How To Reprogram Your Mind (For Success)

You’re trying to create this new result but the problem with that is we’re using it with the past mind.

We are living through our memories.

If that equation is consistent, it then begs the question why people are wondering why the hell they are not creating a new lifestyle!

In today’s video, we’ll talk about how YOU can reprogram your mind for success!

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I want to talk about something that pertains to a story that has been going on.

If you happen to visit my YouTube channel, you will notice some significant changes. .

Find out the steps and routines that you need to do in order to reprogram your mind for success!

I’m literally turning into this person that no longer was the Mike Vestil when he first started his YouTube channel.

I  actually didn’t realize it until yesterday.

One of the biggest things that we did for our business is we’re taking high-end clients where we accept obnoxious amount of payments that is no longer like the traditional $7 eBook or $100 course or the $1,000 course.

We take payments where it’s up to like $6000 to $20,000, and that’s because we’re scaling like crazy!

The First Phone Call

Since we’ve been getting more calls, I’ve been going in and actually helping out the sales team  which I also just started a couple days ago.

I got the first phone call that I did after a long time ever since I was 18.

I used to do phone sales at 18 when I get leads from Craigslist and try to convert them into a sale as well.

And I was also able to get that sales closed at $6,000.

But here’s the biggest thing, guys..

As I was taking the payment over the phone, I realized and told myself, ‘holy crap! Why does this feel normal?’

Because I know back when I was 18, when I first started in entrepreneurship, I would have felt like a fraud accepting anything that I knew I don’t deserve.

It begs the question: Why is that the case? 

Why do some people feel like they deserve success while other people feel that they’re a fraud when they become successful?

There are so many people out there who will commit self-sabotage and ruin their chances for actually succeeding.

So I started pondering this question and wondering why do I feel like I deserve this now as opposed to before?

I was always having a bad relationship with money and no matter how much money I would make in my business, it would never surpass a certain level. Almost like there was an invisible ceiling on my income. 

And instead of looking out there..

I started looking inside and going into this journey, traveling and noticing that there are different ways of thinking, different beings and different ways your thoughts create reality.

And then you understand how the results, the lifestyle, the way of living actually are effective.


Thoughts or memories create emotions. Emotions are what inspire action, and the actions are what actually create the results.

But here’s the thing, if you look at most people, they are living the exact same life over and over again.

Every single day they wake up at the exact same time. They go downstairs at the exact same time. They eat breakfast at the exact same time.

They force themselves to eat and then they go into rush hour where they don’t even remember that one hour-long commute to their work which they literally sit there in a cubicle for eight hours.

At the exact same time, they’re gonna come back home and then maybe watch TV, drink beer, go to bed and repeat that process every single day.

Every single day, we are becoming slaves to our routines!

I know routines are great..

Routines are amazing as long as they serve you.


The reason why they are not able to create a new result or a new lifestyle, is because it is inspired by the same old actions. 


Why do people consistently do the exact same actions every single day? It’s because they are harnessing the exact same emotions of the past. 

Well, why are they harnessing the exact same emotion in the past? It’s because they are consistently and habitually rethinking the exact same thoughts every single moment of their lives.

What happens is, we are trying to create this new result.

But the problem with that is we’re using it with the past mind.

We are living through our memories. And if that equation is consistent, that your thoughts and memories create your emotions, actions, results and lifestyle..

It then begs the question why people are wondering why the hell they are not creating a new lifestyle.

And that’s because they are still living their life using their old level programming!


Here’s what I exactly mean..

Growing up, I wasn’t destined to become successful. I was never destined to scale my business. I was never destined to actually be confident.

And that’s because I came from an immigrant family where scarcity was instilled in me.

But that’s the messed up thing that has been programmed into my brain by the thoughts and memories that weren’t really of my own choosing.

Ever since I moved to Asia, I started getting into meditation.

I started getting into different philosophies and ways of life and just being influenced by the thinking of so many people from all around the world. 

When you travel, you start really getting yourself out of the programming of where you have been, and the collective consciousness of where you were raised.

You start questioning everything that you were ever taught and you will realize that you should stop becoming a slave to those thoughts and memories.


If you think about us as humans, we are very efficient.

The brain is so powerful and it wants to conserve as much energy as possible. 

So the moment you think about it, you start getting into routine you start doing action.

It becomes a point where you no longer have to think with your mind and your body has already been programmed to set a certain response.

It’s like when you first learn basketball.

When you first learn basketball and you shoot it, the first time you’d actually shoot the ball, if you were not familiar with it, you would use your brain a lot.

You would think a lot and then the moment you use your analytical brain a lot, you would try shooting the ball and your arm would just feel like a noodle.

But then what happens is, you start thinking less and less and your body starts adapting the habit more and more.

Pretty soon, you’ll be like Michael Jordan and others where they don’t even think and they just shoot and they know that their body can guide the ball into the hoop and score every single time. 

It’s because there is a separation from the conscious mind, which what we observe here in reality, and the subconscious mind which is what we are in our thoughts.

The thing that separates it is the ANALYTICAL MIND.

The problem with most people is we are so damn analytical, we are living in our previous mind and we are having a hard time creating a new result!

Think about this, every single day when people wake up..

Most people are not conscious with their own thoughts. What actually happens is they start reliving past experiences, past traumas, past negative beliefs, and past limiting beliefs.

They wake up and they look at their phone and they’re like ‘oh my God, I have to answer this person or that person..’

And they wake up and realize ‘oh man, I have to go to this job that I hate’ or ‘oh man, this person ended up breaking my heart’ or ‘oh, this person ended up hurting me’ or ‘this business actually took a lot from me..’

They wake up already with this negative emotion. Yet they want and expect a positive life.

But think about this..

If you have negative thoughts and negative emotions, and these thoughts and emotions create your actions, which create results..

How can you change the end of the equation when you’re still beginning with the same input every single day?


Every single day, people wake up with the exact same thoughts and they did a study about this.

It says that by the time you’re 35, 95% of your day to day responses are somewhat like a memorized set of behaviors.

That means how you interact with human beings and with the world has already been automated into your body.

That is why for older people, it’s always difficult to change their belief system. And it’s not even their fault. It is just through biology and in the chemistry of the human mind.

Now the only way to actually cure it, because you could do this at any age, is through the concept known as Quantum Jumping

There’s this guy named, Burt Goldman.

I think he was at 65 when he said something like, ’Screw it! I’m gonna change everything.’

He learned how to do amazing painting, became extremely wealthy and created the dream life that he wanted at that same age.

How you’re able to do that is first and number one, becoming conscious that the thoughts in your brain are not your thoughts.

What actually helps is every single day, I wake up and meditate.

Instead of actively doing the things that I think I need to do, I still the mind and I prepare it.


There are certain “brain waves” where the moment you wake up, it is the closest time that your subconscious and your conscious mind are linked, as well as going to bed.

When you understand that these thoughts aren’t your own..

When you are in the morning, you can literally INSTALL and REPROGRAM the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions you constantly feel.

That’s what I’ve been doing.

I’m pulling the future existence of who I want to be into the now, known as quantum leaping.

Because I understand that the thoughts that I was thinking yesterday were not necessarily the thoughts that’s needed to pull the future best version of myself.

The moment you realize that you could actually control your thoughts by observing them..

And then choosing almost like an avatar or a video game that you can literally create the person that you want to be.. THE WORLD IS YOURS!

You could do amazing things!

You could do wonderful things and it all starts with the brain.

Here’s the MOST COMMON PROBLEM with most people..

No one really understands that IT IS ALL ABOUT REPROGRAMMING.

Now if you ask me what to do and how to start it, this is exactly what you need to do..



If you want a new result, you cannot create it with a past mind.

Your brain has neurons that once it actually gets a stimuli, it knows exactly which neurons fire which will then ultimately create an action response.

And that acquisition response, if we do it over and over again, it gets a certain specific result in reality.

So how can you create a new reality when your neurons have been firing the same for the past 10 to 30 years?

If you look back in the past 10 to 30 years and you don’t have the results that you want, how can you get the results that you desire when you’re still doing it with the repeated actions that have got what you always got?

That’s why people always say that in order to get what you’ve never gotten, you have to do what you have never done. And to get whatever nobody else has, you have to be willing to do what they haven’t done.

So in order to change your results, you have to change your thoughts and emotions.

What actually helps for me is when I get into meditation. Here are some of the questions that I ask myself when I meditate..

  • What are the thoughts that I would think when I have X, Y & Z in my bank account? 
  • What are the beliefs that I would have about the world, about money, about love, about society, when I become successful? 
  • Who is the person that I’m going to be when I have everything that I’ve always wanted?


It’s all cause and effect.

Remember, thoughts, emotions and memories create motions and actions. Actions create results. Results create the lifestyle.

If I start pulling the future self and pulling the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories by reliving it in the future as if it already happened in the past, what happens is I start pulling my future results and lifestyle to my present reality.


And it’s what I’m so excited in helping.

It was just something that I realized when I was like, ‘holy crap.. Me taking this payment of $6000 is just perfectly normal because I was envisioning this since I was 18.’

It’s so crazy because when you understand this and you realize that it’s all 80% mindset and 20% mechanics..

You figure out the sales funnel, you figure out the paid advertising, you figure out a way to close deals, you figure out a way to become successful, and you figure out a way to build your audience, your brand, and your impact. 

But it’s not until you first master what’s in your mind!

So guys hopefully this helps, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

I’ll see you in my next blog!

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