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by Mike Vestil 


One of the aspects that I’m gonna share today is how to be more present..

Out of your own head and get rid of overthinking everything in life.

May it be in your relationships, your business, or life in general. 

Instead of having a mental overload, you will be able to release and surrender into the abundance that actually exists in life.

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I want to talk about a way on how to kill overthinking and the entire science behind it so that whenever you’re building a business. .

Find out the 4 ways to STOP OVERTHINKING forever!

If you’re in relationships or whatever aspect in life that causes you or tend to overthink, to struggle, and to constrict knowing exactly what to do without letting your mind second-guess yourself.

Because sometimes, our brain, as amazing as it is, in terms of human evolution..


Let’s now go over to the first step when it comes to overcoming any type of overthinking and how to stop it!


As humans, we overthink because that’s what has kept us alive for the past thousands of years.

And if you didn’t overthink as a human being, you would be a psychopath. You would be a sociopath.

So if you overthink, if you’re like, ‘man why am I overthinking this decision? Why do I not know what to do today? Why do I feel like when I want to talk to that girl, there’s all this nonsense and excuses in my brain that prevents me from wanting to go over there and say hi?’

Well, it’s just because you’re human.

It’s one of the biggest reasons for our survival and it’s because we’re able to see and analyze the situation. .

The fact is, thinking and analyzing things on our mind actually allows us to survive or die.

Understand that it’s alright to overthink because that’s what makes you human. 

But the moment you are conscious about the fact that it’s no longer serving you..

Because we live in an age where we’re not dying.. We’re not in survival mentality. 

And us overthinking is just us compensating in ways on, ‘oh we’re not dying from lines and from other tribe members killing us. What else can we analyze now? Oh, we could analyze fear of the cold.. We could analyze approaching anxiety.. We can analyze that you’re failing in a business.’

And then you overanalyze things that just relate to our prehistoric ancestors. 

If you’re afraid, therefore, you overanalyze business.

It’s because back in the day, if you lose your resources as a tribe leader, your entire tribe would starve.

If you talk to the wrong girl and you overanalyze it in your mind, that’s because “back in the day,” if that’s the Chief’s daughter, you would be killed especially if you belong to the lower class of society.

If you’re afraid of getting in cold water, it’s because back in the day, if you get into cold water, you freaking die of hypothermia, and you know that you wouldn’t survive.

So understand the logical brain and the fact that your overthinking has kept us alive for a long time.

But the moment you understand that ‘hey we’re alive. We have no near instances of being in a deadly situation’, then you could start getting to the next level.


The moment you understand that overthinking is normal, its natural.

It is fine.

Once you understand that it’s okay, that’s when you could start raising your consciousness to another level where you end up silencing your mind.

This is one of the most interesting concepts that I’ve learned especially while traveling.

The brain doesn’t work when it’s under tension. It works through relaxation.

Notice how most people wake up in the morning, they wake up and then they look at their phone and start reacting.

Remember those days when you have thoughts in the morning where you say, ‘oh my God, I have to answer this message.’

‘I have to do this today.. I have to go buy a freaking milk. I have all these chores to do.’

Most of us are used to checking our emails and say to ourselves things like, ‘oh my God, the client is complaining.’

If you can resonate with that, then it means that we are in constant reaction with life and whatever the universe throws at us.

Our brain naturally overthinks all the things day to day.

And because of that, it prevents our genius thoughts from actually rising! 

One of the best ways that I found, in terms of silencing the mind, is through meditation.

It’s one of the most amazing concepts!

Essentially, what you do is you silence the mind.

When thoughts come in, because they’re gonna come in, you’re gonna try to silence your mind. 

It will try its best to breakout and say, ‘oh but I have to check this email, oh what about this girl, I have to text this person, this person didn’t text me back.. oh, does this girl likes me.. Is that good business? Is that person making fun of me, or is that person judging me?’

All these thoughts bombard your freaking brain..

The fact is, you can’t freaking think but then you say, ‘release.’  

Just understand that it’s your overthinker and your over-logical brain.


Appreciate that it’s there and then you let it go.

Then what happens is, the thoughts start coming in sporadically until it becomes slower..

And if you can, imagine your brain having these small bubbles of thoughts going up and bursting until your brain becomes literally silent.

What’s gonna happen next is that you’ll actually hear the sounds in your room (or if you’re outside, you could actually hear the birds for the first time).

If you’re reading this from your computer, if you really pay attention and you’re very silent, you could actually hear the hum of the air-conditioning in the room.

These are the things that you felt like they didn’t exist but has always been there. It’s physically there, but then now, you begin to become aware of their existence.

What happens when you start silencing the mind is you get rid of those noise.

Because our brain is like a caged monkey. It’s just trying to let you to survive. 

The moment you silenced the caged monkey in your mind and the thought bubbles start coming in slowly and slowly is where the pure thoughts of geniusness come in.

It tells you exactly what to do to take your business to the next level.

It tells you exactly what to do to increase the passionate love in your life.

It tells you exactly what to do in any single point of life.

And for me, whenever I have a pain point or a struggle, I tend to overthink.

What I do is, I just go into my silent position and instead of overthinking, I have to underthink it..


Allow your subconscious mind and all of its infinite glory and wisdom to just overflow by letting those thoughts to subside.

Allow them to start coming to the surface because then, when the mind is at the most silenced and most relaxed, is when those ideas come in.

That’s what you need to get to the next level. .


I learned this when I was still active in the dating world.

When I first made my money online, I had all the money that I needed but I also had social anxiety.

I had no idea how to talk to someone that I was attracted to. I had no idea how to relate to human beings because I was always working on advertising, marketing and sales on my computer.

I didn’t actually resonate with anybody because I was at that point in my life of being just like a cyborg.

So, if you pointed at me and said, ‘hey, say hi to that pretty girl,’

I would flinch and just shut down.

If you told me to talk to that really wealthy businessman and tell them to get an investment or a deal..

I wouldn’t even know what to say and I would never do it because I have always been in fear.

But the moment I learned this third step about your feet needing to move faster than your brain, was the moment that everything changed.

Now what do I mean by that?


There’s this concept in dating that they teach you when you see a pretty girl or you see someone that you’re attracted to..

On the other side, if your feet doesn’t move faster than your brain, your excuses are gonna start piling up.

That’s how I was taught.

When I took all this money that I made and I was like, ‘okay I suck at relationships. I need to focus on how to get more charismatic. I need to focus on how to actually relate with the opposite sex. I have to learn how to relate with other alpha men in the tribe.’

With that being said, your brain is actually killing you, man!

The moment you’re overthinking, it’s your brain (when we were talking about step 1) that is over-analyzing the situation to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVAL.

But we’re in a day and age where if you mess up, you don’t die.

You still survive.

If anything, you literally get an experience on exactly what not to do next time.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

If you see a pretty girl, I literally had to run at her and say the first thing that came in my mind before all the excuses started coming in. 

Because even to this day, if you show me a very attractive woman and you told me ‘okay Mike, talk to her..’

But if I just stand there and stare at her for 10 minutes..

That is when the anxiety would start coming in because you’re allowing the mind to think.

That’s when I would start, ‘oh, what if she has a boyfriend, what if she thinks I’m stupid, what if she thinks I’m dumb’

That’s when you start talking yourself out of the most amazing opportunities in your life.

Think about this. .

Every single time you always wanted something and you actually ended up getting it, the moment you actually got it, you have to GET THROUGH A LITTLE BIT OF RESISTANCE.

It’s like a “flinch moment” where you almost didn’t do it but because you went over the flinch (which we talked about in an old video), you’re actually able to achieve the things that you wanted.

For example in business, I took that concept of making my feet move faster than my brain in every aspect of life. It’s called SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION.

Tony Robbins talks about this all the time.

If you do not marry an idea with an action within five minutes, then it’s gone forever.

Think about this..

How many times in your life that you had an idea and you never did it and before you know, you look on YouTube and you look out there and someone else did your idea!


But then someone else actually did it and applied it.

It doesn’t matter how successful or amazing your idea is. It’s worth nothing if it’s not married with an applied action.

That’s why for me, if you meet any of my friends and you ask them what’s the one thing that Mike is known for..

They’d tell you it’s speed of implementation.

It’s not because I’m smart.

It’s because I turn my brain off..

When I know I have an idea, it literally takes me less than five seconds to do something and to move it forward.

I have to be honest, there were times that those moves lost me a lot of money..

But if you look at the time frame in the horizon and the learning experience, it was such a more profitable decision!

I can’t tell you how many times that I first started business.

I had this business idea and within five seconds I bought the domain name, I created a website, and I already started creating the product within five seconds because this is what I needed to do.

Because I know the moment I don’t take an action, it would just be gone forever and it would never happen. .

Then I would just be stuck overanalyzing. I might say things like,  ‘What if I do this business idea or what if it fails, or what if they don’t buy, what if people think I’m stupid, or what if none of my family and friends support me and what am I going to do..’

So the next time you tend to overthink and worry..


To not even think and to just jump in.

It’s the same with what I learned in the Wim-Hof method.

Right when you see the ice water, your logical brain’s like ‘I don’t want to get in that cold,  that’s not comfortable.’

Even to this day, when I get into five degrees celsius water, I still hesitate and flinch a little bit.

But I understand that that’s my logical brain thinking.

I know if I just throw myself into the situation then, I will be able to survive and handle whatever it is that life has for me, or the cold in this specific situation.


Get so good at going out there and failing and just getting so much negativity that you start creating what is known as, hyper feedback loops on how to better succeed and get it faster.

For example, the reason why I don’t overthink is because I let the environment do the thinking for me.

I let the feedback from everyone else around me do the thinking for me.

Because when I start overthinking, I get into the story.

And I think of all the hypothetical situations that could have happened when essentially, all I really need to do is just do as many things as possible to get as much feedback from the environment as possible.

Then, I change my approach!

So for example, when it took all the money that I made and I started focusing on personal development, I started traveling around the world, I started getting good at my social skills, my charisma, and my confidence..

One of the things that I did was, I literally had to go into the most uncomfortable situations and I had to say hi to people.

It could be an attractive girl or simply going out with a multi-millionaire businessman in Vegas.

I had to go say hi to that person in that situation and it was crazy because these are situations that no ordinary sane person would go through.

But because I did it so many times what happened was, the first time was horrible. .

The guy just stiffed on me.

And I thought of it that, that was not the right approach.

But when you start seeing and doing things over and over again, you start seeing patterns. You start seeing that the rejections are the same.

And then what happens, especially in sales, if you’re good at phone sales like I used to do sales back in the day..

I would get leads from Craigslist and then close them on the phone for my direct sales company.

And there’s only so many rejections and so many objections that they could tell you but I didn’t think about them. I didn’t overthink like, ‘what if they say this..’

I literally went out there until the marketplace told me exactly what their objections are.

Once you hear an objection over and over again, you develop an auto-response on exactly how to do it.

It’s like when you are on a date or if you’re ever out in your traveling and you have the same questions asked over and over again..

Or whenever you go back to the holidays and you, your parents and grand parents get asked the same set of questions year after year.

Tendency is, you get to develop answers for yourself in response to the similar questions that you get asked for many times by those people.

But think about this..

Those are questions that don’t necessarily serve you.

How many times did you get asked ‘oh what do you do for work?’ over and over and over again.

You got so bored of that question and it turned into an unconscious answer because your brain is on autopilot and it’s trying to be efficient. 

So the moment someone asks you ‘what do you do for work?’ and you’re like ‘engineering’ or ‘dentistry.’

You don’t even think.

It’s just that that’s what your brain was wired together to answer. But that’s because that question was what you were training your brain to.

Think about this..

If you can train your brain how to be on autopilot when your grandma asks you like ‘what do you do for work, how is school,  what’s business like?’

You can also train your brain into an autopilot machine on how to respond to certain situations by getting feedback from the environment a thousand times.

I don’t recommend just like freaking doing spam approaching but I’m just saying..

If you say hi a thousand times, you’re gonna start seeing different subtleties. 

And even just the word ‘hi’, even just that one word you could start split-testing, like in the marketing mind, just how they respond from the energy behind the word. 

That’s how everything is in life! You literally just take what the world gives you and you said ‘okay did that work or did it not?

How can I make that better and how can I make it not as bad and crappy of a situation next time?

By doing that, you can understand that overthinking turns the thinking mind off.

Did you ever remember when you were so in flow?

Maybe you were skiing or you’re playing guitar or snowboarding and you were just so in the process of action that you didn’t even think?

It’s because you are unconsciously competent in that skill.

Until you actually get used to failing, get used to rejection, get used to objection by putting yourself out there and getting burned, can you actually start turning that crappy piece of coal that you might be in right now, into a diamond that already exists inside of you.

That only works if you do the four steps.

And for you to stop overthinking, you have to run towards your fears of what it is that you are overthinking on.

When you understand that, that is when the world opens up, that’s when love comes into your life in exceeding amounts of quantities..

That’s when abundance and wealth in your business start skyrocketing.

But it’s the moment you realize that you actually have to turn off your brain because you’re not gonna die.

You’re gonna survive.

And this life is already short so might as well make it one epic freaking situation of just the most obnoxious situations and stories!

With that being said, hopefully this helps!

I’ll see you guys on my next blog.

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