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September 13, 2017

Entrepreneurship: Getting Punched in the Face and Liking It

If you want to become successful,

Do yourself a favor

And get punched in the face..

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Woahhhh Mike V. easy there with the violence.

But yes, I am serious. Getting punched in the face was one of the most important lessons I have ever learned as an entrepreneur.

Before I get into my profound epiphany about success, let’s first back track.

It’s been a couple months now since I had moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. And it’s honestly been one of the best decisions of my life.

Digital nomads are rampant throughout the streets and there are so many other like minded entrepreneurs working on their online businesses.

But for me, what I was especially excited about was being able to live out my childhood dream as a ninja by taking part in training as a Muay Thai fighter.

mike vestil muay thai
You may not see it.. but all these people have the ability to beat my ass lol

I thought it would be awesome.

I would be able to get super shredded, increase my hand and eye coordination, and be able to protect women and children everywhere with my new superhero fighting moves.

But then I got punched in the face.


By a Chinese fighter that had no idea what the hell I meant when I said, “I’m a beginner take it easy.”

As I laid there on the floor questioning my life decisions and wondering if this was still a good idea or not, I eventually got back up and continued to spar the non english speaking warrior.

Every single day, I kept on getting bruised and broken. But every single day, I was crazy enough to keep coming back to learn.

And that is when it hit me.

This is not much different from entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship = Getting punched in the face and liking it

Here are the lessons you will learn as a first time entrepreneur.

You are going to fail

Have a plan? Awesome. Try it out. Hope all the best for you. But just know that plans don’t always follow through.

“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

I thought Muay Thai would be fun and dandy. But the fun only comes after I had paid my dues of getting punched in the face.

This should excite you though because even though you are going through some failure when you are building your online business, so is your competition.

95% of them don’t have the guts to stay in and go through the failure.

They won’t be around much longer.

But you’re different.

You understand that failure comes with the process.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to succeed without first failing because that is the only way you’ll learn.

Your loved ones will convince you to stop

“What the hell is that?!” My mom screamed with her super Filipino accent.

She was talking about the small bruise on the right side of my cheek.

I had just got done with practice and decided to FaceTime her and update her about my life overseas. She was furious about my bruise and tried to convince me to stop.

I said no.

Not because I hate my mom, but because I knew that this was all part of the journey in trying to learn this new skill.

As you are building your business, your loved ones are going to think you’re crazy. They’re going to wonder why the hell you spend all your time reading books or watching YouTube videos on how to become successful or how to make money online.

They are going to try and discourage you and tell you that it’s not worth it and it’s just a waste of time.

But they have NEVER seen the vision you had of what you KNOW deep down the lifestyle you deserve.

So of course they are going to think you’re crazy.

But you know what I think is even crazier?

Taking advice from people that don’t have the results that you want.

You will almost convince yourself that “it’s not worth it”

There were days before a sparring session that I felt intimidated.

I was getting pummeled by people that were bigger than me and stronger than me.

And sometimes thoughts would come into my head asking myself, “Yo Mike, are you sure you really want to do this today?” or “Mike, is this really worth it?”

And there were days that I just wanted to not go.

But I did anyways because that was the goal I set for myself. And I was willing to go through whatever it takes to get there.

What’s an even bigger threat to your success than your loved ones telling you it’s not worth it is when YOU start trying to convince yourself that it’s not worth it.

If this hasn’t happen yet..

Don’t worry, it’s just right around the corner.

There will come a point in your journey towards financial freedom where it seems almost IMPOSSIBLE to make any more progress.

You’ve lost a good amount of your savings, you lost a good amount of your confidence, and you’re dreading to go back to your 9-5 job.

When this happens (because it will).

Just know that EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has ever became SUCCESSFUL in life was faced with a similar decision.

Should I Keep on Going? Or Should I Quit?

And here’s what I have to say about that.

No matter how bad you may be failing right now, and you’re thinking about quitting, let me ask you a question.

What really happens when you quit?

  • Option A) Quitting your business to go back to your 9-5 job to save you money, heartache, and bring back stability
  • Option B) Quitting your business to go back to your 9-5 job where you not only have quit your business but you have also quit on your dreams.

If you are wondering if you should quit right now just know this.

You are trading in a moment of relief for a LIFETIME FILLED WITH REGRET.

Even though quitting may seem like the better decision at this time.

Fast forward to the time when you are 85 years old and on your deathbed.

Would you have rather played it safe? Or would you have risked it all to win it all?

How to make the journey easier

I didn’t get to where I am today through luck or by accident. I knew that exact life I was going to live because I knew what I wanted out of life and what I truly deserved,

How did I know for sure?

Because I worked on myself.

When people told me it wasn’t a good idea and when even my own thoughts told me it wasn’t a good idea. I kept on going.


Because I threw away my own thoughts and thoughts of people with results that I didn’t want.

And instead I adopted the thoughts of the people that did have the results and the person that I would become.

“You don’t get out of life what you want, you get out of life who you are” – Eric Thomas

I knew that the reason I was not where I wanted to be was because I was not yet the person that deserves it.

So to get what I wanted, I had to become the person that the success would be attracted to.

I read people’s books and took mentor’s courses. And slowly but surely I made little daily wins.

And for those that are still struggling that is exactly what you can do.

QUESTION: How do you define the journey of entrepreneurship? Let me know in the comments below!

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