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by Mike Vestil 

How Joe Rogan Makes $50 Million A Year With Only 3 Employees

The Joe Rogan experience gets over 140 million views per month on just YouTube alone.

With all the attention his podcast captures..

Find out in today’s video exactly how Joe Makes $50 million a year with only 3 employees.

How I modeled the Joe Rogan business model to make passive income online

When I first found out about how much Joe Rogan was making, I immediately started to change how I was making money.

Like why on earth would you work a 9 to 5 job or try difficult online business models, when there are comedians out there making more in 1 year than most will ever make in the entire lifetime?

“But what if I am shy?”

“But what if I don’t have a business idea?”

“But what if I am not tech savvy?”

These were all of the worries that I would think about when I wanted to make a pivot.

And it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the brand new silver lining method, did everything start changing for me.

I was able to use the concepts learned by Joe Rogan in this video, to making an extra $3000 to $10,000 per month extra on the side of what I was already doing, to eventually creating financial freedom for my self.

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So we’re gonna break down the shit out of Joe Rogan’s podcast.

How does he actually generate around $25M-$50M per year? 

I personally wanted to know this and share it with you guys so you could also implement it to your business.

The Joe Rogan experience gets over 140 million views per month on just YouTube alone.  With all the attention his podcast captures..  Find out in today’s blog exactly how Joe Makes $50 million a year with only 3 employees.

Because I get it, Joe Rogan makes a lot of money! 

And you?

You probably don’t care, right?

You just care about how you can model his success so you could use it for your own.

As you can see, I currently have around 200,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel.

But one of the biggest things that I want to move into is the podcast space.

I understand that smart people who have six-figure businesses and more don’t have the time to watch videos.

Guess what?

They actively listen to podcasts!

So I started creating a podcast myself. It’s pretty sexy guys!

We actually talked about open relationships, business, lifestyle, intimacy, and we talk about what it means to be a man or woman, or simply just anything!

And the coolest thing is we are bringing in more experts in the team!

So I started wondering what’s the end-all be-all goal in this.. 

How can this turn into a business in itself?

I know this is a passion project because I just want to have conversations with these amazing people, but how can I turn this into a business? 

That’s when I started to actually dive deep into Joe Rogan’s podcasting career. 

So backtracking, I got really curious how much does he make having the fact that he owns one of the top podcasts in the world. 

He has a hundred thousand views & reviews as well as Google says, he makes around $25M-$50M a year!

Well I get it, most people won’t believe that one person can make that much money with “just a freakin podcast.” 

So for all the people who don’t believe he makes that much money, if not more, the following are conservative numbers.

It wouldn’t even surprise me if he makes twice as much as  what Google says he makes.

So now let’s go over the steps he made to get to where he is right now.


Here’s the thing about Joe Rogan.. He does his million-dollar business with only three employees! 

You’re probably wondering how the hell does he do that! 

Well, it’s just the essence of building infrastructure.

Think about this..

Most people sell courses, some sell t-shirts or supplements. Joe Rogan didn’t do that.


He does it by building attention in platforms like YouTube and podcasting and then he sold that attention to people with products that could sell to the audience who watches him.

Ideally, for example, if I have a cactus in my hand and a company sells cactuses, and you have a channel or a podcast that talks about how to fertilize your cactus..

The company will pay you money so that they can put that cactus in front of all the people that already show interest in cactuses.

Now that’s exactly what he does, except for entrepreneurship, for health and wellness or anything.

That’s a very great space!


To break that down, he basically have two channels.

One of them is a long one, it’s like three hours long and it’s pretty dope! He talks to people like Elon Musk or Kevin Hart and all other amazing people.

The second channel is the JRE Clips where it contain videos that are about 10 to 20 minutes.

If you’re wondering why he has to separate the two, it’s because most people cannot consume the three hour long content especially if people don’t know who he is yet.

So sometimes they just come in with those smaller contents.

Here’s the biggest thing..

Those short video contents (as I’ve shown in my video above) has around a daily average of 1.4 million multiplied to 30 days which is around 40 million just for one video!

Now, if you look at the recent JRE clips, it has now around a hundred million views.

Imagine how much power you would have if you have that much attention?!

Guys, this is THE GREATEST AGE TO BUILD A PLATFORM for yourself!

Stop letting Jeff Bezos do something or Kylie Jenner and her butt do it.

You’ve got to start doing it for your own business!

As you can see from my notes in the video, I was able to calculate the average and it’s a shocking 140 MILLION VIEWS PER MONTH!

And here’s the crazy thing about YouTube..

You literally get paid per 1000 views on YouTube – who also gets paid by the sponsors.

So for the people that want to sell a cactus, the company that owns a cactus that wants to sell to my cactus podcast, they would give YouTube the money and then the money would then go to me.

Or if it in terms of podcasts, they will just give it to you.


So for YouTube alone, I get around $30 per 1000 views because mine is super entrepreneurship-based.

But here’s the thing, let’s give Joe Rogan more conservative numbers. He’s not like the vlog channels or the travel channels which only get around $2.00-$4.00 per 1000 views..

Because here’s what makes sense: the bigger the problem you solve, the higher CPM rates.

So if your content doesn’t solve a pain point, and then there’s no competition to actually advertise on that platform, that would not make sense for me to put it in front of a channel that talks about toy reviews or vlogging because it doesn’t necessarily solve the pain point.

But for Joe Rogan, it necessarily does.

So he might not necessarily be as high as mine because I talked about Facebook, advertising, or marketing.

Those are big pain points on a lot of people’s problems. A lot of companies can advertise on my platform because the fact that it’s very targeted.

As seen on my calculation, he earns around $25M per year. HOW INSANE IS THAT? 

We haven’t even gotten started with his real business and with his podcasting.


So if you look at podcasting, the best thing we can look at are the numbers or sponsorships.

Each one of his videos have around three sponsorships.

And if you listen to his podcast, he’s always like, ‘we’re gonna talk about the motherf****** Cashapp!’ or other things like that.

Now, to be on each episode, each company pays him money.

To get an idea of it, we could compare this to Tim Ferriss’ where Tim Ferriss has only 10,000 views and reviews..

The crazy thing about Tim Ferriss is that his free episode sponsorships are currently at $54,000 per episode.

If each sponsor pays Tim Ferriss $54,000 to be on his episode (because they know that his audience, through his trust and relationship, will buy his shit)..

What happens is, they end up making money!

So people aren’t just giving him $54,000 because he wrote a book. They’re giving him that money because they know they’re gonna get a return on their investment.

This is one of the secrets when you have your audience and you control the platform.

Now, let’s be super conservative..

Let’s say the companies don’t pay him $54,000 like they do with Tim Ferriss..

Let’s be super minimal and say, they’re only paying $10,000 per episode because he gets millions of views for months so $10,000 is actually really cheap.

I do a lot of paid advertising and to get in front of as many people as Joe Rogan, you would need tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s actually pretty cheap to be super conservative because you’re probably earning $10,000, it’s a lot.

But in the grand scheme of things, if you’re Pepsi, they have a $4 billion a year marketing budget to spend on things like this $10,000 isn’t that much.

Especially if you’re dealing with a big company that does tens of millions of dollars a year!

Now he does around three sponsors per episode, so $30,000 perhaps..

He doesn’t run five per week, multiply that by the four weeks in a month, multiply that by 12 months in a year, that’s an extra $7M!

So right then and there on the low end of things, that’s the crazy thing!



But here’s the craziest thing, when you deal with this (and this is just the YouTube and podcasting), now you’re probably wondering how was he able to do this and how can I do this for myself?

The secret with this isn’t necessarily being a business when you first get started.

If you look at the top podcasts or the top business owners in general, they got into it because they didn’t have a product to sell.

They didn’t want to just shove cactuses down people’s throats, as unappealing as that sounds. 

What they did is they focused on building a truck.

So what happens is, when you put content out there, and Gary Vaynerchuk talks about this all the time..

We live in this place where content turns into real estate in the future. The Internet’s only been around for 20-ish years so there’s a lot of real estate that you could take up.

This is why I started creating much more content because I can’t just rely on paid advertising.

I need to focus on securing my “real estate” in all platforms.


So, Joe Rogan got started in 2009 a lot like Tim Ferriss or Jordan Harbinger.

What happens is, they just started talking. They didn’t get into this business to make money.

They did it because they wanted to create a tribe, a movement, or a group of people that like them, have this idea that they want something better.

Now the problem with most people like if they get started in any other business models is, if they don’t make money in the first 30 to 90 days, they quit too soon.

And there are so many interviews of people like Tim Ferriss, Jordan Harbinger, or Joe Rogan that said that if they got into the podcasting business or the audience building business..

If they got it for making money, they would have quit a long time ago! 

It was because they shared their messages authentically, that’s why they were able to build it so big.

Like for me, I’m not focusing on monetizing the Mike Vestil show. I’m using this as a way to network my way to the people that I want to talk to you.

I want to learn more things about business from people that are making 8 and 9 to 10 figures.

I want to learn more about not just making money but my intimacy with the lovers that I have in my life.

I want to learn how to find and attract the ideal woman in my life or to either mess around with open relationships or all these things that I’m curious about.

That’s why I’m creating my podcasts because it’s literally me talking to some amazing  people from people that help me publish my book.

Like a real estate investing, understanding love and relationships and intimacy because you can make the most money..

But if you’re alone, you just suck as a human being.


You want to feel that love in your life.

The reason why I got into podcasting was that intention not to make money. It’s the exact same thing with Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan.


Now what actually happens when you talk one on one for three hours with your ideal values in front of a camera constantly recording..

Is you cannot fake who you are in three hours.

Yes, you can do like a short 10 minute video like what I used to do. Or you can be super hyper, but you could still be on the surface level with your audience.

But when you bring in an audience that is listening to your conversation for 3 hours long, listening to your needs, your wants, your desires, your values, what you’re willing to put up it with in your life..

Listening about what you stand for, what is your mission, what is your purpose. .

What happens is, you start attracting a tribe!

This is when things start getting fun.

So for example, you have Bob. Bob listens to your podcast.

And he’s like, ‘holy shit this is inspirational. I’m gonna tell all my friends.’

What happens is you get to tap into Bob’s network. 

He starts listening to your content, then the same thing with Joe and the same thing with Sally.

And what you see in human beings is we tend to cluster around people that share the same value.

That turns into a bubble of people that have all these pain points, all these needs, and all these wants and desires.

One of the most immediate things that they did is once you start building in the audience, you start noticing patterns.

Joe Rogan realized that his audience wanted that. The unique thing about him is he just wants to focus on being him.

He wants to just be the authentic personality where he doesn’t have to have so much responsibility but he finds out that this group of people want supplements for their mind.

Now, he didn’t get into the supplement business to sell shit. 

He got into the trial building business to sell supplements, and this happened on accident when he uncovered a need.

Now think about this..

All business is a business that identifies a problem in the marketplace and he’s like, ‘hey I can solve that problem for this price!’

Because people don’t want their money more so than they want their problem solved.

When you understand that people buy their way out of a pain point, that is when the business starts happening.

They realize they wanted supplements.

So guess what he did? 

He had another person in his tribe, Aubrey Marcus, that wanted to do the exact same thing.

Instead of him starting the company himself, he was like ‘hey, I’m just gonna partner with Aubrey Marcus and we’re gonna create a supplement line where he’s gonna end up managing it.’

So say it like this, Aubrey comes out of the tribe and he now builds the company himself.

Now it does an extra $20 million+ a year in revenue.

But here’s the craziest thing, you don’t have to just sell supplements!

You could sell this tension to big companies that have budgets to spend on advertising. This is where the $54,000 comes from.

No normal human being can give Tim Ferriss $54,000 but a company that has a hundred million dollars a year, they can do that because they know they’re gonna get a return on their investment!


Stop focusing on selling, start focusing on building a tribe and serving them.

Stop selling. Start serving.

That is the main key point. When you focus on their needs, you can partner with other people.

From there you could sell sponsorships.

You can do affiliate products, t-shirts, or courses.

But the problem with most entrepreneurs is they lead with the course, they lead with the affiliate marketing, they lead with the software, or the supplements or the sponsorship  when the most valuable asset that all these guys have is the fact that they focused on building an audience.

If you looked at the Tim Ferriss breakdown, he didn’t actually start selling sponsorships until he was getting a hundred thousand views per episode.

But here’s the thing, you don’t necessarily have to wait that long.


All you need to do is to focus on building your tribe.

All you really need is a tribe of 1,000 people that resonate with your message.

I’m over here in a mastermind right now and I said this before, I have friends where they only deal with masterminds of like 20 people a year.

They built a tribe of 20 where each pays them around $100,000 a year in business.

What I mean is, you don’t need to have millions of followers. You do not need to have billions of followers.

You just need to be the service leader of a small group of people, even as small as 20 to change their lives and in return it will change yours financially!

That’s exactly how he’s able to do this $25-$50 million a year.


How much does Joe Rogan make per year?

Joe Rogan’s annual salary: Exact figures are uncertain, but estimates range from $60 million to over $100 million based on his Spotify deal and potential podcast advertising revenue.

How does Spotify pay Joe Rogan?

In 2020, Spotify reportedly paid Joe Rogan over $100 million for exclusive rights to “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

Is Joe Rogan a billionaire?

No, there’s no confirmation of Joe Rogan reaching billionaire status.

How much does Jamie from JRE get paid?

Jamie’s salary is not publicly disclosed.

How many people does Joe Rogan employ?

The number of people he employs isn’t publicly available.

What companies does Joe Rogan own?

Beyond the podcast, there isn’t public information about other companies he owns.


If I was gonna tell you one big advice, it’s for you to do the exact same thing.

Because not only will you make more money, which is a good..

Not only will you surround yourself with a bunch of amazing people, which is also good, but you will feel fulfilled in your life.

You’ll make the money you want, you’ll have the relationships that you want, and you will literally die a happy man or woman!

So that being said, welcome to this family!

I’ll see you guys on the next blog!

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