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The Cold Hard Truth About “Getting Rich Quick”

Let me tell you one thing about my 18 year old self..

I was one jealous mofo..

You see, my first idea of “getting rich quick” was to be a good little boy and to study my butt off so that I could become a dentist.

Can you imagine how much sex appeal that would have been?

“Paging Dentist Mike to Room 8”

Umm.. hell no.

So what changed?

I saw people that were younger than me and no smarter than me… living their dreams, traveling the world, and creating a lifestyle that I didn’t think was possible.

I hated every single one of these people.


Not because they were bad people (they were pretty damn cool),

I was just so stubborn and jealous to think that that was even possible for me.

But then something changed. After stalking as much rich young people as I could on social media (I know I am a creep lol), I figured out the secret on how to get rich quick. Find out in today’s video.

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