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by Mike Vestil 

Is Dropshipping Dead? 2022 Dropshipping Trends

Dropshipping is a great business model for many entrepreneurs. It allows them to be their own boss and not have to worry about managing inventory or customer service. The question is, though: is dropshipping worth it? 

Dropshipping isn’t perfect, especially when it comes to current trends. Several factors can affect the success of your dropshipping business in the future, such as changes in consumer behavior and new technologies that emerge over time. 

To help you stay on top of these trends, we created this article in which we will discuss the current 2021 trends and those that are likely to emerge over the next few years. These trends will have a significant impact on dropshipping, so make sure that you’re aware of them before deciding whether or not this business model is right for you.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model in which e-commerce retailers do not keep goods in stock; instead, they act as a middleman between manufacturers and consumers. Sellers typically use the manufacturer’s wholesale prices to be able to buy at retail prices, and then sell at a profit on their online store. This allows them to offer products at competitive prices without the risk of carrying inventory or managing customer service. 


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The term “dropshipping” comes from an analogy: think about how you might have gone shopping with your mom when you were young. Your mom would buy some clothes while she was out and deliver them to your house, but they were not part of her closet at that moment. This is exactly what dropshipping is. 

You can easily earn money by selling products online without the need to invest in inventory, but it’s important to understand that you are not a retailer or manufacturer. Instead of owning products, you will be acting as a middleman between wholesalers and consumers; this means that your job is to make sure that orders are correctly fulfilled and delivered. This requires establishing relationships with manufacturers, shippers and other e-commerce platforms like Amazon. But don’t worry — once your business gets up and running, you should find it easy to manage things on your own. This makes it easier than other models when it comes to getting the financial freedom associated with this business model.

Is Dropshipping Worth It? 

Some people wonder if this business model is worth it because they think that their profit margins will be very low. This is not the case. If you use dropshipping as a means to sell products and earn money, then your profit margins will be much higher than if you were to invest in your inventory.

Who Is It For?

As we mentioned above, dropshipping is a great business model for many entrepreneurs. It allows you to be your boss and not have to worry about managing inventory or customer service. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s right for everybody.

If you are a retailer who wants to sell products that you already own (as opposed to sourcing them from a wholesaler), this is not the best model for you. This is because if the stock of an item runs out, you won’t be able to fill any extra orders, as there will be nothing in your possession.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money from the comfort of your own home, while also being your boss. But, how much money can be made? Well, this will depend on several factors:

  • The price that you sell each product for
  • How much profit you’ll keep after paying for the item and shipping it to your customer

This will determine what kind of profit margin you can earn. If you don’t like having low margins, make sure that you keep an eye on how much people pay for products in different markets so that you can set competitive prices.

Making 300 USD per day is quite doable when you have your business set up and running, so keep reading to know more about the advantages that dropshipping can bring you as a business model.

Dropshipping Advantages

The following are some of the advantages that have made this model so appealing.

Low Barrier to Entry

You only need to have a few pieces of information about the product that you want to sell, which will allow you to profit from your sales. This means that getting started is quite an easy process.

No Inventory Management

No inventory management is required for this business model, so it’s ideal for people who don’t want the responsibility of carrying products in their homes. The low barrier to entry for this model means that anyone can make money from dropshipping — as long as they can set competitive prices and generate some initial traffic.


The extra cash flow that can be generated by using dropshipping is another attractive quality of this business model. This is because once an order has been placed, the cash will be sent directly to the manufacturer. 


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You will then receive your payment after filling this order and sending it to the customer. This means that you won’t have to wait too long before receiving income from your dropshipping business.

Test New Products With Minimal Risk

If you are a retailer who wants to try out some new products, dropshipping is a great option because it allows you to test them without taking on any inventory management responsibilities. If these products perform well in terms of sales volume and profit margin, they could be added to your product line-up; you should also take into account whether or not they can be sold at competitive prices in different marketplaces, like Amazon.

Generate Passive Income

The final attractive aspect of dropshipping is that it can generate passive income. As long as you can set competitive prices and pay for products on time, the profit will keep coming in.

Dropshipping Risks and Cons

On the flip side let’s now look at the risks and cons of dropshipping.

The initial investment can be high, as you will need to purchase several products to test this business model. Make sure that you only spend what you can afford to lose so that you don’t risk your cash flow as a result of expensive products or creating an unprofitable pricing model.

You will need to make sure that your dropshipping company is reliable and trustworthy in terms of sending out the right items and generating sales for your store. If something goes wrong during this process, it could harm your reputation and hurt future sales.

If you are not careful with how much profit you keep after paying for the product and shipping it to the customer, you may be unable to generate sustainable profits. Plus, it can be difficult to find reliable suppliers and manufacturers, especially if you are just starting. This is because anyone who is listed as a supplier might not always send out the same product or quantity as they say that they will. You may also need to pay for samples before being able to get any products shipped at all.

If you want to expand your range of dropshipping products, the only way to do this is to find new manufacturers in different markets. This adds an extra layer of complexity that will increase your workload and require you to manage more cash flow.

If your customer doesn’t understand how dropshipping works and believes that they are purchasing from an inventory, there is a risk that they may be upset at being disappointed when their delivery arrives late or without the resources they needed. This may also damage your customer service reputation.


Image Credit: http://oberlo.com

Dropshipping Trends

Some people believe that dropshipping in 2021 is dead. Here are some reasons why this is not true:

1. E-commerce Is Still Booming

The e-commerce industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning that dropshipping will be an attractive business model for many retailers. More online store owners will probably want to try out this method of sales as a potential new way to boost cash flow.

2. Mobile Devices Are More Popular Than Ever

Mobile phones are one of the most common ways to search online, which means that it’s very easy for shoppers to find products and place orders without needing a PC or laptop. This could lead to increased demand for dropshipping, as more people who are on the go look to buy products immediately instead of having to wait until they get home.

3. The Popularity of Global Marketplaces Like Amazon and eBay

We are still in the early stages of e-commerce, so we haven’t reached peak sales yet. More and more people are turning to online stores to purchase goods because they can shop from anywhere in the world — at any time of day. This is driving huge demand for dropshipping products across many markets.

Alibaba is also another big marketplace that many dropshippers use to get their products from. Here is the information related to Alibaba’s shipping costs, in case you want to consider it for your dropshipping business.

4. The Number of Dropship Suppliers Will Keep Growing

As the number of online retailers continues to increase over time, it will be easier and easier for suppliers to start their own business by selling wholesale products through different resellers as dropshippers. More wholesalers mean more competition on different marketplaces which could drive prices down even further than before.

5. Customers Want Convenience

This could also lead to an increased demand for dropshipping because it’s a convenient way for customers to order products.


Image Credit: http://oberlo.com

Online stores can also remove the need for customers to pay high shipping costs and wait for slow delivery times, which is another plus point of this method.

6. It’s Cheaper Than Ever Before

Dropshippers have been able to keep their prices low by combining many different wholesale products into one package of value-added items. Doing this has helped them to lower the price of each product without losing out on profit margins either. This means that you should be able to find some great deals when you get started with your dropshipping store.

Common Questions About Dropshipping 

How Does Dropshipping Work on Amazon and eBay?

Dropshipping on Amazon and eBay requires you to find a third-party that will provide the products for resale, then sell them to your customers. This can be easy if many dropship companies offer their services on these sites, but also difficult when looking for suppliers from other countries. As long as you know how and where to look, it should not be too difficult.

How Is Dropshipping Legal?

When it comes to the legal aspect of dropshipping, the good news is that this business model does not require you to hold any inventory. Dropshipping allows you to buy products in bulk from wholesalers or manufacturers at a low cost, and then resell them on a marketplace like eBay or Amazon; a third-party courier service will then deliver it directly to your customer. This has allowed many sellers through their store without actually holding onto any inventory themselves.


In conclusion, when it comes to answering the question, “is dropshipping worth it?”, the answer is yes. 

Dropshipping is a great way for businesses to generate cash flow without needing to carry and manage inventory. It is not an easy business model, but it can be rewarding in the long run if you put in some hard work.

All in all, dropshipping is an excellent way for new entrepreneurs looking to get into e-commerce because it’s simple and inexpensive compared to other methods of selling goods online — without holding onto inventory. This business model is already being used by many people around the world. So, is dropshipping dead? Absolutely not!

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