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by Mike Vestil 

How to Connect with High Level Mentors

You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

So what happens if those 5 people were badass entrepreneurs making millions of dollars per year?

One of the most amazing indirect benefits of having a YouTube channel was leveraging my audience to get into these elite circles of high level entrepreneurs.

But hey.. I don’t have to be the only one that benefits.

Find out in today’s video exactly how you can start finding high level mentors to teach you everything they know.

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Many of you guys are wondering how the hell I was able to find my mentors. .

Just recently, I’ve spent all my time with the mentors that taught me about traffic conversion, sales funnels and a lot of new things that I’m learning right now.

The craziest thing about these guys is that they are worth so much more than me!

Find out how you can connect with high-level mentors in three steps.

They make me feel such a little bit that it forced me to grow and to just keep on getting hungry on taking action.

But of course, that won’t always be the case.

So in today’s topic, we’re gonna go over the different processes that you guys need to do to start connecting with these high level people . .

And how to actually make them want to spend time with you.

One of my biggest problem is people usually DM or email me asking if I can mentor them.

But as much as I love every single one of you, my fellow freedom fighters…

If I physically help every single person that just ask for help, I wouldn’t have time to make YouTube videos and I wouldn’t have time to think of what to produce next.

If you really think about it, you only have 24 hours in a day. .

So every single minute that you spend is freaking valuable!

If you’ve been in entrepreneurship for awhile, then you understand what I’m basically talking about.

So now, let me help you understand how to approach higher-level people that you want to be your mentor or in your social group so that they will actually want to spend time with you as well.

If you’re just starting out, most likely you’re not really gonna have any value to offer to these mentors.


Like most of the mentors that I have right now, the biggest value gain that they have from me was just basically my youtube subscriber count (100,000+ YouTube subscribers).

They’re like, “Oh that’s cool man, you can help me with traffic and building up an audience..”

With that being said, if you aren’t making a YouTube channel right now, IT’S YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE.

Because this is the one thing that got me into more business deals and had me network with high net worth individuals.

It literally got me around people that were far more successful than I am!

Remember this guys…

Starting a YouTube channel is paramount key to long term success and just building that social circle of high-level people.

But guys, before I had the YouTube channel to actually use to network my way into these social situations . .

The first thing that I did, since I was just like a schmuck that knew nobody in the space that had no value whatsoever, was to buy their info product.

Your Boy Mike Vestil Selling DOG CHAINS & AB WHEELS

I can still remember the first info product that I bought was now an outdated e-commerce strategy which includes Facebook Ads.

Back at the time, I was running an eBay store where I sold dog chains and Ab wheels.

I actually got depressed because my sister who I hired as a customer service rep got my eBay store cancelled and I don’t know what really went wrong. I wasn’t making any sales anymore until my account got banned.

It got me thinking how can I get someone to teach me.

And I remember I was on this random Facebook group and just basically lurking where successful people congregate.

I was really hoping I might get a tidbit of information or just knowledge that will help me in my business.

So there was this one guy that was doing a webinar, he was charging something obscene for like $1400 dollars.

Guys, he was the first person in Shopify that I actually saw that get results.

So then I began asking questions though he was very aloof, he didn’t pay too much attention with my concerns but he just keeps on telling me to join his webinar multiple times.

I was like, “Dang.. Why is this asshole not teaching me how to make money!?”

It got me thinking how selfish this guy could be with all the money that he has… He can’t even take five minutes out of his time to help me.

But then I realized ONE THING…

I was not giving him any value.

So here’s the thing that you guys need to understand about time, money and value. .

The reason someone will give you their time is, YOU, bringing them value.

And most of the time, since I was just a nobody back that day, the only value that I was capable of offering to him was buying his course.

So let me break that down to three distinct levels. Here are the ways you can literally get connected with these high level mentors:



Guys, you will need this on the next rung of the ladder.

If you want to make millions of dollars, find someone who’s already worth millions. Help them get to their next goal.


Think about this, most people that are killing it in wealth, they might not have the best health.

Probably they have a poor love relationship life or maybe there’s something in them that they don’t like that they want to grow.

No one really perfects their lives in health, wealth, love or happiness.

Now your goal is to identify their problem and help give them a solution.


And that’s exactly what I did.

I found this one guy whose biggest problem is he wants to grow his personal brand.

Now the problem with personal branding is, the only way they could grow is if they have testimonials from their students.

So right then and there, I knew he wanted to be the next eCommerce guru…

In order for me to be selfish and to get this guy to teach me more specifically, I knew I need to get really successful so that he could use me as a testimonial so that he could get more sales for his webinar.

So that’s literally what I did, remember the Level 2? (…making sure that you succeed the most in that course.)

I just wanted to give him the best testimony.

Because if you think about this, testimonies and stories of people that start off from nothing to something is the best selling point for any business.

Like if you’re talking about Subway, it’s literally declining in business..

And then you had Jared that was like “Oh, I just eat a subway a day and I lose all this weight..”

Dude, I don’t know where Subway goes, in technically moons in crypto terms. And that’s what I realized.

So that was the second thing.

I got crazy results in e-com and in my mind, I was like.. “Okay, you could use me as a testimonial.”


This third thing that I did, which is probably the best thing ever, prompted me to realize how I can position myself in a way where these people who are way more successful than me would want to spend time with me.

From there, I thought about working on my personality.

Because even though these people refers to their students as their customers, at the end of the day, they are their friends.

You always want to help your friend.

So I thought that was the next best thing that could ever happen to me…

Me being considered by my mentor as his friend.

That’s when I actually started calling them my friend-tor, because now, they’re able to teach me more strategies.

Not only that, I’m also able to know the ins and outs of their business without even paying because of the fact that I initially help increase their value ladder.

I bought their info products and gave them value in the form of testimonial so they could make more money.

Moreover, I help them with their fitness by getting them a little swollen.

And then they’re like..

“Well, Mike’s a cool guy.. He knows how to drink a lot.. He could hold his liquor down.. I had a great time with him.. He introduced me to really pretty girls! I really like this Mike Vestil guy…

I want to spend more time with him..”

So guys…

My fellow freedom fighters..

That one single shift in having a ‘high-level mentor’ mentor me was the best thing ever!

Because the moment I stopped seeing this mentor as a ‘god-like’ being with crazy results and just saw them as a human being with wants, dreams and desires just like you. .

The more I realized that damn, all these people want is a cool-ass friend.

So those are the three biggest thing guys.

You have to get in their value ladder.

And if you can’t find the value that you could give, the best way is to really give them money.

I cannot tell you how many mentors I gave money to. All I needed from them was to just give me a second of their time.

I even did this for Tony Robbins, though technically, I didn’t get Tony as a friend. That’d probably be pretty freaking cool!

As for you guys, keep on trying to find a way to build that relationship with them.

ULTIMATELY, the “secret formula” on how to gain high level individuals in your life is becoming a high level individual yourself.

Because think about this, ‘like attracts like.’

If you’re a shitty crappy person that has no goals, no dreams and no ambition. .

And you’re trying to leech off these successful people as they’re going up while you’re going down, IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

So before you could attract people into your life that you want, you need to be the person that you want to basically hang out with.

You need to become the person that you want to spend the most time with.

Ultimately, AS YOU START TO CHANGE… the things around you change.

So guys, hopefully this helps!

I will see you on my next blog.

Take it easy.

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