The One Question That Will Change Your Life Forever

When I first started, I wanted to make a lot of money.

I wanted to be really passionate with my relationships.

I wanted to just live a life that was fit for an action-adventure-romantic comedy movie..

However, the problem was I’m not getting the lifestyle that I wanted.

Many of you guys you want a lifestyle where you can travel around the world, chase palm trees or an epic sunset

But there’s something about you that is preventing you from getting there.

And the reason why is because you’re not asking yourself this one little question.

In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the one question that you can start asking yourself every single day that can literally change your life!

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A lot of people DM me wanting to know how can they start living the lifestyle that they want.

Guys, if you want to live that action-adventure romantic comedy movie, this is want I want you to understand..

It all really stems from one little question.

And as for me, this same question has literally changed my life forever the moment I started thinking this way.

Back when I was 18 years old when I just got out of a relationship, I was so broke and I had no idea how to pay for college.

My parents and I were struggling to get by.Find out the one question that will change your life forever.

Everything in our life felt so damn hard.

How many of you guys can actually relate to this right now?

Where you’re going through certain types of difficulty, a trial or tribulation where it just seems like the world is pushing you down.

Perhaps, you’re close to succeeding or maybe you’re getting that glimpse of light or fresh air and you’re about to come out of this negative feeling or that negative situation. . 

And suddenly, life punches you in the face again!

That same thing happened to me so many times.

And now all I know is there was ONE QUESTION that had changed my life forever.

The moment you start asking yourself this question, your life can change as well.

Looking at high level mentors like Tim Ferriss or Tony Robbins made me realize where they came from before they get to where they are right now.

These guys were once broke, too.

They didn’t have a network.

Where they started was actually lower than I was yet they were able to live such crazy extraordinary lives.

What’s the difference between me and them?

And this is what I realized…


When I was younger and when I first started in entrepreneurship, I was chasing success.

It’s kind of like chasing a butterfly. .

You’re running after it and you can never actually catch it because what you actually chase and pursue will elude you.

A lot of people are going up to success and going up to the lifestyle that they want with that convincing mentality where they’re trying to take it.

Now the biggest thing that you guys need to realize is, that’s not how success works.


So instead of me asking myself how can I get this, here’s what I did. .

I started asking myself who do I need to become that deserves this lifestyle?

Imagine yourself at the bar and looking at the girl that you want so bad.

Start asking yourself who you need to become that would attract her to you.

What are the things that are going on your life?

How does your lifestyle look like?

What are the beliefs and daily habits that you would need to possess for you to attract that thing that you want in life.

Here’s what I realized…

I was broke, alone, and scared..

I didn’t have any mentors and all my friends were poor.

Well, not just poor financially. They were also poor in their mindset and the way they see life and that was bringing me down.

That’s when I started asking myself questions that will propel me to break free from the mindset and the people that shackle me down to the ground.


I saw Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins building businesses and creating an impact to the world.

I saw that they were the type of people that others looked up to.

That thought propelled me to ask myself how I can get on their level.

And instead of comparing where I was to where they are right now, I started to ask myself who do I need to become that will attract the lifestyle that they have.

Here’s what I did…

I reverse engineered those questions, the lifestyle that these guys have, and knowing the fact that they started with nothing.

From that realization, I asked myself what needed a change in the life of those guys.

What were they thinking back then that shaped them to who they are now.

What were the different words and actions they would tell themselves every single day that I’m not currently doing.


This is how it changed everything forever.

Because the moment I understood that the only difference was the thought process, that’s when everything became easier.

Before I was playing this victim game, I told myself things like…

Maybe life just hates me. .

My life sucks.. All my friends don’t want me to become successful. My mom doesn’t want me to become successful. She just wants me to be a dentist.

And even though those things stuffed my mind all those times, I knew back then that I want something so much more.

And I never even knew how to get there . .

But the moment I answered that question on who I need to become, these three things became a part in my life and I just started thinking about these things that were also inspired by Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.

  • Instead of wishing it was easier, I had to wish that I was better.
  • Instead of wishing for less challenges, I had to wish for more skills.
  • Instead of wishing for less problems, I had to wish for more wisdom.

That made me realize that that was the little shift that I need.

Because whenever problems came to me before, I just accepted it and think that maybe that’s just how life is and I can’t control it.

But this is what I realized…



When I dropped out of college and didn’t know what I’d do for the rest of my life, I could’ve just played the victim mentality and wish for less problems. .

But instead, I realized that the same amount of energy that I was using to to wish for lesser problems, I could wish for more skills.

That little shift of mindset got me into online marketing.

Like I said, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss figured their life out by just reading books, learning from their mentors and figuring stuff out on their end.

And what I knew is I just had to reverse-engineer from them.

Because the fact is, they had similar problems..

And if anything, they have worse problems.

But these guys were still able to live the life that they wanted.

Now this is the biggest thing that I want you guys to realize…

Some of you might be complaining because you already spent a hundred bucks on Facebook ads and are still failing.

But then there’s someone out there that started off way less than you.

These people are even dumber than you but are living their dreams!

That should piss you off, because that pissed me off!

When I found out that I was super smart and then suddenly I became a dentist . .

And there were people that were college dropouts that were no smarter than me, but they were able to make a million dollars . .

I saw them living their life like the way I wanted for myself, man that pissed me off.

So I stopped wishing for less problems and I started wishing for more skills.

Literally, these are the things that I knew back then I needed to grow in:

  • I needed to learn how to invest that money.

Right now, I’m generating all the money that I can online from all the different various business ventures that I have.

About saving money, here I am. I geo-arbitrage as I moved to Bali where I’m just living my dream life and also saving everything, giving it to my parents and my sister so they can actually invest it.

As for the third thing, I now know how to multiply my money by either investing in other businesses or projects or they’re gonna be placed into multi-family home real estate.

That’s gonna grow it around 7-10% every single year and then I’ll pull out 4% every single year when I want to retire in my 40’s or 60’s.

The moment I realized what to focus on, WHAT I FOCUS ON ENDS UP GROWING..


I realized that I’ve been focusing on the wrong things for the longest time.

Now if you’re in a place where you don’t like what you see not just around you but in the mirror, the only thing that needs to change is . .

YOU GOTTA ASK YOURSELF WHO DO YOU NEED TO BECOME that when you’re able to look yourself in the mirror every single day, you’re able to look at the reflection and feel happy with yourself.

To sum up how to become who you need to be, remember these THREE THINGS:

  • Define what it is that you want.
  • See who in your life has that life.
  • Reverse engineer what are the thoughts, actions and beliefs that you’re not currently thinking that they are.

When you understand and settle your mind to the idea that all you need to do is become that kind of person, then you’ll attract the lifestyle and that reality into your life.

This is what I’ve been telling you guys all the time..


If you get that, you could really control your life.

Mind you guys, these are just simple concepts that most people aren’t implementing.

But the moment you start putting it into action, it can really start changing your life.

And one of the best step to get started right now is to get a mentor. So if you want a mentor, click on the link above.

So guys, hopefully that helps.

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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