by Mike Vestil 

Our New Mission

Do you have to force yourself out of bed?

Or do you feel like there is something primal inside of you that is pulling you out of bed?

For those that have to force themselves out, I get it. I was there.

The alarm rings. You press snooze.

And this battle of good vs evil goes on for 30 more minutes until you finally find the will to get up and get the day started.

Now the reason why its so damn hard for you to get up can be summarized in one little sentence.

You’re mission does not move you.

Why the hell do I wake up at 5 a.m.?

Because my mission moves me to action. It inspires me to obliterate my goals. And it pushes me to become the best man I can possibly be in this short lifetime.

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Mike Vestil

Mike Vestil is the author of the Lazy Man's Guide To Living The Good Life. He also has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers where he talks about personal development and personal finance.

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