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by Mike Vestil 

How To Create An Evergreen Webinar

Many coaches, consultants, and service providers want to know how to actually scale their business to over seven figures.

Well guys, the fastest way that I found after doing this since 2015 is through a concept known as, Evergreen Webinars.

That’s exactly what we’re gonna go over in today’s video!

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I’ve been selling things online through the concept of webinars since 2015.

It has been one of the most amazing things possible.

Find out how to create an evergreen webinar.

Fact is, people wonder how I was able to automate the process so well.

And that’s because I took myself out of the equation and created systems that allowed selling to happen when I’m not there.

As we go along in today’s blog, we’re gonna go over the six steps on how you can take anyone off your messages or your offers and scale them like wildfire.

And take note of this!

That’s only possible as long as you:

  • Care about your client’s results
  • You’re good at what you do
  • And you really care about serving your clients

Warning though..

What I’m gonna share today is gonna be dangerous when it comes to selling!

You’ll literally have the ability to sell your message anytime you want!

And you need to make sure that when you do that, you have to do it in an ethical manner.

Like what was said in  Spiderman. .

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Here, with great webinars come great responsibility!

Let’s now go over each of the six!


The first thing I would recommend is to download this funnel:


After you do that, it’s gonna look something like this:


This is gonna get imported into the funnel management software that we use.

And you’re gonna get free access where you could basically edit and go from there.

All you have to do once you download this funnel, is you’ve got to change it into your headline


You gotta think about it from your customer or your client’s point of view.

Say for example, what is the #1 biggest thing that they want solved right now?

It doesn’t even have to be in the business industry.

You could either help people with their weight loss or with their binge eating.

You can help people with their relationships. .

Or you could be a dentist that helps other dentists get more clients or more patients online.

What is the one thing and the one big pain point that your client really cares about getting solved?

And how can you create a headline that really helps them get to the next level?

All you have to do is find that big pleasure that they want without the pain.

As Tony Robbins talks about all the time..

“People will do whatever it takes to literally run away from pain towards pleasure.”

Now, if you could find a way to have that headline into your funnel then you’re gonna be able to really get them onto your webinar.

It doesn’t matter how good your webinar is. If you cannot hook them in the headline, then no one’s ever gonna see your sales message.

That is the most important thing on all of the landing pages. It’s more important than ‘secrets’ and it’s more important than who the hell you are!

No one cares who you are unless they know that you care. And how they know that you care is by these:

  • Understanding them better than anybody else
  • Understanding what they want for their pleasure
  • Understanding what they don’t want from their pain, and then
  • Literally typing and pasting exactly what you think it is!

That’s the first step.


The concept of crafting your story is ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL THING ON EARTH.

When it comes to selling your products, no one really cares about your features.

What separates the Dell’s or the Microsoft’s with Apple is Apple and Steve Jobs was just better at creating and crafting a better story.

Whereas Dell or Microsoft is like ‘Oh look at our computer. We have great assets, we have really good features.. check this out! And oh, look at the type board, it’s very nice..’

But then you have Apple.

And Apple’s like ‘We believe in inspiring the next generation of creative entrepreneurs or people that are just into creating their passions’.

Or remember the story of how Steve Jobs literally got inspired when he traveled to Asia and brought the ideas and inspiration that he had back to the States.

As you can see from that point of view, Apple has something that resonated more with their ideal clients.

When you craft a story, you’re gonna be able to sell this funnel.

Basically, once you get them to your landing page, the second thing that happens is you’re gonna walk them through a story.

Remember this..

The moment you understand where their pleasure is, you understand where their pain point is.

So all businesses or all webinars is about you going from their nightmare to their fantasy, their hell to their heaven.

To better put it, the webinar literally describes your story or one of your client’s story literally going from nightmare to fantasy.

For people to buy from you, they have to be like ‘Oh this person is like me’, ‘oh if this person can do it so can I’.

And if you could craft that story in your webinar, that’s actually how you’re gonna convert somebody that has no idea of who you are, who has no idea of what your brand is, into a high paying client who loves you, who you love hanging out with, that you could literally continue selling them more of your premium quality services.

Because of the fact that they relate to you!



Why not just build a business where some of your clients are your best friends?

That’s how we set it up.

And if you check it out below, you pull that up and craft this entire story right here..


It usually starts off with the intention and then you have the lifestyle photos.

We have the testimonials of several of our case studies where we have zero to 100,000 in two months (you can check that out), or how this person made $434,000 on the second day, or how this person got $200,000 in revenue as a beginner.

This is all really good stuff!

You begin with testimonials, with the sales, the snapshots of all of the results that you have with the testimonials.

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned after doing this is, people really don’t care about you.

They care about what you can do for them.

So the more you can get testimonials of other people that are absolutely killing it in health, wealth, love or happiness, in whatever pain point that you solve, the better aligned it will be with your clients to actually have them figure it out!

Understand that testimonials are a big thing.

And all you can see from this, taking away all from the technicality, is just understanding where their nightmare is and where the fantasy is and how you can create a hero’s journey attached to get there.

If you’ve followed me for the longest time on either any one of my platforms such as YouTube, blog, Pinterest, or even from my book. .

What you gotta understand is, in everything that I’m doing, I’m constantly telling stories.

Stories of where I was in my nightmare, of how literally my mom and dad were struggling on working 16 hours a day..

On how we had no idea how to pay for my college, how my sister came to me crying because she couldn’t go to the college of her dreams because mine was just too expensive..

Or on how I literally lay awake in the middle of night wondering how the hell can I help my mom and dad, how is it gonna help retire them, how is that gonna help build the business for myself that not only filled me up financially but emotionally and spiritually, made me allow myself to feel like I actually have a purpose on this earth . .

To actually go through life and being aligned with what I was meant to do.

You hear this story time and time again and it’s all part of the selling process!

It’s because I understand where my nightmare was and what my fantasy is. And the reason why the tribe members that come in are so similar to me, is because their story aligns with my story.

Like I said, for people to buy from, THEY HAVE TO BE LIKE YOU!


I use a screen recording software, Camtasia, and I literally take that and I upload it on Vimeo.

I put it up right there and this is where it hosts the Evergreen Webinar to which then on I.. (off to step #5)



You can literally do this from this software that you have, if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

It’s a 60-day free trial and I definitely recommend checking them out.


As soon as you do all of that, here’s for the last step. .


We actually have a training exactly on how we do that. There I’m gonna show how I exactly create an evergreen webinar.

So guys, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll go on a more in-depth training if you check the link below!

We have so many different other videos on where we actually help out with that.

If you’re seeing this in an ad, you’re probably going to get retargeted with other advertising campaigns on how we actually go over our paid advertising.

So, if you haven’t seen that advertising, since I give a lot of free information, make sure you check it out.

It’s called 4 Steps in Creating a Wildly Profitable Advertising Campaign.

If you need more in-depth help and you want my team to personally help you and you want to work directly with me, then you could apply to work with us at the end of the training.

If you’re serious about learning the intensive coaching sessions, you can check out the video I linked above, I included the notes and links below my YouTube video.

I hope that helps!

I love you guys!

You are all freedom fighters!

I’ll see you on the next blog.

You guys are freedom fighters and welcome to the movement that we’re creating!
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