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by Mike Vestil 

4 Steps To Creating A Wildly Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign

I have spent more than $1 million on Facebook ads.

In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the 4 steps on how to create a wildly profitable

Facebook advertising campaign.

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The biggest thing that I’m excited about this, is the fact that what I’m about to share to you is something that most people don’t talk about.

After spending $1 million on Facebook ads, I’ve figured out the things to do and not to do.Find out the 4 steps on how to actually create a wildly profitable Facebook advertising campaign.

So if you’re a coach, consultant, service provider, or if you have a business or even just an idea, this blog content is for you!

When I first started, I can honestly say that it was friggin’ hard!

I remember when I had a business idea, where I was so excited, I began telling all my friends about it.

I was burning the midnight oil to actually try to build this business!

But the moment that I actually had this product and attempted to put it out there. .

No one bought it!

Even when people started buying it, the revenue was still inconsistent.

It would go up and down, and I didn’t know where to get the next client.

What happened was, I didn’t have a sustainable business where every single month, predictably, I could have an influx of cash flow to actually reinvest back into my business.

And this is the problem: When people start off with Facebook advertising, they’re just spending a lot of money without actually knowing the numbers..

Not even knowing how to get a return of their investments in their Facebook ads.


You give Facebook a dollar, and depending on how you setup your funnel, you get $5 to $10.

Think about this. .

If you gave a lottery machine one dollar and they spit you back around $3 to $10 dollars every single time, how much more would you feed the fire?

How much more would you feed the machine?

That’s what you are about to learn from this blog.

The 4 steps to creating a wildly profitable Facebook advertising campaigns..

It’s about creating a system where every single time you put in a dollar, it gives you back two dollars or even $5 to $10.

Before we begin, understand that 90% of Facebook advertising actually happens OFF of the Ads Manager.


When in reality, in order for you to sell your products, your offers to the masses, to your clients or to people that are gonna buy from you.. IT IS ALL PSYCHOLOGY.

It’s about understanding their pain points better than anybody else, and then providing the solution.

Let’s now break it down.

First things first guys..

You have to understand that it’s all a process.

Before you even create your advertising, all of the content including the headline, ad copy, and  your creatives need to be managed first.

So when you go to Facebook, you just need to encode it.


I remember when I first started in business, I was 19 years old and I was serving clients that didn’t necessarily excite me.

The thing about business is, it’s like marriage.

You don’t marry someone you don’t love (or at least, I hope you wouldn’t!)

You’re gonna marry somebody because you have similar values, you enjoy spending time with them, you know there’s someone that you could actually hang out with.

My problem when I first started was, the clients that I was serving are lazy.

They were procrastinators!

They weren’t serious in actually hitting their income goals.

Because of that, I felt really burned out that I neglected my business for a while.

I told myself that this business was actually meant to give me freedom and fulfillment but now it looks like it’s no longer serving that purpose.

When you pick your dream client, you want to make sure that this is someone that you love to serve.

Tony Robbins talks about it this way..

“You want to find somebody that you love serving. That is how you build a business that not just survives one year, five years, or ten years. But it’s something that could create wealth for you, for your family, for your loved ones and for the people that you care about for the rest of your life.”

It all starts out not with what I can sell to people.

Not what I could sell to people, like things that they don’t need to impress the people they don’t like.

You need to begin asking yourself as to how you can actually serve somebody and give them something that they need because it’s a deep-seated pain point.

Understand that with Facebook advertising and in business in general, if they want to really profit, they want your solution more than they want the money in their pocket.

That is the only way that you can make money to then reinvest back into Facebook ads.

So step one is about defining your customer avatar: your dream clients.

  • Who do you actually serve?
  • Who can you, in every single day, enjoy working with?

Once you can actually define it, you want to ask them what is their biggest pain point.photo

As you can see right here, we have a simple survey that I send out to people whenever I want to serve somebody.

And then I ask ‘What is your one biggest business challenge?’

Of course, they’re gonna give me a long answer. Then you literally just fill this out:


The goal with this is to find the number one biggest pain point on how you could better serve them.

Like I said, all businesses are taking your clients from their extreme nightmare to their future fantasy.

As you can see right here, I have a bunch of responses from people that have filled this out.

So I literally go in and see what is their biggest thing..


the moment you define that, here’s the second thing that you want to do. .


Do they hang out on YouTube?

Do they hang out on Facebook?

Most of the clients that I get (because the YouTube thing is just like a side thing other than the clients that we deal with) is through Facebook Advertising.

What I do once I actually go where they hang out is, I get more of the client research.

This is what you guys gotta understand, YOU ARE NEVER OUT TO HAVE STEP #1.

Every single day as I have conversations with my clients in person or when I meet them up or when I go to events, I literally ask them what is their pain point.

What is the number one thing that is literally hurting them and how can I help solve a problem.

So here’s one of the clients that we have right here now, his name is Brett.


He’s a phenomenal coach that helps women with their relationships!

And it’s super amazing to see him get clients online through our methods that we talked about.

What I would actually do once you go to where they hang out, I want you to find around 10 examples of your ideal clients.

This is where the Facebook advertising is gonna start coming in.

For example, I would find 10 other Facebook profiles just like Brett’s and I’ll go over to the Likes thing.

I know this is kind of like super stalker-ish, but it’s gonna be really good when it comes to your ads and it’s  all gonna make sense.

What I would do is, I would ask myself which one of these interests would more likely (if I met more people in the audience of these people that liked these pages) also be similar to Brett?

Consider Brett being a coach..

So, where can I find other coaches?

That’s what I would ask.

I would just copy that interest and you’re gonna understand where this is coming from later on when I go into the Facebook Ads portion of things.

Look for more people that most likely would fit.

The goal is to go out to Facebook and be like ‘Yo! Can you find me more Brett?

Find around 30 interests.

So now that you have that, this is kind of like where the Facebook ads actually happens.

Now that you know what their biggest pain point is, HOW CAN YOU BAIT THEM?

Bait is something like a free cheat sheet or like if you look at the links below, there’s a bunch of examples.


As you can see right here..


I created this thing called direct response marketing where it’s basically getting somebody that doesn’t know you, and then turning them from cold to warm through storytelling.

This is an example of our Facebook ads that we created.

It’s getting a bunch of shares and likes and it’s really cool!

As you can see, people are enjoying this ad.

In terms of us, our thing that we get people on is either a webinar or a case study.

And from here, it’s a case study for the split test that we did:


So people opt in and then they learn exactly how they get from 30 to 50 high ticket clients every single month without being a slave to the business.

That’s what we teach to our coaches, consultants and service providers.

We’re teaching them how to get out of their business so that they could only work 5 to 10 hours a week..

Focusing on the bigger picture of this so that they can go on fulfilling the vision instead of being a slave to it.

Do you want to know how I got this approach?

It’s because I asked.

I asked what it is that they want.

And when I get that information, I immediately create a bait to hook it.

All of this was based off of the research that I got from the responses on the survey.. (and then from basically stalking my clients like Brett).

Once I actually have these info, I’ll literally write them down in terms of baits.

It could either be VSL, which is a video sales letter. .

It could be a case study, a downloadable file, a free ebook, or it could be a webinar.

If you want an example of it, just go to mikevestil.com and then you could see all of the different baits!

I’m telling you guys, my blog is literally filled with so many freaking baits!

Make sure to check it out because those are all examples of baits that you can use in your business.

Your goal with Facebook advertising is getting really good at direct response marketing.

This is an example of it:


We literally have an attention getter and an interest.

Because people, when they look at your ads, are two things:

They’re like, ‘Alright, who are you?’ and ‘What’s in it for me?’.

So I’m like, okay this is who I am.. and what’s in it for you?


These are the words that weren’t my own words. I literally got it from the survey!

If you guys need more help with direct response marketing, you can just read my ads.

Now if you want more marketing tips including direct response marketing, copywriting, how I actually create words that sell that convince strangers to turn into high ticket clients within like 48 hours. .



This is where the ads come in.

If you’ve never seen something like this before, don’t worry. We got training. It’s literally all below, so check it out!


I would just scroll down and all of these interests once I actually create this, I literally upload this text on to Facebook ads that I did off on Facebook.

Understand that I got this information when I was doing my research. It’s in Google Docs.

I literally went on to Ads Manager at the end once I actually have my client research.

So I have a couple of images and a couple of headlines.

And then my goal is to put this ad in front of all of the Bretts in the world!

Because if they see it and they can resonate with the message, then this is what direct response marketing is.

You put a message in front of somebody that resonates with that message that converts into a sale.

That’s all it is. It’s speaking to one person!


If you try to sell to everybody, YOU SELL TO NOBODY.

Find one person and then get a sample size of ten and then try creating a message that only refers to that one problem.

Then literally in the detail targeting, remember those lists of interests that we got from Brett.

We literally go in and we put these ads in front of them.

So if I wanted to get to more people, if I wanted this ad to get in front of the people that are just like Brett, I would just put it in front of these interests.

There’s so many different other suggestions as well that you could also test. It’s super interesting. That’s the power of Facebook ads.

But like I said, this is just an overview of the four steps to create a wildly profitable Facebook advertising campaign.

Ideally, what you actually want is, you want to get them from Facebook whole traffic to your ad, to your landing page, and then from your landing page to something of value.

You either give them a free download, a case study, a webinar masterclass or anything.

And then that’s how it gets converted to a sale.

So many people overcomplicate things.

Until you actually have this setup, I wouldn’t actually recommend doing all of this.

The only reason why I’m making these youtube videos is because all of this is already systematized for my business.

So for me, how can I stir the pot?

How can I add more value to the marketplace?

And how can I create systems where now I’m focusing on SEO, on YouTube, on content and branding?

It all actually stemmed from these guys..

When I spent a million dollars on Facebook, I was a nobody on YouTube.

I had no brand.

I had no business.

But until I actually got this simple funnel setup (which we have a FREE training below) . .

That is when I actually started to diversify.

But I didn’t diversify until I mastered this simple thing: getting somebody who doesn’t know me onto a landing page, onto something of value, and then converting them to sales.

That’s it guys. Hopefully this helps!

What other problems do you guys have in business?

Comment below your biggest pain point and give me the most detail on what is your current problem.

What is going on in your business life?

How can you better scale?

What do you wish you could do if you could build your business?

How can I help you?

Let me know if you want more of the free training and the free resources.

I’ll see you guys on the next blog!

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