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by Mike Vestil 

How to Deal with Unsupportive Friends and Family

If there is one thing that motivates me the most..

Its my friends and family.

The reason why I wanted to make money in the first place was because of them.

I wanted to create a life where we could just enjoy absolute freedom and abundance. Instead of living a life of pain and anxiety that comes with having a lack of money.

But as I hustled and busted my ass off on every single business idea you could possibly imagine, my friends and family were not as enthusiastic to the idea of financial freedom as I was.

If anything, they ridiculed me and told me to just give up.

And man did it hurt.

But you want to know what I found out? Find out in today’s video.

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Entrepreneurship is an amazing idea.

But sometimes, the people that we care about the most won’t support us in this journey.

Which is why today, we’re gonna go over how to actually deal with unsupportive family and friends.

Find out how to deal with unsupportive friends and family.

It’s one of the most hurtful thing ever!

Imagine telling your dreams and plans to someone you really care about, and they just respond with negativity.

Or worse, they try to discourage you and won’t even show any hint of support.

Normally, only a few knows and understands how hard it is to be an entrepreneur. .

You don’t just wake up and everyone’s rooting for you and tell you “Oh, Mike.. go fight for your dreams!”

If anything, it’s like the complete opposite.

“My life will be Gucci…”

Back when I was studying to become a dentist, I was pretty laser-focused on my profession.

I was so serious about dreaming to make six figures in my career. I even promised to myself that I’m gonna get an amazing wife, a dog, a white picket fence and that my life will be Gucci.

But it wasn’t!

And then. .

I heard of this entrepreneurship thing.

I started seeing young people of my age that were no smarter than me but they’re living their life!

So I immediately asked myself how the hell can I do that.

Fast forward, I went in on a 4-Hour Workweek training by Tony Robbins. It talks about the unlimited power and awakening the giant within.

And right then and there, I feel that more people need to know about this. So I immediately relayed what I’ve learned to almost all of my friends and everyone in my fraternity.

I even told my girlfriend and my parents.

And guess what?!

They all told me to quit daydreaming and just go back to pursuing my career as a dentist.

These people told me the same thing, that I was already doing good and that all I need to do is to just stay on my lane.

I find it so hard and confusing because I wanted a life of travel and freedom. When I attempt to think in advance about how am I going to go about fulfilling that dream with dentistry . .

I knew for myself it’s never gonna be possible.

Because the thing is, I cannot get out of debt until I’m 40 years old.

I’m not gonna have the time and the energy to actually live my life.

And that lane makes no sense to me.

For a lot of smart entrepreneurs out there, you know there was something inside of you that was different than everyone else around you.

It’s almost like no one else around you could really understand what it meant to actually have big dreams and goals.

And I know you do!

Like I said, it’s really hard when you have this goal and then your environment doesn’t facilitate that growth.

If the flower doesn’t grow, you don’t fix the flower.

Everyone in society tries to fix the flower. .

But what you do is change its environment so the flower can grow.

And it’s the exact same thing with a lot of you guys.

There are so many of you that have big dreams but the people around you aren’t supporting you.



It actually starts with two things.

FAMILY or friends.

Let’s start off with our family because they’re usually the first in line to negate our dreams most of the time.

They might tell you you can’t become an entrepreneur because they’ve already invested so much in your college education. 

Like for example, my mom and dad who are traditional Filipino parents. .

For them, I can only be a nurse, dentist, doctor or engineer.

Otherwise, I will be disowned.

Seriously guys, that’s how strict my parents are when it comes to choosing my career path.

It was really hard growing up in that type of environment.

Because the thing is, they don’t know anything else other than the mindset that ‘the only way to succeed in life is to get an education.’

So when I came up to my dad, I was joking around and told him I’m gonna drop out of college.

Guess what happened?

He literally yelled at me over the phone and hang up.

He actually didn’t talk to me for a week because he thought I was serious. (which is kind of right because I was just so done with college at that point..)

That short conversation with my dad kind of made me angry. .

But then I started looking into the psychology of how his mind works.

And then I realized that his reaction came from a place of love.

My mom and dad worked so hard to move from the Philippines to the US to make sure that I lived a good life.

And even though they were mad at me for choosing entrepreneurship, it wasn’t because they were mad at the fact that I had bigger goals.

It was because they were afraid that I was gonna get hurt. All parents could relate to that for sure.

So for some of you guys, if your parents are like mine . .

You gotta understand that they aren’t really going against your goals.

They just love you so much that they’re afraid you might fail and get hurt along the way. Because that’s what a lot of parents do. THEY CARE A LOT.

So the next time that they’re mad at you in this particular circumstance, you’ve got to embrace this fact and understand them.

Be rather grateful that they’re mad for you, because they care about you.

Know that it’s coming from a place of love.

Instead of trying to prove them wrong, try proving yourself right that you can actually become successful.

Because when you become successful, then they’re still gonna love you anyways!

My mom and dad hated what I did.

But you know what changed?

I paid for my little sister’s college education.

That could probably change your parents mindset, too.

Back that day when my mom was still in the process of accepting my decisions, she would call me over the phone and express how my choice broke her heart.

She went about telling me that my little sister was her only hope…

Because she’s the only one that’s gonna get a college degree.

Well, it doesn’t matter now because I provided for my sister’s education.


Now let’s talk about our friends.

This is gonna be more of a sensitive topic because a lot of our friends would probably be categorize to one of two things…

We have the Supporters that actually really want us to succeed.

And we have the Secret Haters that are just our friends but they really want to see us fail.

Most of the time, when some of your friends who think your goal is stupid, they’re not actually calling you out.

Understand that if they do that, it’s just a reflection of their own inadequacies and their poor self-confidence

It’s actually shining a light on their own inadequacies.

So if they tell you that you can’t do it, it’s because deep down they don’t believe that it can work for them either.

And instead of trying to change themselves, they’d rather lash out and bash your dream because YOU had the courage to actually go out and fight for your dreams.

Now on the other hand . .

We do have some friends who will respect you because they love you despite of their disagreement.


Now this is what I want you guys to understand…

If they’re true friends, they will always be there for you.

I remember the first year when I was already fulfilling my dreams back in Chicago, I had a bunch of cool friends.

Now when I got into my business, I literally couldn’t hang out with them because our paths weren’t aligned.

I respected where they were going.

But in order for me to get to where I need to be, I cannot let their opinions distract me from pursuing the path that I need to take for  myself.

So if you focus on yourself and your goals, not only will your true friends show up and support you in it…

But when you become a better person, you will attract higher quality people into your life.

And this is the craziest thing guys, I probably have around three or four friends from college. These are the only people that have similar goals with mine.

That’s how lonely it was in the beginning.

But what happened when I focused on myself and my goals is I attracted other people that were focusing on the same path as well.

So guys hopefully that helps.

That is how you deal with unsupportive friends or family.

Question: What is your unsupportive friend or family member story? Share it below.

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