Sexual Transmutation: The Best Kept Secret To Getting Rich

I want to talk about an interesting concept known as Sexual Transmutation and how it is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to the laws of success!

The only way for you to actually go through all of that is not to have a good idea.

Not some really good plan for success.


And in today’s video, we’re gonna discover that and how YOU can definitely apply it into your business and into your life!

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I know this is probably one of the most unique content that I’ve made.

As you have seen in my previous videos and articles, majority of them focuses on sales, marketing, and going out there and just creating the life that you want for yourself!

But when it comes to the vehicle of success in business and taking your idea from your mind into reality. .

There is an underlying fire that must exist inside of you.

It’s a fire that is allowing you to fail..

To be willing to lose money on an idea that you might not even know would work..

To be willing to work hours and days and weeks and years without an actual physical or tangible result!

It has to come from your own mind, from your own heart and from your own spirit, to be willing to go through the agony.

To better illustrate that, allow me to share my story.


A lot of you who have seen my journey knows that I always like this.

I wasn’t always up for beaches or living on villas in Bali, traveling around the world and making cool Instagram pictures.

I remember when I first envisioned this in my mind when I was 18 years old..

My first mentor, Zach, told me what was actually possible by asking me the right questions that got me where I am right now.

And that was during the time when I was supposed to be a dentist.

I was supposed to follow what my mom and dad told me to do: to go to school, get good grades, work really hard until I die or retire or whichever comes first.

I remember when Zach first came up to me and gave me a book, Think and Grow Rich.

That book forever changed my life because even though it may seem a little weird because it’s super old-school, the concept of it is what created some of the most successful men and women in the world!

Napoleon Hill was this broke reporter who had access to every single rich person in the world.

And that is because he was willing and able to learn from Andrew Carnegie, whose wealth was more than any of the wealthiest people in the world today.

It’s the concept which he learned from every single, successful person in the world that he interviewed and compiled all of the ideas and principles of success into a book.

I remember when I first read this book.. (because before, the only books I read was like Harry Potter or like other things that didn’t necessarily grow my mind)

I came across terms like auto-suggestion, sexual transmutation, or one’s ability to understand that there is this third mind when two or more minds start conversing in the aether of the universe.

It stirred so much curiosity inside of me wondering about this new concept that I never knew because NO ONE AROUND ME WAS EVER HAVING THIS CONVERSATION.


And this is what I want to do for you guys!

We’ve never been taught these concepts in life or from our parents or from friends.

Concepts or the principles that actually get us to succeed and not just to have a good business, not just a good plan..

But to develop the mindset that’s able to gain motivation on a higher level.

Which is why today, I want to talk about the thirteenth chapter in the book, Think and Grow Rich, where it talks about sexual transmutation.

Napoleon Hill, the “broke reporter” that had access to all of these millionaires at the time. .

When he started gaining all of their knowledge, he found out that one of the biggest things that brought all of them together was this concept known as sexual transmutation.

That is the ability, basically in practical and simple terms, to not release your cum everywhere.

I know it’s really weird and you’re like ‘oh man, like I want to learn sales and marketing.’

But guys, understand this..

Every single amazing successful person in the world was successful because they were fueled by this thing called the sexual energy.

Some of the greatest men in the world from Edison, Ford, or Napoleon Bonaparte. .

All of these guys were fueled by sexual energy.

It makes sense because if you break it down to what an entrepreneur is..

We’re an entrepreneur second, and a human being first.

And as human beings, to live our life, we just need two things. That’s our need TO SURVIVE and TO REPLICATE.


The problem with most young men is they just release their cum all over all the time! And because of that, they no longer have motivation.

When you see all these successful people, most of the times, it’s not because they wanted to be successful.

It’s because of there was some type of INTERNAL MOTIVATION. And your need to replicate, your need to survive, stems from that sexual energy.

The problem with most people, when they’re young, is they just let it all go.

And I’m not saying not to have sex.. (God forbid, I’m not gonna give that up!)

But what I’m just saying is, there are ways that you could actually withhold it.

It sounds really weird when I say this, but you could really suck it up to your spine into your brain and then that’s where the creativity begins.

I know this is like a super random content for my blog and video, but this is something that I really wanted to go over. .

Because I remember when I read this when I was 18 years old, I remember I had a girlfriend at the time.

If I could look back, I want to see when I actually changed as a man. Because I remember when I first started dating, I was super motivated.

I was super ambitious.

I was like the super alpha male who thinks he can have anything and everything that he wanted.

I was also in the best shape of my life.. In fact, you might not know this but I would bench around 315 pounds.

I deadlifted 415 pounds.

And if that Mike Vestil saw me right now, he would actually be able to beat my ass!

That’s how much of a crazy alpha strong like him this guy was!

I remember when I first started dating, it was crazy because I remember where I went from one super alpha, super masculine, super motivated to this docile little creature that was no longer motivated to fight for my dreams!

Instead of me wanting to go out and talk to new people, I just wanted to stay at home.


For many people that have been in relationships before, there is a point in time where you know it goes from what was once super masculine to what turns into this needy little pathetic creature.

And it’s because of the fact that you lose your scene.

You lose your genius.

You lose the thing that actually wakes you up!

And that’s what I realized. I was wondering what was the reason why I ended up losing all the hunger and all of the motivation.

Well, that’s what happens when you have good sex and when you’re fed all the time! You don’t get motivated.

You could see the difference if you look at the caveman time.

The reason why they were able to be chiseled, why they were able to go out there and hunt big crazy creatures that would honestly be so freaking scary. .

If you know anyone of us had to go and hunt a lion or a giant freaking animal..

It’s because they had that hunger.

They had that hunger that we don’t have in today’s society.

All of that stems from this thing called, Sexual Transmutation.


I definitely recommend it because I remember when I started being more conscious of where I was putting my sexual energy. .

What happens is, instead of just expelling it out there, you do what the book says, ‘to transmute’ it up your spine and into your brain.

If you read Think and Grow Rich or The Rise of Superman, you’ll start seeing  things and be more creative.

You’ll start seeing ideas that were always there that just didn’t exist, but you always have a natural perception of.

This is now the concept that I’m delving more deep into because I could tell the difference with my creativity, my motivation on everything when I expel it or when I don’t expel it.

Seriously guys, there is one thing that will destroy your teens, that will destroy your 20s, that will destroy your 30s.


If you look in nature, if you study Ray Dalio’s book, Principles, anything and everything in life for any question, the answer could be derived from nature.

When you look at any plants or anything out there, the moment they actually release their seed is the moment they start deteriorating.

Think about it, in the past couple of days, weeks and months. .

Whenever you started releasing your seed more often than not, you can tell where your motivation is.

You can tell how sleepy and tired you get.

You can tell how lacking of a focus you are!

And the only reason for you to get to the next level isn’t to just focus on the next marketing or on the next sales campaign or on the next stuff like that.

It’s focusing on your internal hunger..

On looking back into your primal drive, on your need for survival and replication, to hone it in, and to utilize that energy to actually get yourself to the next level!

Some of the most successful men and women in the world utilize their sexual energy.

They realize that this is the creative flow of energy that was given to us for creativity, for business, and the energy to be used on taking action.

And when it comes to me why it looks like I’m always with a fire lit underneath my ass..


I’ve kept it in my mind so that I could just use it in other things of creation like making videos, making amazing business ideas on networking, on going out there and actually beating people.

And I can’t tell you how hungry it has gotten me guys!


With that being said!

One of the biggest things I wanna do in my YouTube channel is I want to share with you all the things that I’ve learned.

Like I said in my previous blog when I talked about Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

There’s a reason why they went to Asia and they started adopting all those mentalities and ideas from the eastern world, and then they brought it over to the Western world and created amazing companies like Facebook and Apple.

It’s because, when your ideas start moving around with other people around you..

It’s almost like your ideas make brain sex with other people’s ideas and you know the idea just ends up being way more amazing when two, three, four or five minds have kind of like discussed it.

Ever since I moved to Asia, I can tell you right now, I’m not the same little boy that initially flew here a couple of years back.

There are so many freaking conversations that I had with amazing, smarter individuals than myself that has made my soul age feel like it’s 40, 50, or 60 years old when I’m still only 25!

What I want to do for you guys is to just share everything that I’m learning.

And for this one, I know it’s not sales.

I know it’s not marketing.

I know it’s not the latest marketing hack.

But what this is, is an ancient philosophy back in ancient Chinese philosophy  like Taoism and Daoism of retaining your semen and not expelling it and using it for your creative genius!

Sometimes, when you’re asking yourself ‘Why do I have a lack of motivation to build my business, to talk to the girl, or to live the lifestyle that I want?’

Most of times, it is because you’re taking away the number one biggest energy that you have, and that’s your sexual energy.


Hell no!

I live in Bali and there’s a lot of amazing people here, so I don’t give that up!

But what I did give up is unconsciously releasing my semen or my sperm or my cum everywhere and anywhere, and instead using that creativity, putting it into my brain as weird as it sounds!

(Read “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Rise of Superman” to make sure you get what I’m talking about so that I don’t just seem like some crazy dude that has just lost his stuff in Bali!)

Check that out!

And I encourage you, man, stop looking at your business as a problem and start looking at what you could change in yourself.

Because all your business is a reflection of who you are as a person.

Now, for your business to 10x, you have to 10x.

What that means is, for your business to 10x, YOUR MOTIVATION ALSO HAS TO 10X!


What’s that fire in your belly?

It could be your ‘WHY’

It could be your sexual energy or it could be whatever!

But make sure that you harness that in a way that it serves you instead of it taking something away from you!

I’ll see you guys in my next blog!

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