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by Mike Vestil 

What You Need To Know About Mississippi Costs Before Starting An LLC

When starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Mississippi, having the right information to help you through the process is essential. 

In this article, I'll share with you the critical steps to setting up an LLC in Mississippi and the main costs and regulations you’ll need to be aware of.

Cost Of Starting An LLC In Mississippi

Here are the main fees involved in setting up a Missisippi LLC.

Application For Registration

To register a foreign LLC in Mississippi, the paperwork must include an Application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company. This can be obtained from the Mississippi Secretary of State's website. The form must be filled out and include all relevant information about your business venture. When submitting your application for registration, there will be a $50 fee due.

The LLC Name Reservation Fee

Before starting your business in Mississippi, you must ensure your company name is available. This involves a $25 fee for a name reservation application. This application will be held for 120 days and must be approved by the Secretary of State before it can be used as the name of your LLC.

Fictitious Business Registration Fee

Once you have chosen your LLC name, it must be registered with the county clerk or circuit court clerk in your county of residence. This process requires a $25 fee for registering a fictitious business name. The registration is valid for five years, after which it must be renewed or canceled.

Certificate Of Good Standing Fee

If you want to prove that your company is operating legally in Mississippi, you should consider getting an official certificate of good standing from the Secretary of State. A certificate of a good place shows that all fees are paid up-to-date and all paperwork is complete and up-to-date. It costs just $14 per certificate and will direct anyone who requests it that your business is compliant with all state regulations.

Licenses And Permits

Before launching into that new venture, ensure all legal details have been taken care of to avoid potential issues. In addition to registration fees and depending on your enterprise type and location, prices may be necessary for licenses, permits, or professional registrations from local/state/federal governments. 

Failure to comply with applicable laws can sometimes result in fines or penalties.

Starting An LLC In Mississippi Through A Registered Agent

The purpose of having a registered agent is that they can accept any legal documents and notices on behalf of your company and forward them along to you as needed. A registered agent must have an address within Mississippi and be available during regular working hours, typically 9 am-6 pm, Monday through Friday.

It's crucial that they can contact you promptly if there is ever an issue or question concerning legal documents—the last thing you want is for someone else to control your business's vital information without your knowledge! It’s key to ensure that they are willing to commit themselves long-term. While there may be times when switching agents may be necessary (for instance, if they move out of state), it’s a hassle to have to do this often.

Why An Operating Agreement Is Essential For An LLC In Mississippi

Many business owners don’t consider establishing an operating agreement when forming an LLC. Although the state of Mississippi doesn’t require it, having one is essential to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of all members and provides a framework for how the company should be managed.

An operating agreement is essentially a contract between the LLC members. It outlines the rules and regulations of the business, including what happens if disputes arise or what happens when members leave or join. Additionally, this document can cover voting powers, management structure, liability clauses, capital contributions, and much more.

Having an operating agreement in place helps to ensure that all parties are on the same page about their rights and responsibilities as part of the LLC. Without this document, disputes must be settled by state law rather than what would best benefit your business or its owners - which could put you at risk of unnecessary losses. 

Furthermore, if you ever need to seek legal advice or take legal action against another member, establishing this contract can make things much easier for you. Finally, if you ever decide to dissolve your LLC down the line, having an operating agreement will help ensure that all proceedings are correctly done according to state regulations.

Obtaining An EIN For Your Business

An EIN is necessary to manage taxes at the state and federal level, open a bank account in your company's name and even hire new employees. Obtaining an EIN can be as simple as requesting one by mail or using IRS online services - all it takes to unlock the potential of running a successful LLC!

Obtaining an EIN can be done in many ways - by mail, over the phone, or online through IRS e-services. To apply online, you’ll need to have certain information ready such as the name of your business, address, and contact information of anyone associated with the organization, such as directors or shareholders of the company. 

Once you’ve secured this information, go to the IRS e-services website and fill out the application form. After submitting, it should take about 15 minutes for your application to process before receiving confirmation that you now have an official employee identification number from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Once you receive your EIN from the IRS, you should keep some essential things in mind, such as ensuring only authorized personnel have access to it since it serves as identification for financial transactions related to payroll processing and tax filing purposes. 

Also, make sure that any documents containing sensitive information, including your company’s tax filings, are kept secure at all times - on-site or digitally stored offsite with proper encryption methods in place if needed. Lastly, consider adding additional security measures such as two-factor authentication when accessing any online accounts associated with your company’s finances so that no unauthorized persons have access without prior authorization from yourself or other authorized personnel within the organization.

Maintaining An LLC In Mississippi

Once your LLC is established in Mississippi, it's essential to keep up with maintenance requirements, such as filing annual reports yearly to remain compliant with state law. 

Fortunately, Mississippi does not require additional fees to file annual reports, so this process remains cost-effective. Additionally, owners may opt to serve as their registered agents or use a service provider who will act as their agent while providing helpful reminders when deadlines approach. Either way ensures that maintaining compliance remains stress-free.


Starting and maintaining an LLC in Mississippi is a relatively straightforward process that doesn't require too many complex steps. By following the above advice, you can be sure that your LLC is appropriately registered and maintained with the state.

Finally, knowing the costs and filing requirements associated with an LLC in Mississippi can help ensure that your business complies with state regulations and that your LLC remains financially viable.

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