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July 18, 2021

31 Dave Ramsey Tips He Wish Everyone Knew Sooner

I remember reading Dave Ramsey’s book when I was younger. And it completely changed my life. The biggest thing that it did was change my core habits and relationship when it came to money and finances. And I ended up taking these same Dave Ramsey tips and applied it to all aspects of my life. Here’s what I mean.

Before building my Mike Vestil blog and YouTube channel to over 200,000 subscribers..

Before I lived in over 25+ countries..

And before I wrote the book on side hustles..

I used to spend 8-12 hours every day working as a dental assistant.

Then I realized I was trading all my time away for money that I was never going to have time to spend… makes no sense right?

So while working I found several mentors who taught me a bunch of ways to make extra money online.

After months and months of failure… some started to finally work! So I grabbed my ukulele..

Left Everything Behind… And Traveled The World..

Here’s me in Peru

Here’s me swimming with the whale sharks in the Philippines

Here’s me chilling with a monkey in Thailand

The more I started traveling.. the more people started asking questions on exactly how I was able to do it..

So I started teaching people exactly what my mentor taught me

And the more results I was able to help get people.. the more people wanted to copy and paste the exact same system for themselves.

Want to know what that system is?

Then join this weeks free training on *How We Used The Brand New “Silver Lining Method” To Make $10/Day, Then Systematically Grow to $100/Day, Then $1,000/Day & More…

Here are 31 tips I got from Dave Ramsey that changed my life:

  1. Be transparent with finances with your spouse.
  2. Have a budget and spend it wisely
  3. Save more when you make more, and don’t spend more than you need
  4. Don’t ignore your credit card bills
  5. Pay off your debt first
  6. Focus on what you can control
  7. Overcome emotional spending
  8. Don’t buy new cars
  9. Buy what you can actually afford
  10. Use cash to limit unconscious credit card swiping
  11. Have an emergency fund (duh)
  12. Cut down on costs
  13. Make more money
  14. Build multiple streams of income
  15. Cook at home
  16. Pay off student loans
  17. Be patient
  18. Don’t let emotions dictate your purchases
  19. Ask for help when needed
  20. Don’t do things on your own if you don’t have to
  21. There were people in worst of situations that got out so why can’t you?
  22. Make a new budget every month
  23. Don’t increase costs as income goes up
  24. Avoid lifestyle inflation
  25. Stop comparing yourself to others
  26. Get educated (they never teach you finance in schools)
  27. Invest in yourself
  28. Surround yourself around people with better money habits
  29. Stay in control
  30. Think long term.
  31. Seek guidance from people that have the results you want.

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