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How to Create a 6 Figure Business on Shopify

Learning how to sell on Shopify completely changed my life..

Here was one of my first month’s selling physical products on Shopify..

And after finding a product market fit we ended up scaling like crazy..

But as crazy as it was.. I didn’t actually believe that someone like me could actually achieve these results.

Because before I built a YouTube channel to over 200,000+ subscribers..

Before I lived in over 25+ countries..

And before I wrote the book on side hustles..

I used to spend 8-12 hours every day working as a dental assistant.

Then I realized I was trading all my time away for money that I was never going to have time to spend… makes no sense right?

So while working I found a mentor who taught me this little known done for you system on how to sell simple products online.

After months and months of failure… it finally worked! So I grabbed my ukulele..

Left Everything Behind… And Traveled The World..

Here’s me in Peru

Here’s me swimming with the whale sharks in the Philippines

Here’s me chilling with a monkey in Thailand

The more I started traveling.. the more people started asking questions on exactly how I was able to do it.. and how we found a NEW way to sell products online that did not require a product nor a Shopify website.

So I started teaching people exactly what my mentor taught me

And the more results I was able to help get people.. the more people wanted to copy and paste the exact same system for themselves.

Want to know what that system is?

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