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by Mike Vestil 

Best Email Newsletter Software To Capture & Engage Subscribers

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Newsletter campaigns are still some of the most popular email marketing campaigns around. 

Despite the increasing popularity of social media and other forms of online marketing, newsletters remain one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers and keep them updated on your products or services.

As a business, you can use newsletters to keep your customers informed on what's going on with your company, ensuring that your customers stay in touch with the business. 

This can help build customer loyalty and encourage them to return to your website or store again in the future.

When choosing email newsletter software, it's essential to consider the needs of your business. What is the general topic of the newsletter? How often will it be delivered? What kind of content will be included? These questions will affect your choice of email newsletter software and will provide you with the right advantages to get ahead in your business.

In this article, I'll look at why you should be using newsletters in your business, the benefits of such newsletters, and the right software you should be looking at.

Let’s get right into this topic.

Why Do Newsletters Matter In Marketing?

Email newsletters are still some of the best ways to get your message out there when it comes to effective marketing. Customers will start looking forward to receiving their newsletter every so often, depending on how frequently you send them. When customers receive this email newsletter, they know that there's something of value waiting for them inside.

Keeping a customer base engaged with the business's new offers and activities is essential to maintaining customer loyalty, retaining customers, and increasing their lifetime value. 

With that said, some newsletters are more effective than others. To get the most out of your newsletter campaigns, it's essential to understand what makes them effective so you can make sure that your newsletters are working for you rather than against you.

List Of Popular Newsletter Software

The following are some examples of email newsletter software that you can use for your business.


Best For Providing A Simple Email Newsletter Solution That Scales As You Do


AWeber can help you leverage your brand to grow your customer base from a single platform. Use AWeber to send out emails and track the results of those campaigns while getting suggestions on how you can improve your ROI.

Simple marketing solutions may be used to achieve quicker success and for a fraction of the cost.

If you want to take your email business to the next level in no time, then AWeber is one solution to consider.

Landing pages are an extremely effective way to improve sales and attract new consumers. You can use a pre-designed template or build your own - with AWeber, you can quickly launch landing pages in minutes.

AWeber helps create a strong bond between you and your customers by keeping them updated on what's happening within your business. This kind of email is an excellent way to nurture relationships over time, even long after they have purchased from you.

Build customer loyalty by sending newsletters that include exclusive offers and announcements that only your customers would be interested in.

AWeber also allows you to send bulk emails to a large audience, making it an excellent choice for businesses with an extensive email list of leads and customers.

It's also essential that you don't end up in the junk folder, and Aweber makes sure that every email sent to a recipient is 100% deliverable.

Key Features

  • Use AWeber’s landing page builder to launch landing pages in minutes.
  • Send newsletters to a large number of subscribers.
  • Easy email automation and autoresponders help nurture relationships.
  • Build pre-designed templates and pages to suit your specific needs.
  • Create eCommerce pages with ease for those involved in this industry.
  • Send highly targeted and segmented newsletters based on customer behavior.



With a free package that allows you to get started and test out this software, there is a pro package for those who want to scale their email marketing.

This starts at $16.15 per month (billed annually) and is based on the number of subscribers on your list.


Best For Creating Email Campaigns Without Coding


BEE Pro is one of the most comprehensive, no-code email and landing page design suites available for ambitious marketers. 

BEE Pro's drag-and-drop interface and WYSIWYG editor enable you to create emails and pages rapidly. It also gives you the design flexibility, features, and the ability to use the same page for multiple purposes without any coding requirements.

Ready-to-go email designs make it faster than ever to design beautiful campaigns. With BEE Pro’s includes pre-designed templates, you can create newsletters, product promotion pages, and other marketing materials with less work.

All your emails and pages are mobile responsive - in fact, with BEE Pro, everything looks great, no matter if emails are seen on the smallest of screens to the largest monitors.

BEE Pro gives you everything you need to create, deliver, and measure your email marketing, from newsletters to transactional emails.

Instantly convert any email into a landing page, add relevant content (including signup forms), and distribute it with one click.

Whether you're a freelancer looking to get started with automated emails, an agency looking for a complete email and landing page solution for your clients, or part of a large organization with more significant needs, BEE Pro is ready to help you reach all your business goals.

Key Features

  • With commenting possible on any element, it is easy to get feedback from all users.
  • Drag and drop elements mean that no coding is required.
  • Users' roles & permissions help manage who has access to the account.
  • Dozens of additional features and capabilities are available, including changing colors, icons, tags, conditional logic, etc.
  • Thanks to real-time reporting and analytics, you can increase your email sending capacity while maintaining control with intelligent, automated solutions.



There are three pricing plans available, as follows:

There is also a 15-day free trial available on all plans for you to test out the platform.


Best For Designing New Campaigns In Minutes


Benchmark provides you with email marketing that is easy to use and helps you build a list of subscribers who are more likely to buy from you in the future.

You can design, send and track your campaigns in minutes, with no set-up required - making it excellent for beginners and veterans alike.

With powerful tools that help streamline your workflow, the interface allows you to create campaigns without coding or technical skills.

The solutions you need are easy to find for this platform’s interface, so you may get back to cultivating your list in no time while building connections that boost actions taken and sales.

If you want to increase the ROI of your most important marketing assets while spending less time and money on email, Benchmark can help.

It provides a robust email marketing tool that is easy to use, helping you streamline your workflow and get the results you’re after.

Key Features

  • Drag & Drop email builder helps you create beautiful, eye-catching emails without coding.
  • Pre-built responsive email templates that are mobile-friendly help you reach all of your subscribers, no matter what device they use.
  • Basic segmentation lets you send targeted messages to your subscribers while saving time chasing after those that do not fit specific criteria.
  • A/B split testing allows you to test different elements of your campaigns, like subject lines, send times, layouts, and more.
  • Website tracking & analytics provide you with advanced reporting, so you can see who is opening your emails and clicking through.



There is a free package that can help you get started. After that, the packages available (based on the number of contacts in your list) are as follows:

The above refer to a monthly charge.

Campaign Monitor

Best For Getting The Best Possible Deliverable Rates


Campaign Monitor drives email newsletter results with a powerful marketing platform that's easy to use and integrates with all your favorite tools.

Campaign Monitor gives you the technology, services, and support you need to design and deliver great-looking campaigns that turn subscribers into customers.

With Campaign Monitor's simple email marketing and automation solutions, connecting with customers as soon as their interest is piqued ensures they become repeat buyers and valuable brand advocates.

If you want to drag and drop your way to email marketing success, Campaign Monitor is the email marketing service for you.

Campaign Monitor is well known for its high deliverability rates, making it one of the best email marketing service industry options.

Leverage this to send targeted messages that increase ROI and nurture customer relationships.

As with any of the top platforms, being able to send responsive emails that read well on mobile devices is crucial. With Campaign Monitor, you can reach your subscribers, no matter the device they’re using.

Key Features

  • With free templates to get you started, you can select from a range of paid options to customize and improve your campaigns as needed.
  • With their drag & drop email builder, it's easy to create beautiful, effective email designs without coding knowledge.
  • Create engaging emails that work to increase your click-through rates with A/B Testing.
  • Segment using various criteria to send personalized communication and nurture customer relationships.
  • Get more insight into who's opening, clicking, and sharing your emails with detailed reporting and tracking.



The following are the pricing plans offered by Campaign Monitor:


Best For Ensuring Your Email Reputation Is Kept To A High Standard


Campaigner is a highly effective multi-channel marketing automation solution.

Send personalized emails and text messages to win customers and increase sales while automating your lead-generating activities to improve your ROI.

You can also use Campaigner to protect your sender reputation and manage your marketing inbox, so you know exactly who it is that's receiving your messages.

Campaigner provides a Litmus-like spam testing feature to protect your sender reputation and deliverability rates.

With Campaigner's Reputation Defender, you can enhance campaign performance, delivery rates, email interaction, and ROI. 

This means that Reputation Defender will check your IP reputation, email engagement levels, and list hygiene compliance to ensure that your emails get delivered as they should.

Campaigner is an actual multi-channel marketing automation solution company with way more on offer than email automation.

Campaigner provides a wide range of customer data and behavior analysis tools, so you can find out exactly who your best customers are.

If you want to create entire customer journeys, Campaigner is also a good option.

You can create unique customer journeys for each subscriber, including email and SMS, by going above and beyond essential email automation chains.

Key Features

  • Build a strong foundation for your email marketing activities with opt-in features that allow subscribers to choose when they hear from you.
  • Capture traffic and prospects by adding different types of content, including forms, custom links, and content locker features to increase subscriber engagement.
  • Automate & Nurture clients by segmenting subscribers according to who they are and what step they are in for their customer journey.
  • At scale, you can have meaningful discussions with hyper-customized messages so customers can choose where to take their business.



There are four pricing plans available with Campaigner, based on your needs and requirements:

Constant Contact

Best For Using Sms Marketing To Connect With Subscribers


Constant Contact provides you with everything you need to start, develop, and succeed in marketing your email newsletters.

Suppose you want to grow an audience that will boost your business, get more customers and enjoy a robust platform that enables you to automate your marketing activities. In that case, Constant Contact is a great option to consider.

Connect with people daily on the different devices they’re on - with features such as mobile-responsive email templates, mobile SMS campaigns, and more, so your audience can always stay in the know with what you’re up to.

You may also take advantage of a CRM platform that makes acquiring and engaging contacts easy.

A landing page builder also makes it effortless to create and launch effective lead generation pages.

Key Features

  • Design templates are the key to creating polished, high-impact marketing pieces to boost brand recognition.
  • Easily edit templates with drag-and-drop modules and built-in design tools that offer convenient customization.
  • Browse hundreds of designs to find the perfect theme for your business, including social media, email marketing, blogging, networking, advertising, and events.
  • Use the right landing pages to capture leads and track conversions with a no-hassle, one-page solution for content marketing.
  • Connect your apps with email marketing so that you can create a single platform for your marketing automation needs.



There are two pricing plans available with Constant Contact:

The price of both of these options depends on the number of contacts in your email subscription list.


Best For Capturing Leads And Selling Products


ConvertKit is a great email marketing platform for bloggers who want to increase their email engagement.

You may also use ConvertKit in various ways, including as a lead generation tool to send high-quality leads to your sales team and close more deals.

ConvertKit is all about capturing leads and selling products, so it is the best platform for those who want to grow their email income effectively.

Use beautiful landing pages designed to help you sell, or go right into your sales funnel with lead magnets that will get your newsletter subscribers talking.

ConvertKit is all about driving conversions through your email list with the ability to create effective email funnels.

You can also create lasting connections with many subscribers who will be happy to hear from you.

Selling both subscriptions and digital products through your email list is easy with ConvertKit, which will help you save time and get more sales - both short and long-term.

Key Features

  • Reduce your marketing time and concentrate on generating leads using email campaigns that are ready to go.
  • Create high-quality leads with lead magnets or capture leads within your sales funnel.
  • You may expand your audience into a highly targeted one by converting casual visitors into subscribers.
  • Manage large lists with ease, making it easy to track the performance of your marketing initiatives.



With a free option that is just right for those starting out building their list, the paid pricing plans are the following:

Both of these prices are quoted for a list of up to 300 subscribers.

The Benefits Of Email Newsletter Software

There are several key benefits to running a marketing campaign via email newsletters:

The Open Rate Is Generally High

While email marketing software open rates are lower than other platforms such as direct messaging on social networks, they remain relatively high if the right processes are followed. For instance, some email marketing software open rates range from 20 percent to 40 percent per email sent.

When you consider that email marketing is one of those marketing tools with advanced features and that one doesn’t have to pay extra for sending as many emails as needed, it makes a lot of sense to have an email marketing strategy in your business.

Email Newsletters Are Targeted

If you take the time to build a newsletter whose subscribers are interested in what you have to say, you can achieve long-term results. 

This type of marketing is an opportunity for small business owners to promote their products and services without paying for advertising. When it comes down to it, email marketing software is about showing customers what they need and delivering it immediately at the click of a button.

In addition, a social media page might be reported and removed. An email marketing list is yours to keep, which means that it can provide your business with a long-term source of income if nurtured properly.

Maintaining Brand Recognition Is Not Difficult

Creating an email campaign with all your brand information can help you build brand awareness. By adding logos, color palettes, and other brand-specific effects, your customers will appreciate that they are engaging with a professional business.

Remember that these types of marketing campaigns are not limited to email newsletters. You can also extend your reach by using apps that allow you to create more compelling templates.

Some email marketing software also allows you to add video and audio within your email templates, making it possible for your customers to get an interactive idea of what your business is all about.

An Email Newsletter Campaign Is Cost-Effective

A newsletter campaign doesn't require much time or money to set up. You don't need a team dedicated only to social media outreach, either. Because email newsletters have been around for years, they are the preferred marketing tool for many small businesses.

There's no denying the power of an email list, especially when building lasting customer relationships. While smartphone app revenue growth may be slowing down, this type of marketing will continue to maintain its popularity because it's a cost-effective way to promote a business.

A Drag And Drop Editor Makes It Easy To Create Your Project

Creating your newsletter with many email marketing services offering drag and drop features for their email builder is easy.

This feature is ideal for those who aren't professional web designers and don't know how to code. A newsletter template can be easily customized based on your preference, giving you more control over the look and feel of your website.

Email Marketing Has High ROI

Many businesses continue to invest in email newsletters because it's one of the most flexible types of marketing campaigns.

Email newsletters are highly effective when it comes to conversions, and this will increase your chances of getting more leads and sales, regardless of the size of your customer base.

Email Newsletter Segmentation Is To Execute

By using the automation features found in some of the best email marketing software, you will be able to send different emails to different customers.

This type of email segmentation is highly effective to target specific parts of your audience and increase overall customer engagement. You can send specific messaging that addresses unique concerns for each group of people on your email list.

Customer Data Protection Is A Priority

When choosing one of the top-rated software providers, make sure they prioritize data security. A dedicated team should handle any complaints regarding sensitive information so that your customers can feel confident in engaging with your brand.

With many strict laws regarding data protection, ensure that you do not buy email lists and that you are constantly building up such lists yourself. In addition, be sure to give people an unsubscribe link in each email, allowing them to remove themselves off a list if they decide to do so.

Complying with email marketing laws is crucial if you want to find long-term success in email marketing.

A Free Plan To Get Started Is Common

If you're still on the fence about building an email newsletter, it's important to remember that there's usually no risk involved. A good email marketing service will offer a free plan so that you can test out their software before making a long-term commitment.

This also means that if an email marketing campaign software is not for you, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription and try different software.


Email newsletter software is an affordable way to promote your business. By using one of the top email marketing services mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to start sending out business-related newsletters and watch as your brand grows in popularity.

Remember that the aim is to provide value to your customers, and that's why you should always keep your customers' best interests at heart when designing and sending out your newsletters.

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