5 Reasons Why I Will NEVER Work a 9-5 Job


You know what blows my mind?

The fact that you, a human being..

With unlimited potential..

Would EVER take orders from someone that is no smarter than you (your boss).

So before you ask yourself the dreaded question, “should I get a job?” or “should I stay working in a job that I hate?”

First take into consideration these 5 reasons that I have experienced in my life on why a nine to five might not be the best idea.

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1. I Don’t Want To Repeat The Cycle

When I went to college, my mom didn’t want me to go into debt.

So, she ended up sacrificing 16 hours of her life every single day to make sure that didn’t happen.

To all her hard work and motivation..

I still ended up with student loan debt.

Lets see how this situation would have played out if I followed allong with what society would have expected me to do.

What I should have done (hypothetical time line):

I should have gotten right out of school and have been forced to find a job.

After 6 months to a year of searching everywhere, I would finally have gotten one in a position that I was overqualified for that underpaid me what I was really worth.

I would have probably met the love of my life at that job..

Perhaps maybe in the accounting department?

Or quite possibly Tinder.

Who knows.

Regardless.. We would have gotten married at age 24.

There we would be. Two kids (whoops I mean adults) ready to face life together.

Whaaaaaaaaa. Out pops a baby.

What can I say, when you get married you’re not gonna not want to have a kid.

So out he comes.

Little Mike V. Junior.

It feels like I blinked 3 times.

And now little Mikey V. Junior is already going to college.

We don’t want little MVJ to go through debt.

So wifey and I would work 16 hours a day.

This cycle WOULD have kept on going. But it didn’t.

This is was actually happened: 

Mom was working 16 hours a day.

I said, “fuck that.”

I found the motivation to build a business.

One finally hit.

I diversified.

Mom no longer works 16 hours.

Mikey V. Junior is nonexistent

Don’t be like everyone that feels forced to work a 9 to 5 job, when there are so many other ways to make money.

If you don’t take this time to educate yourself on these ways. You will be forced to repeat the same debt that your fathers before you and the fathers before them had to go through (game of thrones reference)

So break the cycle.

2. You Are Throwing Away Two Thirds of Your Life

Lets break your life down into stages shall we?

The Adventure Stage: From ages 0 to 18. what did you do?

Sleepovers, sports, playing with friends, family vacations, you name it.. This period of life is honestly the best.

You have no responsibility, no fear, and no worry.

The Relaxation Stage: From ages 65+. What will you do?

Hmm.. lets see.

Retire. Take your wife to Europe. Relax on a boat in florida, drinking a cold one, and watching the sunset with your wife (or husband).

Not bad. Not bad.

Then there is the third stage.

The WHERE THE F*CK DID TIME GO Stage: Ages 18 to 64. This is most likely YOU right now.

You wake up to the sound of the same annoying alarm that you’ve been dreading for years.

You press snooze 18 times and hide under the covers contemplating if you really want to be an adult today.

Finally, you get out of bed, force yourself to shit and eat, brush your teeth – looking in the mirror wondering if today is the day you will actually enjoy work or the day you tell your boss to f*ck off.

You wish it was the latter.

But no.

You gratefully go to the office, say hi to that boss.

And sit their..

In the same spot.

For the next 8 hours.

After what almost feels like an eternity since you’re last break, you can now finally go home.

The good news?

You get to do it all over again tomorrow.

Then in a blink of an eye.

You’re 44 years old. Fat. Depressed. Wondering where the hell time went?

You didn’t even realize it, but you ended up just wasting a good portion of your life.

This happens to more and more people every single day.

Now let me ask you a question.

Why the hell would you do such a thing?

“But Mike I need the money”

Yeah yeah I know. But does it really have to be at a job you hate?

Why on earth would you spend most of your life doing things that you don’t enjoy?

Be careful if you are in the second stage.

Every single second you waste, you can NEVER get that time back.

3. You Feel Unfulfilled

I see this all the time.

From dentists, doctors, lawyers, to other professions where parents convince you, “this is the only way to bring honor to our family” type of nonsense (People who were raised in asian families can relate lol)

And so you follow them.

Thinking that becoming that doctor is the only way to become successful out of life.

Or that being an engineer is the only option.

But fast forward, and there you are.

In the job that you always wanted (or at least the one your parents wanted you to be in).

You have a lot of money.

But do you truly feel fulfilled?

At the end of it all, having a lot of money while still being unfulfilled – that is the ultimate failure in life.

You should work on things that excite you..

You should build things that you are proud of..

But what you shouldn’t do.. Is work at a job you hate when deep down you know its killing you.

And if the reason why you keep on working at your job is just for the money..

Then you need to understand what money really is: a vehicle.

A vehicle to create whatever it is out of life your imagination fancies.

Don’t let it be the reason why you feel forced to stay at a job that you hate.

Because at the end of the day, when you are 85 years old, and on your deathbed..

Ask yourself..

Did you live a life that actually meant something?

Or did you live a life that you were forced to live by the people around you?

Does their opinion of you really matter?


What only matters is you didn’t find fulfillment in life doing the things you loved doing with the people you care about.

4. You Hate Being Told What To Do

This one will be short.

With all due respect, to all those people that tell you what to do, here are two words for them.

F*ck off.

5. You Want to Travel the World

What blows my mind is that there are people out there that have never left their city much less their country.

Guys, there is a whole world out there.

A world that you can explore, a world that you can learn from, and a world filled with friends that you haven’t even met yet.

But that will never happen, if you are stuck at a job.

Traveling was once one of my biggest dreams,

And now it has became a reality.

From hanging out with monkeys, climbing waterfalls, helping rebuild schools in Peru, to simply just being a goofball where ever I went

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in your life.

But it would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE to see as much as I have seen if I had to spend all my time at a job.

So how do you escape the 9 to 5 rat race for yourself?


Separate your time from income.

Find a way to impact more people with less effort.

Or provide a product that people are actively searching for.

Some good resources are:

QUESTION: Whats you’re reason why you don’t want to work a 9 to 5? Comment below!

Hopefully this blog post helped!

Your fellow freedom fighter,

Mike Vestil

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