am about to get hit by a mutha fuckin train.” But after a couple of days on the train tracks and still being alive, I would end up relaxing. “Oh I got 60 years before this train actually comes and hits me.. I got time”

Hate to break it to you, but we are in this exact same situation right now. It’s called life. And one day we are going to have to face our own “hypothetical train” when we die. The only problem with us as humans is we think we have all the time in the world.

When I was in high school, my teacher gave me 3 months to write this huge 60-page essay. I was smart and planned my workload. I would write 10 pages the first month, 20 pages the second month, and 30 pages the last month. Sounds easy right?

Graph of my original plan on how to balance my work load

Well the weird thing is I didn’t end up getting anything done on the first month, so this is what was left.

My second plan in balancing my workload when the first one failed

Surprisingly I didn’t get anything done the second month either. This is what was left.

I procrastinated now all my work needs to be done in a short amount of time

Ok you got me, I ended up not doing anything until I had 24 hours left as well.

But as if by magic, I ended up getting the entire essay done and was able to turn it in just on time. This is the magic of the Parkinson’s Law. How this law operates is the more time you have available to complete a task, the more difficult it will be to actually accomplish it.

I was given 3 months to complete the assignment. Because I had all this time, my brain thought that it would take much more work than needed to actually complete the 60-page essay. But as the time I had available decreased and the deadline soon approached, I was able to get done what would normally take 3 months to finish in one day due to an increase in mental focus.

Well this is the problem with entrepreneurship. We have no deadlines. This is why most people that ever get started in business never make it because they think they have all the time in the world to figure it out.

Well if that is the case then let me sprinkle some Mike Vestil motivation on you and show you in fact that you do have a deadline to get what you need to get accomplished done right away.

And that is the fact that a “hypothetical train” is going to hit you one day and you are going to die. We don’t know when, it could be in a couple decades, but it also can be in a couple days.

Regardless, when your time comes, what do you want to be remembered for? What are the things you want to accomplish?

“Someone once told me the definition of hell, it’s that on the last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”- Anonymous

your time is running out take action before it is too late

The average lifespan of a person living in the United States is 27,375 days. If you are 25 years old, you have 18,250 days to live. If you are 50, you have 9,125 days left to live. If you are 65, you have 3,650 days left to live. The time is ticking.

Get started building your lifestyle business now in order to live the life that you want.

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