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by Mike Vestil 

How to be a Digital Nomad – 3 Easy Steps

Ever wondered how to be a digital nomad? Someone that traveled the world, made money from their laptop, and had all the freedom in the world. Anyone who has ever read The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris  will eventually get the urge to become one.

This is exactly what I did..

Before you can just throw your life away and just jump on a one way ticket to the jungles of Thailand, you’re going to need to get some stuff situated and out of the way first.

So listen up because I’m about to blow that mind off that pretty little head of yours with these 3 simple steps.

Step 1) Priorities

Before you can go gung ho on this “digital nomad” life, you need to make sure if this life is really for you or not. The best way to find out if you can fit in this weird but growing culture is writing down all the things you value.

Seriously go on and do it.. What do you value?

Is it stability, safety, freedom, adventure, love, contribution, family, friends, money, security, pick 3 things that you think are your priorites.

Got it?


Now if anywhere you have stability, safety, or security on their.. then being a digital nomad is not for you. Why? Well even if you put the words adventure and money its hard to actually prioritize those two when you are worried about being financially stable and secure.

If you’ve ever read the book Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins you know right away that if you prioritize money, its hard to prioritize safety and security. That’s because you have to take risks if you want to earn income online and it’ll be hard to do that if your biggest priority is safety.

If being a digital nomad is for you, the one thing you need to prioritize over anything is FREEEDOMMMMM

That was my main reason for throwing everything secure in my life away to live life on the edge. I mean if you think about it there is no harm done. I’m only 23 at the time of writing this so I have time on my side to go through failures and challenges along the way in this journey.. if you’re young to I say screw it and just do it.. your biggest regret will not being able to do it sooner.

Step 2) Finding Your Muse

I don’t really know what the heck a muse is (Tim Ferriss uses it in his book lol) but to my understanding its something you create online to help make you money. It can be affiliate marketing, online consulting, CPA marketing, or if you’re like me you can sell physical products on your on E Commerce store.

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The reason you need this.. is because you can’t expect to travel forever without income coming in.

So before you even think about becoming a digital nomad, you need to find your muse and your way to make money online. If you need help I go over a good amount in how to build an online business and hiring a team to help run it for you in my book which you can get on Amazon here.

The key point here is to not leave your job just to fall back into another job (aka running your online business). you need to find a way to build your business then hire out the long boring parts to other people so you can focus more of your time on the FREEEDDOMMMMM of being a digital nomad.

Step 3) Get Rid of Your Baggage

I don’t mean your carry on or your luggage, I mean your mental, physical, and emotional baggage and responsibilities that you have where you live now.

Have a Netflix account? Cancel it.

Pay for a lease? Get out of it.

Have a bunch of clothes? Sell it.

If you think about your mind like a computer, it only has so many mental bandwidth to think. Most of the time in our day to day lives, little things that we have to worry about like the things above take away from our bandwidth which should be better used on building your business and experiencing you life.

I got rid of everything and now just own my laptop and whatever I can carry on my back.

Seriously its amazing..

Even though it gets awkward when I tell people I only have 3 pairs of underwear, there’s this crazy sense of freedom that I feel knowing that I don’t have to spend my precious time and energy worrying about materialistic things that have no relation to my goals or my purpose in life.

The less materialistic things you have to worry about, the more energy you’ll have to building your muse and living your life

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Mike Vestil is the author of the Lazy Man's Guide To Living The Good Life. He also has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers where he talks about personal development and personal finance.

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