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by Mike Vestil 

The Mike Vestil Scam | The Truth Behind Everything

The Mike Vestil scam. The truth behind this odd fellow will shock you. Many people have now been wondering if this Mike Vestil character is the real deal or just another scam artist. Uh… duhh… I mean he has to be right? If he goes out of his way to make cool YouTube videos to teach you guys how to build online businesses and inspires you to get your ass into gear and get your life together… he has to be a scam. If you take his training and you don’t get results.. of course.. he must be a scam!

But if he is, so is going to the gym..

If you go to the gym and pay for a membership but you don’t lose weight, get fit, or gain the muscle tone that you want, its not your poor little soul’s fault..


If you go on tinder and swipe right until all that friction makes your fingers bleed just to find your one true love. MATCH! You found her and you end up going on a date.. but she/he ends up not liking you..


Guys its like anything in life. There are the people that are serious in creating the life that they want, and there are people that are creating excuses to why they don’t have the life they want.

The choice is yours..

Are you going to take action?

Or are you going to just spend your precious time (something you can NEVER get back) complaining how you don’t get results  because you are too busy calling something a scam instead of figuring out how it can work for you..

Just remember.. if you decide that you’d rather just be a couch potato and say “yeah mike vestil sucks.. his YouTube is stoopid (ouch) and he is a scam” regardless… it is NOT going to change anything about your life for the better..

So shit… maybe I am a scam? or maybe i’m not. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter because that opinion and excuse will not pay your bills…

Mike Vestil Rant Out

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About the author 

Mike Vestil

Mike Vestil is an author, investor, and speaker known for building a business from zero to $1.5 million in 12 months while traveling the world.

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