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by Mike Vestil 

How To EASILY Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime

I’m gonna give you guys the secret that runs every single one of my ads.

If you’re a coach, a consultant, a service provider that needs help with finding clients


One of the problems with most entrepreneurs is, they have no way to market. They have no team that work together to do the vision straight.

In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the four-step formula that you need in order to start working on your ads and your creatives.

It’s a simple formula that if you master this, you will have more clients than you know what to do with.


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This 4-step formula is something that’s so freaking powerful that if you get this, it’s kind of like Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street with his famous line, “SELL ME THIS PEN!”

Find out how you can EASILY sell anything to anyone at anytime!

Instead of you convincing your prospect that they need the pen, your prospect is gonna beg you to sell it to them.

And how we do it in every single one of our YouTube videos and our direct outreach campaigns from the different platforms is because of these four letters: A-I-D-A.

It’s the four-step system that allows you to SELL ANYTHING LIKE WILDFIRE!

So let’s actually break down what each one stands for.


The moment you’re able to grab the attention of your prospects’ mind, you control what is the most valuable thing in the world.


Here, I want you to recall if you can notice the transitions of my ads and in majority of my YouTube videos.

What happened was, before I ran a successful 6-7 figure business, before I built my YouTube channel to over 200K YouTube subscribers, and before I even became an author of a popular book . .

I was just someone that was trying to get by in finding clients on either YouTube or on Facebook ads and other social media platforms.

I was trying to do whatever it takes to get myself out of the competition.

The problem was, I was just modeling my competition.

Realize that when you base your entire marketing aspects of your advertising campaigns off of your competitors, there is no evolution.

There is no GROWTH and INNOVATION.

The best way that I found for the “I” in the AIDA Principle is GETTING YOUR PROSPECTS’ INTEREST..

Now how we do that here in the 100K Tribe mastermind is by capturing attention and interest in the form of a story.

Notice in my YouTube channel that I always bring up my family. I always bring up what I do on a daily basis. I always talk about the things that inspire me.

Why? Here’s the reason,

“How you get your prospects to be INTERESTED is you have to be INTERESTING.”

It’s like saying that what you put out is what you get back.

If you’re asking the same question as everyone else, ‘How do I get my prospects and my clients excited and ready to take action?’

Then you have to be excited and willing to take action!

How I do that and how I get the interests of my tribe of amazing community members is, I’m interested in the topics that I’m talking about.

Excitement, gratitude and that feeling of abundance has to show whenever I’m sharing a story about what I’ve been doing on a daily basis.

That emotion transfers to YOU guys, to the AUDIENCE, to the FUTURE CLIENT!

“D” for DESIRE

Desire is pretty simple.

It’s relating everything that you’ve done up until this point to your prospects’ needs.

You have to fix your mind to the fact that it’s not about you.


It’s about their dreams, about what they’re thinking when they’re laying in bed at night while looking at the ceiling cracks wondering how the hell they can solve their life or business problems.

If you could relate it to them and you have that empathy. .

If you feel for their problems, their challenges, nightmares and see through their eyes, the world is yours, man!

“A” for ACTION

Get them to take action.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this all the time!

‘Yo guys! For everyone else who wants more of this, we have a FREE training! Just click the link on the description..’

As simple as that! You gotta take one single action. That’s the goal.

To sum it up all, here they are!

  • You’ll get their ATTENTION by doing crazy stuff!

Back in the day, I would usually have my shirt off. I was thinking this would surely get people’s attention.

Although usually, it’s you understanding where your prospects are coming from: their pain-point. And understanding that pain-point better than anybody else!

The only way you do that is by falling in love with your clients including their needs, wants, and desires.

  • Capture their INTEREST through your own storytelling abilities.
  • Relate back their interest with their DESIRE so they immediately feel an urge to take action.
  • And how you would compel them to take ACTION is by having them opt for your newsletter and having them sign up for a webinar.

That’s it for A-I-D-A guys!

Hopefully that helps. I’ll see you in my next blog!
Need Help Getting Started? Join the FREE Masterclass on How to Start and Grow a Wildly Profitable Business

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