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by Mike Vestil 

How To Get High INSTANTLY | Wim Hof Method

What happens when you could tap into the natural processes of your body?

To actually get high anytime and anywhere you want!

In today’s video, we will talk about how to get high instantly and destroy any limiting beliefs, any sadness, and ultimately feel that confidence!

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In today’s topic, we’re gonna find out how I get high every single day without depending on drugs or alcohol. 

With that being said, I’m talking about the concept known as, Wim Hof method.

Find out how you can get instantly high using this method!

For those who have no idea what this method is, it’s just a simple breathing, meditation and cold water therapy that if you implement into your life. .

You’ll be able to break any depression, any anxiety, any fear, or any sense of overanalysis in your life.

Through this, you’ll  be able to escape the prison of your own mind and get to the abundance of the world that actually awaits you when you get out of your own head and into your life, into your purpose, and into your alignment with what you’re put on this earth to do. 

(this is also the reason why I haven’t really gotten drunk in the past year)

If you think about it, this is why people get drunk and high all the time..

It’s not because they really like alcohol and drugs. It’s because of how it makes them feel when they’re out with other people.

Like for example, I drank alcohol because sometimes, I was so nervous and filled with social anxiety to talk to people to actually have a normal conversation with them.

I used to have thoughts like, ‘Okay, I’m just gonna turn my logical brain off and I’m gonna drink so that I’m not really responsible for what I said.’

That’s the craziest thing because then, everyone starts drinking and then everyone starts communicating!

But when I found this new method, it’s when I dropped those fake substitutes just to make me feel “high.”

I’m telling you guys, if you master this, you’ll no longer feel any anxiety or pain, and you no longer need to numb yourself just to escape that space.

The biggest thing about this is the fact that it also helps your immune system!

It increases your adrenaline, your energy, and ultimately increases your confidence!

Wim-Hof method is a system of breathing, meditation and cold therapy that allowed this guy, Wim Hof, to literally destroy so many things.

He has around 20 Guinness World Records and it’s all dealt with cold. 

The thing about cold, your mind, and breathing, is that they are the best teachers. It literally gets you high every single freaking day!

That’s more like what usually happens when people are drunk, right?

Where you’re able to talk to somebody that you don’t know or to an inanimate object like a camera (which I do every single day of my life when I do my YouTube videos!) in pure flow.


That’s why rappers literally smoke because they did a study, and weed actually turns off the logical part of your brain where it basically proofreads what you’re about to say.

It’s like whenever you feel like you are second-guessing yourself..

If you are wanting to talk to that girl or a certain person in that business or maybe talk to that person that you’re maybe uncomfortable talking to, that’s a part of your brain that tries to narrate what you should actually do.

What it does is it turns that logical part of your brain off.

But here’s the thing..

If drugs turn a part of the brain off so you no longer feel anxiety, depression or sadness, then what happens when you could tap into the natural processes of your body, to actually get high anytime you want, anywhere you want, and destroy any limiting beliefs and destroy any sadness. .

And ultimately feel that confidence that you feel when you’re high except when you’re sober.

That’s exactly what the Wim Hof method is.

And that’s what I do every single freaking day of my life!

Let’s actually get down to how it’s done.

Step #1 Breathing – Take 40 breaths

Step #2 Meditation & Exercise

Step #3 Cold Water Therapy


It’s more than just taking simple breaths.

It’s deep breaths where you breathe in so deep into your stomach and into your chest 40 times that it throws a bunch of oxygen into your cells until your cells get literally drowned with oxygen.

Here’s the craziest thing..

Sometimes for some of these cells, it’s the first time they’re breathing.

That’s because most people have this shallow breathing and they’re not actually oxygenating their brain.

So as you do the 40 deep breaths, just make sure you’re lying down in bed for safety reasons as you may pass out if you do this while standing.

Here’s what to expect while you’re doing this:

  • Your hands might start cramping
  • You might get a little bit of lightheadedness
  • You’ll feel a little bit of discomfort

Take note that all of those signs above are normal.

In contrast, if you’re prone to seizures and epilepsy, please do not attempt on doing this. Consult a physician because this might be a little risky for you.

But for everyone else, it’s fine!

I do this every day. Everyone of my friends do this every single day.

After the 40th breath, fully exhale everything and hold it for as long as possible.

That’s when you feel the sense of feeling high because you just shoved a lot of oxygen to your brain and then you stopped breathing.

Now that you stopped breathing in all this oxygen, there’s so much adrenaline that gets into your system!

That’s why when you do this every single morning, YOU DON’T NEED A CUP OF COFFEE ANYMORE!

Seriously, I haven’t drank caffeine in like five years!

And it’s because I’ve been able to find how to actually control and biohack my breathing to wake me up.

Without a doubt, everyone can literally do this because everyone has the ability to breathe!

After you’re done with the full exhale, you then breathe in for like ten seconds. That entire thing is one set.

To sum it up:

  1. Take 40 breaths
  2. Fully exhale as long as possible
  3. Hold it for 10 seconds

Once you’re done with the three-step process, do it four times.


Now what you do on the second stage is a little bit of exercise.

At the end of the fourth set when you’ve just fully breathed everything out, that’s when I do as many push-ups as possible. 

Because most of the times when we lift, we’re taught to inhale, then push out and then breathe out.

But what you’re gonna find, since you’ve flooded your cells with oxygen, you can actually do more push-ups without any oxygen when you fully exhale than when you would normally just do your exercise.

That’s why when you understand this and you get into lifting and other things like that, you’d start hacking and growing faster than expected. 

So after you’re done doing the two steps above, here’s the third thing that you need to immediately do..


If you don’t have an ice bath, you could go take a cold shower as cold as possible.

Stay in there for around three to five minutes.

Luckily for me and all my friends that live in parts of the world where there are ice baths available.

(I actually have a friend who owns a nerve strike gym and they have this ice bath that’s five degrees Celsius!)

It’s frickin cold man!

Whenever I do that, my skin feels prickly and seriously..

Everything in my body is like telling me to get the fuck out because my brain thinks I’m gonna die!

But prior to jumping in, there has to be zero hesitation. You just need to jump in and let your body calibrate to the coldness.

That’s literally the coolest thing with Wim Hof Method, it’s like freezing yourself!

So what I do is I stay in the freezing cold water until I get to the point of crazy discomfort. And then I’ll get out and then I’ll let my body naturally warm itself up.

Remember, keep your hands out of the water if you’re in an ice bath. Your hands are the first to go when you experience hypothermia.

That’s what I do.

I keep my hands out so I could actually stay in longer with my body.

But what it does is, when you throw yourself into the water and your brain is telling you to get the hell out, but you’re just staying there and you’re resisting and you surrender into the cold, YOU REALIZE THAT THE COLD IS THE ULTIMATE TEACHER.

When I first started, I couldn’t stay in for more than ten seconds.

Now, I’ve worked my way up to around 10 minutes.

I stay in there, and when I get out, I get into this freakin elevated state of life.

Because what happens when you get used to the cold and the cold becomes normal..

It’s also the same thing when your discomfort turns into the new normal.

When you get out into the present, you get into this elevated state because you were able to survive and be okay in that pure discomfort.

And then when you go back to the least discomfort area, you get into this ‘I remember when I did this for the first time, I just wanted to go out..’

I was like, ‘yo I could talk to anybody. I could do anything right now. I don’t really care about whatever comes out of my brain or whatever comes by my mouth because I’m freaking high right now on just ice.’ 

That’s the most insane thing..

It’s like you’re on comfort zone or the time that you got good at anything. 

Think about every single time that you got out into this zone known as the ‘discomfort zone.’

You stayed there for so long where your discomfort turn into the new comfort zone. And then you went back to an easier level of your life and you realize ‘holy crap! This is a lot easier than when I initially started when it was difficult.’ 

It’s the exact same thing with ice water.

When you’re in there for a long time and then you get out to the normal environment, in the normal temperature..

Even though the normal temperature has stayed the same in your present environment, your state has elevated because it had to survive in that state of more discomfort.

But then when you bring it back to a more regular level, it’s like a resistance.

The more weight you push out, the stronger your muscles get.

And then when you start dealing with the lesser lighter weight, you realize it’s lighter.

It’s like a simple lifting concept.

This is what I did back in the day when I focus a lot on lifting. I lift the heaviest weight and after I would take the weight off and then I would just do the bar, it would just be the lightest thing ever.

Because you took off all the discomfort and then you could actually do more.

It’s the exact same thing with life!

You could channel your oxygen, your breathing, your thinking cold water into your brain. And it gets you freakin high!

It’s the best biohack to accomplish your goals, to get out of your head, to destroy depression, to destroy anxiety, and to actually cure your own body with the power of oxygen.

It all stems with just breathing and cold water therapy.

If you master this and if you master the state, you will get high anytime, anywhere, and at any place. 

You’ll get new feelings of joy, happiness, love, and gratitude..

You can escape any prison of the mind that you may be stuck in, may that be fear, depression, sadness and anxiety.

And it’s simply because of following these three simple steps!

Hopefully that helps guys, I’ll see you on my next blog!

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